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Tennessee, November 3Uth, 1804, a gunshot wound of the sculp. He was, on the following day, admitted to Hospital No. 15,
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What arc the symptoms of mercurial poisoning Give an antidote to The symptoms of mercurialism (bj'drargyrism) are: salivation,
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Lignorosin {lig-no-roz'-in'). Sodium lignin-sulfonic acid ; a reducing agent obtained by action of calcium .sulfite on lignin, consisting chiefly of calcium lignate.
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or five days. Th« lameness will trouble you no more. I have had men cure their horses with this liniment and re- mark that this recipe alone was worth more than the price
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principles, with inestimable bene- covering the whole knee; and, by fit. In one case, where a tumor, changing the splints for new ones
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the only specific for individuals or corporations. It only im- plies one word, Union. This word has lately been very po-
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mittee has been instrumental in reviewing the infection control guidelines prepared by the university and my office. After many weeks of work, through consultation with CDC and
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be induced to wait upon them; and the disposition of the dead was a very serious question. Business of all kinds was stopped. Intercourse
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Besides these pills, I ordered him to observe the fol- lowing rules : Post coenam stabis, vel possus mille maritime towns on the Syrian coast, at Tripoli or Bey-
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•ions wfakh ore observed in the course of cerebral bypcmmia. Id re- ganl to the fust of thcfte eyiiiploins, partiHTuIarly the restlessness, tbe
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ualty Ijcrnmca fniiitcr al tlic edgta. Tliey become pale wbco u|K>n, nanuiniiig a jrcllowUli tinge ; «.nd, wlicQ the pressure is rcmorod,
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tree dc notre Journal A aucun ccrit qui pourrait comportei quelque allu-ion personncllc, ou doot la tencur ne painitrait
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direkt, dass der fatale Ausgang als eine Folge von Zauberkünsten aufge- fasst wird. In einer anderen isländischen Geschlechtssage 4) wird eine
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günstigen Färbung bedürfe um zu Gold oder Silber zu werden. Und woher stammt im letzten Grunde der Alchemistische Grundbegriff des
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d'autre part: le serpent minute (echid ne arietans), la vipère rhinocéros du Gabon et diverses variétés d'Elaps. Signalons aussi, parmi les opisto-
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opinion, that it is merely an insensible connecting me- dium ; nor have we been ever able to ascertain that it has any other office, or any appropriate function. The
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as a sialagog. nivntic, and diai:)horetic. Dose. 's-'+ gi"- 10. 008-0. 016 gm. ). P. Valerianate, white crystals soluble in water used as sialagog, myotic, and diuretic.
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acter by the estimate his biographer gives us of the worth of the man "It is difficult to imagine the early prosperity of this settlement without the
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"At the meeting of the board of trustees in June, 1847, we find the degree of Master of Arts was conferred on at least three men who had the year before
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tion along the sinus is to be left. You may judge whether the be small and well concocted, or if there be no discharge at all ;
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ourials gives rise, by choosing prcparationa which arc Ibo least irritate iodide of intrcury upon the iittestinc, when cautiously odniinistorod, to
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rhich niCiiiia tlte passage of the tooth ii) facilitated. Ab the otythcmatic inflammation, which oceasioiially ftalce« place hchind the eai's, proves often UHeful as a re-
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throat, or anything like it. It appears as a cold and does its work as a cold. It confounds the harmony of the nervous sys-
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withstanding tlie failure both of opium and belladonna in n single instance, I should feel it my duty to try either or both with uuhesiuting freedom in other examples, und
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In spite of themselves, men are influenced l)y the social condi- tions which impinge upon them. It is a noticeable fact that the
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size and few in number, for the country lies under the Northern Bears, and the Rhiphtean mountains, whence the north wind
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Suppose we take a few diseases and submit them to the crucial test of reason, and see if we can find any one of the cli-
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and objectively state, "That is hot; if you touch it, it will burn you." He does, it does, and a valuable lesson is learned. Interestingly and yet naturally,
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to consolidate the various fragments of health care into larger Hicke: Why did those other departments come under Internal Medicine
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the effect at the periphery. There may be anesthesia, numbness or dis- tinct pain in this area; it depending on the condition of the nerve and
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muscle, but no dullness or tumor could be detected. Examination of Stomach Contents. — Complete absence of free Hcl. ; no lactic acid or Oppler-Boas Bacillus. Tube passed
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occasional pleural and pericardial effusion, nothing under puWrty were less liable than adults ; sucklings equally susceptible. There ai"e no direct observations
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alcoolique de romarin. Rappelons que le Dr. Sanchez a préconisé un autre baume antirhumatismal analogue à Topodeldoch, mais avec de Téther
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in water ; alterative and anti-syphilitic ; it is used hy- white crystals soluble in water ; antisepitic and alter- ant. It is used hypodermically in syphilis. Dose, \
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seinem Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Medicin, III. Band (Geschichte der epidemischen Krankheiten) 3. Bearbeitung, Jena 1882, ebenso wenig
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concentration (mg %) and the horizontal line near the center of the bar denotes the mean concentration of ionic calcium (mg %). The number in the clear area of each
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Handbuch der Physik, ed. by H. Geiger and K. Scheel, IX (Berlin: 1926), 281. SUMMARY OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF CARNOT'S THEOREM ALONE
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cases, prefer to extract the loose fragments, and to secure free admission of air to the capsule of the joint by means of insertion of an appropriate siphon.
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La carte de la bilieuse hémoglobinurique ne correspond pas entièrement Ni l'Afrique Australe, ni l'Afrique septentrionale, chose curieuse, ne
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and that named yellow, repress fungous growth without being pungent. But the trochisks called phaustiani, when levigated
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von Krlach en 18-i6. Mais déjà en 1823 Purkinje avait publié le fait et mémo visiM et sygtcmatis cuianei' 1823: „Ast cavuni quoque oculi ubi corpus vi treum
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Lussah-a, S. Contribute alio studio dei tumoii della clavicola. Due casi di sarcoma con frattura spontanea. [Contribution to the study of tumours of
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difficulty, but if the patient was led to fear for his vision on account of previous weakness of the eyes, the previous lotss of
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the district schools, where he got his fundamentals in learning. But when he reached his majority he went back to Watertown to take up
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and aloes are eccoprotics, and even the gutta gamba is an ingredient in that recommended by Dr. Fordyce, as the other parts of the formula are not very soluble.
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parts) fall off. In these cases, the poisoned surface should be purified by sprinkling it over with a solution of Atlanta and Sarva-gandha (the scented drugs) dis-
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felt. This is undoubtedly a very important practical distinction, and it has been fully -, Co. I, 14th Connecticut Volunteers, aged 22 years, Avas wounded in the chest at Morton's
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ture, causes and characters of undergo after death, have not re- pseudomorbid appearances. It ceived the universal attention
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Ransom, John P., 2928 S Country Club Way. Tempe, AZ Rapaport, Fdlx T., Dept of Surgery A Medicine. New York Univ Medical School. 550 First Avenue, New York, NY
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much longer. You will conclude how very uncomfortable my situation is at present, so many little ones left with servants.
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of late William Chapman Murphy, M.D. ; ed. Trinity Coll., Dublin ; grad. M.A., M.D. ; post-grad, work, Paris; m. 1882, Adelaide Harriet
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