Day Trip from Rome to Sorrento

When: the weather in Italy is wonderful all year long however we suggest to do this trip between March and November

What you will do

sorrento day trip from rome

Amalfi Coast

The Sorrento Day trip from Rome to enjoy one of the most famous views in the world- with its white houses clinging on the edge of the rocks and its multicolored flowers, which overlook the striking blue-green of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Besides the panoramic view- the ocean also has an abundance of fish that provide the most flavorsome and exotic dishes. Along the day trip from Rome to Sorrento your guide will instruct you on finding the restaurant that fits your taste- or, you can go shopping and take photos to memorialize this experience.

pompeii day trip

Pompeii Tour

No Sorrento Day Trip from Rome without visit the historical site of Pompeii. Our Day Trip continue visiting the excavations takes about 2 hours. It is an awe-filled experience, as time seems to be frozen to about 2000 years ago, with mummified bodies, and buildings that are still preserved thanks to the ashes which covered the entire Roman city of Pompeii when the volcano erupted.

wine tour, tuscany day trip from rome

Wine Tasting

Indulge in the flavors of ancient vineyards near Pompeii, Italy. Unearth the unique opportunity to savor exquisite wines amidst the historic ruins. With a wine-tasting experience like no other, explore the ancient grape varietals and the secrets of Roman viticulture. With this day trip from Rome to Sorrento we give you the chance to discover the harmonious blend of history and enology, where each sip whispers tales of the past. Raise a glass and toast to Pompeii’s timeless legacy, while remembering the history it has provided for us in your heart.

This day trip is one like no other- that perfectly encapsulates all a tourist could dream of. Travel with us in comfort and style.


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On our Day Trip from Rome to Sorrento

Your Day Trip from Rome are private ?​

Yes of course, all our services are private so if you book with us a Day Trip from Rome to Sorrento this will be private and tailored made for you

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Yes of course, we propose you some offer base on our experience but all our services and Day Trip from Rome could be tailored made for your needs

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Depend on your Day Trip. If you want organize a Day trip from Rome to Sorrento the meeting time is around 7.30 am to h ave enough time to enjoy the trip without stress

You make tour also in other languages

Yes we can provide also other languages for our Day Trip from Rome. Depending on the language you prefer could change the final price

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The price for our Day Trip from Rome does not include gratuity

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No, gratuity is not mandatory for our Day Trip

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