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jaundys. Cf. ictericia. Cens. i. buidheachair chrochda. Gaoithi, npl., suppository ; 7a, 8a, lob ; R.A. suppositorium. Gaothmuirecht, flatulence; pass.; R.A. ventositas ; O'Gr.

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daily. No effects of the dread poison were ever discovered on either of us. It has been used very successfully in snake bitoe,

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remembered. He sought thus to explain the association of hepalic abscesses with crajiial fractures, the etiology of what we now term metastatic foci in

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pint of oysters, the other ingredients being in proportion, make a Suet and Milk 1. Put a tablespoonful of shredded beef-

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life, when the moving spirit again took hold of him and the result was that Victoria Village became the field of his endeavors until 1870, when

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condyle, the outer condyle ; the sninll head, which is articulated with the radius; the trochlea articu- tuberosity ; one f<ir the trochlea; one fur the epi-

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shown in recent years, the most celebrated of whom was Fanny Mills, one of whose feet alone was extensively involved, and was perhaps the largest foot

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theory from actual proof. Cesalpinus was an ardent theologian, and his Pantheism got him into trouble with the Church. Al-

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and Ahhayd ; or of (2) Kalinga [Indra-yava), AHvishd, Vilva ; or of (4) Musta, Parpataka, S'unthi, Vacha, Ativishd and Abhayd ; or of (5) Abhayd, Ativishd, Hingu,

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Gerhard. Halle a. S., Gebauer-Schwetschke Druckerei und Ver- Abridged from the author's Inaug-Dis. — Heidelberg, 1903.

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On March 8, Dr. Cronkite's mission was formally established in a letter to him that was classified Secret and Restricted Data and said, "The objective of this

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Quite cool. Once more and I am done : yet it may be pos- jble that the last, in this case, maybe the best; read it. .> 1MlLL-PrCK-TEMrEKING AS DONE BY ChURCH, OK A.KH Ar-

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[Above all, he it obscrvi-d ihiil ibe absence of ntenxtrual flow does not warrant the inference that ovulation lias ecjisod. We know, in-

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the publications of all the papers, at that time, on trachoma. If you think you need the book 1 for the articles, I will

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tain the same root as the Greek dactylos and Latin digitus, finger, the ten fingers be- Unus, one, is declined throughout, of course only in

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pay due attention to every step in the process, from the management of the primary current to the final develoj)ment and lixing of tlie j)lat('.

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with fastyng spetyl, an vnce ; incorporate al this togyther, and anoynt the face to bedward. In the mornyng wype the face with browne

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should be divided into the psychical and the infrapsychical) has been given a new status by the work of Babinski and his

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ception of the truth. And since Sulphur is that soul, and, like fire, it hastens on and prepares all things, it can also link together the spirit and the body,

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Washington Square, Philadelphia 5, Pa. 1950. $7.50. essential for the physician who wishes to take care Philosophical Library, 15 East 40th St., New York 16,

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suppuration, accompanied by extreme pain and excessive cleansed (and all foreign or indigenous morbid matter should be extracted therefrom) before being sewed up.

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to exert in so many patients is a factor of undoubted value in the progress of the attack. Despite the nausea, and even vomit-

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Irophirt waren. Die Hypertrophie hatte nur in der Breite nicht in der Länge Htattgefunden. VerfasHer geben eine auHgebroitete LitteratujverEeicbniaü über

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— TopseVs History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents, ed. J. Rowland, Mandeville says that in the land of Mancy, that is, in Ynde the

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dence. Anthony Fothergill, only distantly connected with his namesake, was scientific, and had afterwards considerable repute as a physician at Bath. Lettsom

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expected that she will have vomiting of blood, and the catamenia will necessarily be suppressed. But if the fever be carried off

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more than twenty gallons. The reticulum is the smallest, with After a brief mastication, the food passes directly to the

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skulls marked by great width in the occipital region Platystencephalism \ plat-is-ten-sef'-al-izm'). See Platytrope [ plat' -e- trap). See Platetrope (Illus.

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eral county records. Although his permanent abode was at Albion, his calls compelled him to travel over a wide area of naked country.

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immediately be wrapped in a warm, dry blanket, and as soon as the skin has obtained a comfortable degree of warmth, he should

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Decurtation uic-kiir-la'-slnin') \,iccH!iaic, to curtail]. The alilation or shortening of a structure or usual dura- ventral tegmental decussation. D., Fountain, Spitz-

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I luer, J. Einige Bemerkungen iiber die Beurteilung und Behandlung der Kriegsneurosen. Wien. klin. Wchschr., 1916, v. 29, pp. 951-953.

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extended lacerations and contusions. A good illustration of a cicatrix after a laceration of the abdominal walls by a shell fragment, is furnished by PLA.TK V, opposite page 162,

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Rf)binson, .John Hugh Ripon, Stanley-road, Tedding ton. Robinson, Tom, M.D. Durh., 9, Princes-st., Gavendish-sq. w. 1875 Robson, Aithur William Mayo, 8, Park-cres., Portland-place, w.

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heat it so hot, as thy finger may bear, then give it liim to drink; do so for three days. For broken inwards; put into sharp wine, seed of coriander well rubbed,

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and painful to the touch, but generally bent downwards in a considerable degree. It sometimes remains after the heat of urine and other symptoms of gonorrhoea have

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opia — s. Fellis, [cterus — a Lentia crystalline, morphopsia — b. Nigra. Amaurosis — b. Ocnli, Ca- SfGAit. 1>i\uetic, Glucose — s. Fruit, Glucose