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&c. &c. London and Edinburgh, states become the object of surgical The liability of the air passages to possesses great merit, and is enti-

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zu beantworten. Aus verschiedenen syrischen Documenten, welche Pognon in extenso zusammen mit einer französischen Uebersetzung in extenso reproduciert

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way of dealing wdth materials formerly prepared and collected and hence it will be found upon examination that many of the

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causes. Thus we behold effects, proceed to hunt the cause, and repair according to the demands indicated by the discov- ery of the cause that has produced the abnormality.

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leather head-stall halter, with iron rings strongly sewed at the junc- tion of the cheek-pieces and nose-band. Have a strong surcingle

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current of such a strength as not in any way to distress the patient. I fear that this troublesome disease is too often overlooked by the

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T X, Baptisia <|), or i x, Rhus Tax. and Radicans, 3 x, and many other remedies are used, but without the proper cleansing of the vaginal tract,

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weight, and finally death with or without the previous development of xerophthalmia or some intercurrent infection. Some rats whose growth

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de Eggers communicada ao Sr. Carlos iMoreira, e identico a Stepha- Pouco tempo depois de haver descoberto em Carmo (E. do Rio) a

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Coronary Artery-Disease, Treatment, E. L. Copley 351 Delinquency and Similar Social Ills, Preventing, T. A. Williams 443

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and contain little worms called sirones and chirones: that these worms are discovered by the itching of these of their contents). The plums which are called HUN-

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Function of the lobules — In this arrangement we see the boundless ■wisdom of the Creator displayed, for were it not for this wise and perfect

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regards the feeling of the p'j'>se as an important auxiliary in making a correct diagnosis. We need but repeat -.the statement that the readers of this Samhita must look for

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Pneumogastric — n. Encephalic, first pair, Olfac- tory nerves — n. Encephalic, eleventh pair. Spinal nerves — n. Ethmoidal, Olfactory nerves — n. Fifth

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World War II delayed publication for 10 years until 1950 when Dr. Charles E. Lyght took over as editor. Dr. Berkow calls him "the father of the modern Merck Manual." Lyght

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siculum messanum artium doctore in floientissimo papionsi gimnasio philo- sophic cxtraordinariam legontem. Impressa Papie Anno salutifere incar-

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"Bibliographie des principaux ouvrages cites," vol. I, p. [ckxi]-clxxviii. Contents. — t. I. Introduction et documents. [4], clxxviii, [2], 630. — t. 2. Cata-

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Treatment. Good hygiene, regular ventilation, moderate warmth, and the administration of tepid drinks facilitate recovery.

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Frederick, August 4th, 18C2, in a prostrated condition. He liud a bed-sore over the saermu ; his body was bathed in sweat and

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with those psychical afEections, which he has observed himself in other tropical colonies. Though the related facts account for many accidents, in which the

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whole world. . . With all out readiness to reeonise the merit of patl'iot-ie self-denia.1, we, the admirers S«,hopenhauer, bave fo warn out eompatriots, especiely

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Corinth. A musket ball entered the abdomen in the left inguinal region, about two inches above the centre of Poupart s ligament,

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giving to medical colleges the remains of those dying without friends, professional "body-snatchers" were frequently employed to provide such

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PES TIGRIDIS. Tiger's foot, a species axillary, and inguinal; or petechixhemor- PESSARY. (Pessarium, from <5rscr<ro, to sue, which denote a putrid tendency pre-

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it was, at first, an error due to ignorance of the quantity of the penult. These occasional exceptions to the established rules of orthoepy do not prove that pro-

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have the right rules, and are they implemented and enforced The Advisory Committee was created under the Federal Advisory

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Hughes, Alfred Edward Prest, Infirmary, Camberwell. s.e. Hughes, Cecil Hugh Myddelton, Westminster Hospital, s.w. Hughes, David Morgan, M.B. Lond., University Coll. Hosp. av.c.

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in leone cave a laesione laterum, coatarum et ne incidas in dorso neque per apertionem neque per ventosam. Luna existente in

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be regarded as dreadful and fatal, casting around the matter (such as dirt, bone, splinter etc.), lodged within the body and invisible to the eye, tends to burst open

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tained by tneana of uppnipriatr mediaitinn, TIic most oomnKNi iiiid bi-;it to 5u1iiiilimi, IhiI should ha Buspcnded ns eouo u a Headed iinpfnvty

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is made up of white fixed Sulphur and fixed Salt but of Mercury not fixed. And because it is fixed in body, not in Mercury, it easily loses its metallic

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12 to 24 hours it is resolving and usually a second third injection in a similar interval is necessary to in oil given deeply into the buttocks in the upper,

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speaking. You teach boys to swim, as Billings said, by "throwing them into tiu> water." The books, facts, and dates .are as nothing in comparison with

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years it has been common to prohibit the use of fluids in dropsy; and the reason probably was, that as an ex- cess of diluents sometimes brought it on, so they might

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of the celebrated Tincture of the Philosophers for the use and honour of all who love the truth, and in order that all who despise the true arts may be

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no one seemed willing to show us the examining room. Finally someone escorted us to the amphitheater. This was filled with a crowd of students

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the patient's back, with its dark blue wings covered with silvery scales, widely expanded. The patient was not anemic and appeared to be in the best of

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ference with movement of the head and with mastication ; the whole The distinction of this condition from actinomycosis of the parotid

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niere d'etudier les proprietes medicales des agens therapeu- tiquos ne peut conduire a des connaissances completes ni po-

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ance only if it protected fee-for-service practice under local medical society control. Although the committee majority advo-

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injured in this way, through the desire to diminish the size of the cow, and yet retain the highest milk and butter yield.

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