1 Week in Rome: Luxury Rome Limo Tour

N. Days: you need to stay in Rome 1 week with 5 days activities

When: the weather in Rome is wonderful all year long however we suggest doing this trip between March and Novembe

What you will see

Rome is one of the most well- rounded cities in the world. The city brims with history, it is a treasure trove of art dotted with parks and gardens, rich in lush vegetation and embellished with archaeological remains, sculptures, ponds, fountains, and splendid villas. All to historical buildings and great food.

We will always try to do our best to give you a wonderful experience in Rome and cross off all of these things off your list.

This offer , though, is out of the ordinary. A mix of classic Rome Limo Tours to visit the most important places of the city and special experiences like tasty “aperitivo”, a Tour of Rome in a golf cart, a walking food tour and an unforgettable shopping tour with a personal shopper

Full Day Tour of Rome

Colosseum Tour

Let yourself be enchanted by the most famous amphitheater in the world – Colosseum. There are not many places in the world where you have a chance to be this close to the history of the Great Ancient Empire. Enjoy to our Colosseum tour!

rome tour my limo

Rome in golf cart

We can aid you in visiting Rome in different ways, such as a 4 hour Rome tour by Golf Cart. A unique and exciting experience to visit all the most important historical places and monuments of Rome.

golf cart rome tour

Spanish Steps

Walk down the Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome, imagining yourself as a celebrity. Street musicians create an unforgettable magical atmosphere infused with the romance of this city. Discover firsthand the charming streets of Rome that lead to a fascinating aerial view, where modern life and ancient history meet in one place

spanish steps - rome tour in a day

Vatican & Sistine Chappel Tour

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of a dinner inside the Sibilitta, an ancient and elegant restaurant founded in 1720 at the foot of the Roman temples in Tivoli 30 minures far away from Rome

rome vatican tour

Food walking tour

A fantastic 3 hour food tour for a perfect balance of art, culture, Roman tradition and food. A walking tour of Rome where you will walk in the streets of the typical historical districts of Rome such as Trastevere and Campo de Fiori. With our guide you will taste our typical dishes such as pizza and mortadella, trapizzino, supplì, pasta alla carbonara and all’amatriciana, ice cream and cappuccino. During this walking food tour, and including every stop- there will be no shortage of historical notes and education on the many monuments encountered.

spaghetti tasting during the food tour in rome

Rome Shopping Tour

Rome is not only a historic city full of monuments. Rome is also a city full of opportunities for those who love fashion. In Rome there are headquarters of many famous Italian brands. The shopping rome tour will be an opportunity to visit famous ateliers, review your style and, if you wish, buy elegant clothes tailor made for you with a personal shopper.

shopping tour in rome


Options Available for this Tour of Rome by Limo

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Look at Rome with the eyes of a Roman guide!

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