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is the suture, and which the mark inflicted by the instrument, unless the latter [hedra) be large. Fracture also for the most

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ders it easy on the stomach. In bilious complaints ta- marinds are usefully joined with manna. In the gravel, the hooping cough, and when all possible irritation

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ixiary imcleinic acid occumng in semen ; it contains xan- thin, hypo.\anthin, anil adeiiin as bases, and gives rise to levulinic acid. A., Spbacelinic, an acid, regarded

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of the liver was very much lacerated, the substance of this portion of the organ being reduced to a pulp, breaking down under

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other organs, including the liver, intesUnes. etc.. of sheep, goats, Which atomach of the ox Is most often affected by diseased conditions

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beyond what were then the city limits, first to require warning cards in cases of diphtheria and scarlet fever, first to establish in Chicago a public labora-

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pacemaker-like device in the chest that is connected to an electrode implanted in the brain. Deep Brain Stimulation ther-

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must make an oblique incision, not straight from above down- wards, with a sharp scalpel, so that when the blood is evacuated

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breeding animals .should be marketed. Cows and mares should Infected males should not be used for service. The male should receive the necessary attention in tlie way of irrigating

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"Verzeichniss der wiederholt benutzten Abkiirzungen (Druckwerke. — Nicht ver- Carl Snyder .... London, New York, [etc.], Longmans, Green

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their contents to trickle out, others dry up; in the latter case, as the middle pari driea first, tbe umbiUcation is Bometimos renewed. Ilie

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and acromion, in a boy of 17 years, with caries, i>reser\-ing a useful arm (Am. Jour, of Med. Sci., 1801); in 18:t7. Musscy excised the scapula for an

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Oribasius makes mention of only three modes of dislocation at the ankle ; namely, inwards, outwards, and backwards. According to Albucasis, dislocation at the ankle can only take

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two people who had been administrators of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s, since they were intimately involved with ethical and legal

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through the cannula, so that its point is free in the centre of the blood stream, into which a few drops of the virulent solution are

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five hundred francs was taken in daily. Sergeant Sharpe and Private Rosser were the canteen clerks and had some great trips

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Celsus says nothing of the treatment by a surgical operation, Haly Abbas, Avicenna, and most of the Arabian authorities approve of excision, and describe the operation in much the same

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1) Kupferoxydul; Plinius sagt XXXIV, 107: „Sie entsteht aus dem Erze, wenn es geschmolzen und in einen andern Ofen übergeführt wird; hier werden

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on the comparative merits of iron and steel rails. By Henry roading in the United States. x,3ii p. 21 pi. D. NewYork: 1850. By Lewis Henry Haney, .... Madison, Wis., 1908.

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unequal structures, giving rise to dissimilar actions. tempts have failed to restore an equilibrium of parts) than what she very often effects, viz. reducing the

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In laborious respiration, the quadratus Quassia, as before observed, derived its lumbortim may assist in pulling down the name from a negro named Quassi, who

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continuelle, tin malaise inczpnmable, des syncopes, des sueurs froiJes, dts mouvemcns convulsifs, de I'alteiation dans les traits du

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them and the peritoneum, in those kinds of dropsy which are called tympanitic ; and it diff'ers from oedema in this, that the

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son, the chairman of the committee on education. He was a school teacher, and one of the best in the State. In the discussion of the pro-

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C, Polypneic, a cerebral center between the striatum Huxley's name for the part of the periotic cartilage that invests the superior semicircular canal. C, Psy-

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de retracer le niveau de l'enseignement de l'anatomie, de la physiologie et des différentes branches de la médecine, et en outre de faire un tableau de

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scaber, bra, brum (cf scabo, to scratch) rough, mangy, sinis'ter, tra, trum (perhaps fr. scnii, half, as in sinciput from

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Apache have been modified to some extent by the crude ideas of the Mexican captives among them, who still remember much that was taught

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were normal, but on turning these upwards to examine the pos- terior surface of the stomach a considerable amount of clot was

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work was composed, opium had been largely employed in practice, the use of mercury had extended to almost all diseases, various

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Man. Many there are in my days, that have occafion to ask this QuelHon : the Artift may rcfolve them accor- If the fecond go into the firft, and the firft go into

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occipito-atlantal and occipito-axoidal articulations there will be some impairment of practically all the structures of the head and face,

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stand all languages spoken by the human tongue from the pow- ers of his mind, which occupied a pure and healthy physique.

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this belief the first announcement advises prospective students to seek information concerning the courses from Professor Brainard, of Chi-

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in the ordinary trades, but in scientific pursuits many have felt the call of a larger work than the confines of a limited sphere offered, and

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quences, for no sooner had they arrived at their destination than a malignant form of fever broke out among the new settlers, which was

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The specimen (Fir.. 193) consists of the right ischiuin, badly fractured between the acetab ulum and the tuberosity. The shattered bone is carious, and much diminished by absorption

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Aithrax CEdema. This is less easily diagnosed than malig- nant vesicle, and appears where the connective tissue is loose,

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ease in which its vegetable cause happens to develop upon the chin of an adult, male patient. A great amount of irritation is usually set up,

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nutritious food as she can easily digest and assimilate. As soon after delivery as the appetite returns, substantial, nourishing diet

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reality, it was not a prophylactic for any such purpose, as was proved some Prior to 1870, fatality rates for scarlet fever were often 10 per cent or

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the region of the fetlock should receive the necessary treatment. The treatment for contracted tendon is largely surgical and con-

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Xpiifia, color]. A condition characterized by excess Hypercinesis (Jii-par-sin-e'-sis). See Hyperkinesis Hypercritical [hi-pur-crit'-ik-al). Relating to a crisis

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panying which information they furnish this House with a copy of said bond." As there is no record of the appearance of these officials, it may

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on in the same way and at the same rate as on the perfect animal, till those so far mature as to shed their velvet, when as before that on the mutilated animal

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mediately after their arrival in Alexandria, but that at first they were collected together in certain houses. Memnon, the

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