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economic behavior models fail to address many social and economic responses at the household level. This paper explores how the expansion of modern land transport in the

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all nuisances should be abated; garbage should never be dumped in places accessible to rats, but should be burned ; an active campaign against rats

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change in the scapula is one of the very early signs and should be regarded as an important one. One side of the pelvis soon becomes prominent,

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through its nicotine, the relaxation and peace of mind that white men — and now white women — have adopted so generally. The Indian was fa-

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the back the patient should be laid on his back, while in the case of its occurring on the chest the patient should In the case of a hand or a leg being carried away or

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then we heard there had been some additional cases of smallpox in the area, and this is only fifteen, twenty miles away. I couldn t

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Citsos, Ktaao;, Cittos, Kirros, Ed'era, Corymle' tra, taste of ivy leaves is bitter, styptic, and nauseous. Applied to certain trochs, the chief constituent of

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Abraham CoUes (177;MS4:i), of DuMin, piotVssor of sur<i;(M-v in that city for thirty-two years (ISOl iiti), was th(> Icachiifi; Irish

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the attendants apparently cured, will appear to return. On the contrary, these and some other diseases will occasionally seem to lessen on the approach of the phy-

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review, and EPA oversight of federal compliance with environmental regulations. As we will discuss below, the classification of information for national security

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cTCn in adults, it by no means invariably happens that traumatio or riMnintatic paralysis disapjwnra in tbe counw of a fen wneka or montlM.

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interference was undertaken until February 6, 1863. In the meantime, Colonel Warner suffered from recurring abscess-forma

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luxury. In these ancient times, the chief of the household usually acted the parts of the butcher and cook. The flesh of animals was

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in order to finish the war one way or the other. Three of the imbeciles had to be evacuated for desertion (unmoti- vated fugues) ; two of them cursed their officers. Some of

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Ifaviog made this iijiteincnt r«ipectiDg the condiOon of my in which the object is not only seen indisiincUy and with an

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C'a.se. — Private George W. Hulse, Co. G, 36th Illinois Volunteers, aged 21 years, w.as wouiuled at the battle of Chick-

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into the mind set of elderly people who are adjusted to death as a We present seminars in hospitals to doctors, nurses, and social

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W. H. Christian, Co. K, 5th Tennessee Cavalry; Corporal A. Coffin, Co. G, 6th Kansas Cavalry; Private S. O. Crafts, Co. K,

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tion of the insane, who were chained, l)eaten, starved, and other- wise maltreated, and frequently died of cold. In 1547 the mon-

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Another great attraction was the wheelwright in the shop down the hill to the south of the town. This craftsman would carve out a pair of wooden sabots for two or three francs, while

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clusters [kurca. No. 7 h). So far Gang-adhar, undoubtedly, is right ; but his error is that he counts only two clusters. The

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which operation is very definitely indicated because of the functional disturbance caused by the presence of bone. Even in such cases it is wiser to wait until the

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These considerations and the recollections of blighted lives by not well calculated marriages, in the history of several con-

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into our original group of eighty-one pediatric radiation experiments. The table that appears at the end of the chapter provides information about the number of

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C'a.sk. — Private Daviil Plainer, Co. C, 31)th New York Volunteers, w.as wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia,

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Another Saline Mixture. Sulphate of ammonia 42 lbs.. sulphate of lime 56 lbs., sulphate of potash 56 lbs., cai'bo- iiate of magnesia 14 lbs., salt 56 lbs., to 1 acre.

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days rest, he was taken to Winchester in an ambulance. During all this period, no treatment was instituted by any of the surgeons, expept to give opium.

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over with plaster. If blood is still ejected from the wound, there must be other arteries injured, which must be treated in

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my results confirm theirs they are probably right ; (1) Baroccian 20-i agrees with M as against AV in 24 In one place only is it peculiar. At the end of Prognostic it

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tense, anything that interferes with this will produce aphonia or at least impairment of the voice. In cases treated by the writer in which the

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body which corresponds to the frog. Its base terminates in two lateral masses, the bulbs of the plantar cushion. Its summit attaches

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serious diseases and infirmities depending on these diseases may be trans- mitted to the children of the diseased, as instance the disease of Opthal-

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idum, (F.) Oxyde, Oxode, Oxure, from of us, 'acid.' nel'ictrm, Magnetic oxide of iron, Mar'tial Ethiops. vu.\r, IliBraatites — o. Hydrargyri completum, Hy-

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can be cheaply made at home, is very serviceable in ichthyosis and in conclitions where large quantities are long to be used.

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originally doing before. It was a very desirable concept at that time; the managers did a good job and made a good profit. They

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cal service in Henry County, Dr. Fagge said he thought he was the first horse-and-buggy doctor in the county. Previously doctors in Henry went horseback to see their