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is due to obstruction of the ureter or ureters by stone, arc considered settled by a consensus of opinion : (1) In the majority of fatal cases of

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down as an antique devotee, I do not hesitate to declare that in my opinion this and the preceding portion, taken together,

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Crooked". She married Antoine Revarre, and passed her later KoKOMO. County seat of Howard County ; also small stream near there.

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stances, the subject may be fat and sleek, though the rumen, omentum or mesentery is to a large extent literally covered with

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de nouvelles recherches. Jusqu'en 1860, les expéditions scientifiques ont été nombreuses. Poeppig a visité le Chili et le Pérou ; Karsten, le A''énézuela et

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state. The most and least oxidable metals form the most active combinations ; and after the metals, charcoal, muscular flesh, spirits, and beer, are conductors in their

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the mercurial ointment. It consists in heating the mortar in which the ointmeutis to be made so as to liquify the lard. As

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lulse aloes et assafoetidee — p. Aloetic, compound, copper, Pilulse ammoniureti cupri — p. Analeptic, lulse aloes et jalapge — p. Anodyne, Pilulse opiatse

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" gunshot wound of both hips and fracture of the ilium," and he was furloughed February 19. 1864. He was discharged while

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afford assistance to the learner in the prosecution of his studies, and to the practitioner who requires a convenient and accessible manual for speedy reference in the exigencies of his daily duties. For

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Tannery, P. Des prindpes de la science de la nature chez Aristote. — Lyon, G. La lo- Landonny, P« La memoire corporelle et la memoire intellectuelle dans la philosophie de

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hydrated alumina), and blast-furnace slag. Roman or cubic alum is crystallized from a solution, the temperature of which is not allowed to exceed 104° F. It differs from

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Il est étonnant, combien ces deux livres se ressemblent, mais sans doi l'ouvrage de Mente est plus agréable à lire, car les chapitres sur

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Citsos, Ktaao;, Cittos, Kirros, Ed'era, Corymle' tra, taste of ivy leaves is bitter, styptic, and nauseous. Applied to certain trochs, the chief constituent of

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treatment without benefit for cough of the severest type, sufficiently persistent to keep her awake the whole of the night ; lungs, larynx,

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ger of infection, even under the best sterile precau- cervix in patients with bleeding near term is to be strongly condemned, because of the inevitable cerv-

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the forces ; then we can reasonably hope to see the fat consumed and corpulency reduced by the process of normal consumption.

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upper two-thirds of the head of the bone comminuting the inner portions and about two inches of the shall of the humerus.

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the nurse became head of a Receiving Hospital in London. After the Armistice it was found that the convoys were much larger and that tlie prisoners handed over were in such a

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the cloth, placed on scientific medicine in promoting Western influence and because of the unabashed imperialist motivations

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called by him erysipelas. Whatever division we adopt, it will make no great difference as to the treatment. But it is proper

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a popular text-book on practice in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; Peter of Spain (1277), called Pctrus Hispanus,

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still being maintained in 16 cases. Liebe has given up injecting morphine before the operation on account of the disturbances it provoked. Discussing

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the test in children infected with tuberculosis ; (i) If the disease is advanced ; (2) If there is cachexia ; (3) In very acute disease ; (4) In

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was treated in a field hospital until the 17th, when he was sent to Cliff burne Hospital, Washington. Assistant Surgeon John S.

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FRACTURE. (Fractura ,- from franco, - FRAXINELLA. (From fraxinus, the ash, to break ) Categma. Cassis. Clasma. so called because its leaves resemble those

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onoe more reached the railway. At !Ras-el-Ain we met three or four Germian officers, and learned from them; of the death

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sent to Armory Square. The case progressed very favorably, and recovery took place without anchylosis of the remaining por

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amount and intensity of exertion, otherwise the tone of the diges- tive organs must become impaired and .the health enfeebled. Stu-

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in höchster Dankbarkeit gegen Frankreich. Frankreich sieht darum fiir Naznii dass er nicht mir Schriften der Mediciner, sondern auch die aller einschlägigen

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should ascend through an alembic, thinking that this is the true volatile matter of the philosophers, though it is not so. And although it be no contemptible

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of producing infectious rheumatism in young animals. Certain infections resembling dysentery and diarrhoeic enteritis are also its frequent

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some physician were present to give information concerning the real value of these remedies, some of which were undoubtedly efficacious. He

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ance had been derived from the elegant French translation of that the translator felt conscious that he did not possess a proper

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-patient should be made to drink a decoction compound of drugs of the Kakolyadi group, sweetened with sugar or honey ; and his ordinary' drink should consist of the

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collected about the vessels of the liver and stomach, and the tertians by the same sions owing to the weakness of their nervous system. He adds, that in their case

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Chairman ROCKEFELLER. Dr. Caplan, thank you very much. [The prepared statement of Dr. Caplan appears on page 117.1 Chairman ROCKEFELLER. I would like to start the questioning with

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not used in a strict sense ; but that pleurisy, thoracic effusions, and almost any agglomera- tion of internal disorders are included imder this title. Dr. Macleod [Notes, etc., p. 234)