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The vaso-motor centers for the head and face are also located in this region. It is possible and quite common for upper thoracic lesions

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sexual intercourse during thi- period, and the after-results of many such con- nections were looked u})on as manifestations of the contagiousness of the evil

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and by university and private investigators. Collaborative as well as independent research efforts have been undertaken both intramural ly and

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'"" Eine deutsche Apotheke des 16. Jahrhunderts dargestellt auf hste, von Dr. med. Richard Meissner. BerHn, W. Pilz, 1908.

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sairittal suture. Tlicre was no marked depression, and the constitutional syni])tonis were slight and soon ab-ated. Two years

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of it survives in Pasteur's theory of the origin of epidemics from strengthening or weakening of viruses by environmental condi-

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It is astringent and tonic. Used in infusion • — • I Lathyr'idis, (F.) Huile d'epurge — has been given I as a cathartic in the dose of six to twelve drops.

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seuterique. Dysentery — f. Hemorrhoidal, sec Hae- la vesaie, Cystirrhoea — f. Root, Asclepias tube- f. Capillorum, Alopecia — f. Chylosus, Coeliac flux

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should become the pathologist of all the specialists first to seek the advice of his colleagues of larger experience in certain special fields of tumor diag-

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regards the feeling of the p'j'>se as an important auxiliary in making a correct diagnosis. We need but repeat -.the statement that the readers of this Samhita must look for

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what is known as a weak back. They drink freely of hot teas or in- fusions of herbs and grasses for the cure of chills. They are all dex-

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De racc616ration produite par une force constante. Notes pour servir Si histoire de la dynamique par M. P. Duhem, .... Kflndig & fils, 1906. asc". p. [8s9]-9i5. 7 diagr.)

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P. sic'ca, the chronic form with a dry state of the mucous mem Pharyngocele, far-in'-go-sel. Pouching of the pharynx. Phavyngodynia., far-in-go-din' -e-ah. Pain in the pharynx.

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the action of the bile, the pancreatic juice and the intestinal fluid, each Nature's Treasures Open to Man — All this is a very complicated and

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mal de tête est plus violent, pulvérisez les feuilles sèches d'une certaine herbe nommée cocoiatie et prisez-en. Si cependant la douleur augmente prenez quel-

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Neumann treated 22 cases of lobar pneumonia, which he divides into 12 ' early cases ', where treatment was begun on the fourth day of disease or

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and in many instances too well Aup|>orted, to be and ingenuity is not to deny the evidence, but to ac as n-e shall presently proceed to do, for the (act.

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1876- Int. a un n. par. del Bue. .-Rend. dell. Ace di Napoli XV 1888 -La B. in Sicilia. -Rend, d, R. Ace dei Line. IV. 1899-Contr. alio stud, della B. crassa in Sicilia. Arch, de Paras.

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they swell to a height, that is, clissus. And this clissus in water is the same as in other fruits, increasing and decreasing, going and returning.

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worker, Dr. W. H. Bates, of New York, through whose untiring efforts, unassisted except by repeated antagonistic remarks and

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the only specific for individuals or corporations. It only im- plies one word, Union. This word has lately been very po-

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toothbrush sort of moustache on his upper lip, his chin snuggled into his short, thick neck, his shoulders squared back, and his

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sent. In some cases an IRB may determine that the recontact should be made by a third party to assure diat the donors are

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Jam' ll.lsn!). Present: C. WLlmMr, Ks(|., Pn-sLl.-tit : Dr. nuM", l"!si|., Prt -tidiMit ; Dr. Kini,', N'icc-PrcsidiMit ; Dr. O'Hricn,

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the zinc polo forty or fifty times in tlie direetion of the spermatic cord, ffioe of the thighs, and tltcn lengtlitriso in iko peruicuni. Sudb a sit-

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Seeds are dried in the same manner as stems and leaves. Aromatic herbs and annual plants are dried as advised for leaves similarly prepared.

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life was certainly crowded with responsibilities and crowned with honors Dr. Jos. F. Evans, of Marine, where he settled in the early forties,

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particular, and none at all for any schools of medicine farther than surgery, and war to the hilt on three-fourths of that as

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It forms the lower part of the ankle-joint, and lies below the distal ends of the tibia and fibula with both of which it

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tated, and set aside. The cake of wax is removed into boiling water, till this no longer produces a precipitate with chloride of barium. — M. Ingenhol. [We have not found

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ammonio-ohlorid of iron or Basham's mixture, and may some- times be combined with digitalis. Fuchsin is also recommended

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mucous membrane lining it, that is peristalsis is, to a great extent, a re- flex process. The fecal matter stimulates the sensory nerves of the

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conclusion, and it is the view of most other observers : " From the experience gained at the Children's Hospital it appears, also, to

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ous exceptions. The discreet mother or nurse will know when they are to be strictly followed, and when departed from. Condition of the Stomach, — The least active remedies

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Provinces, and we sincerely wish them every possible success The Berkshire Medical Institution, located in Pitts - field, Mass. it is believed, present as many advantages to the

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dilatability of the tube is markedly diminished by changes in its walls, and, in a much higher degree, when this dilatability has disappeared,

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Evans, John, M.D. Lond., 2, Cliurcli-street, Carnarvon. Evans, John, Benalan, South-parude, Bedford Parfc. w. Evans, John Howell, M.B. Oxf., 63, Grosvenor-street. av.

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duditg a slate of uvule irritability of the medulla, and may titus giro tnxIuelioQ of foreign mutter into tbc bloo<l, as is shon-n in tbc rapidly

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slicatb or penia are erroneously referred to aa paralyRis. Symptoms : Inability to retract the penis in the sheath or retain

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pharmaceutiques. Bien peu certainement de la Perse, où les connaissances médicales étaient fort restreintes. En eflfet, Cyrus (599 — 529 avant J. C),

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root. Others are sedative or relaxant. Opium, in large doses, acts as an emetic. Foxglove, tobacco, putrid substances, oil, and warm water, are emetics of d'M\

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given in the Traditional Recension, as the aggregate of the bones of the four extremities, involves (as may be seen from

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Chairman ROCKEFELLER. I am informed that DOD officials who briefed Committee staff told them that some of the lists of names

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