Archaeological tours in Rome

The archaeological tour of Rome includes Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Capitol hill and the Pantheon. A walking tour with a professional English speaking guide takes around 3 hours.

Archaelogical tours in Rome: Roman Forum
  • It is a truly fulfilling experience in the heart of ancient Rome, visiting the most popular construction for entertainment, the Colosseum;
  • You will also explore the Roman Forum, the administrative and political centre of the Eternal City during republican period;
  • the Capitol hill, one of the seven hills of Rome, still today seat of the Roman municipality;
  • This incredible tour includes also the Pantheon, one of the most spectacular buildings ever built, a temple dedicated to the most important Roman divinities converted in a Church in the early 7th century.
The price for a walking tour of the archaeological sites is Euro 200 for a 3 hour tour. The price is fixed and not per person.

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