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of thu heart (vcuic d oolonnt). Acmrdin;; as Hic cupocily of Lhc- Maddrr is increased or dimiaisbed by this bypertrophj', il is («llwl ex-

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the services of doctors were in great demand, primarily due to two reasons: (1) a general dearth of competent physicians for general practice, and (2)

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set up and requires no special laboratory training. ■■-rays may reveal pathology varying from mark- allergy is suspected, history and skin tests are of

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Pneutnonotyphus. See Pneumotyplitts (Illus. Diet.). Pneumoperitoneum (nu-mo-per-it-on-e'-iim) [Trvevfia, Pneumophlebitis. See Pneumonophlebitis (Illus. Diet.).

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Avith. The contents of all the remaining paragraphs would seem to have nothing to do with the subject of this treatise. From what is now stated the reader will readily perceive

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CI. d. k. bayer. Akad. d. Wissensch., Munchen, 1889, xix, 118-124 (C. von Voit). — Ann. d'ocul., Brux., 1889, cii, 5-107, port. (J .-P. Nuel). —

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officers, he shall have charge of officer patients and of such otliers as may be 1308. He shall inspect daily the hospital buildings imd the grounds and,

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intellectual giant was rising in public esteem, the young man, Lincoln. He took cognizance of Dr. Dyer's services to escaped slaves who were

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osteomyelitis, is a familiar lesion and is liable to become chronic, and determine distant abscesses and general infection long after.

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having the instruction and guidance of that prince of Canadian medical teachers, Dr. John Rolph. After obtaining his license

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in order to finish the war one way or the other. Three of the imbeciles had to be evacuated for desertion (unmoti- vated fugues) ; two of them cursed their officers. Some of

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derived from the choroids of 7- to 9-day chick embryos and cartilage cells from the knee-joints of adult fowls, the culture medium being chick plasma

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de coeur causée par le surmenage, rentra dans la vie privée et s'occupa Son violent chagrin de la position misérable des médecins militaires

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rare, dans les races primitives; en revanche, le sens des couleurs est très avoisinant le violet sont au contraire très mal perçues. L'ouïe et l'odorat,

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d'Angleterre et lui fut souvent comparé à cause de sa cruauté. de mauvais princes, descendant de Jean I de Castille qui était imbécile, et de

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and are only the mere ordinary agents of nature. These are also divisible into four classes — depressants, stimulants, irri-

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16 Common Salt. — Gonorrhoea, cracked nipples, epilepsy, diarrhoea. 1 7 Vinegar, Camphor. — Bruises, swelling of the glands, lungs.

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The person goes into a crisis. In many cases the person with AIDS does not have a nuclear family for support. We therefore cre-

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+ Imparts strength to the exhausted or emaciated frames. J A tank or a large well with its sides protected by buttresses of

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in Lombardy in 1789, in East India in 1817, in France in 1825. and generally in Europe and America in the last half century.

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catheter ; castor oil and whiskey were given, with full diet. May 15th : The abdominal tenderness and urinary difficulty subsided ;

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further purification. He knows that diseased blood returned from the rectum or colon becomes poor food for a healthy liver.

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yrars previously. The St. Thomas s Hospital caee may have been that related by SOUTH, in his additions to Chelius (op. cit., Am. ed., Vol. Ill, p. 207).

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over," and will experience trouble in the attempt to get a perfect night's rest. They should not touch opiates under these circumstances. When

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la thériaque. Il va mieux et est repris en 1576 d'une nouvelle attaque, dont il mourut: il est vrai que c'était un buveur.

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tile patient wiis nicicli ilcbilitatod. Tlic licill was i-lmucivoiI tln-oiifili the puiiit (if eiitiy after sliirlitly enlartjiiii.' tlie wound. The

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by vegetations at the edge of the flap, or the lower ends may be found lying loose near the papillary muscles. The vegetations are yellowish,

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he who suffers from jumping ° in the body (throbbing }) usually accompanied by weakness, and confusion of perception, and stupor of the members, is ripe for paralysis, unless the

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of the six hundred and sixty determined cases of excisions in the forearm were, fatal : CASE 1897. Private Francis M. Hardy, Co. B, 30th North Carolina, aged 22 years, was wounded near Fort Stevens,

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fractionated doses biweekly. According to the medical investigators, these patients "were, in general, in a more advanced stage of disease and were completely beyond even palliation from

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went on. to all appearance, well for near three weeks, yet. I am told, the patients all died." Summary of One Hundred and Seventeen Fatal Cases of Primary Amputation at the Shoulder

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tmoiu. The internal jugular vein was encroached upon by the awclUagt which made this part of the operation of the ut- ■iDftt delicacy, from the morbid adhesion of that part of the

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autonomy and for his or her capacity for choice. Informed consent is an ongoing process of communication between researchers and the subjects of their research.

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Building, including photos in the Proceedings of the Institute. 3. Collection in the Chicago Historical Museum, Lincoln Park, Chicago,

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dis que la fievre de lait affecte toute la constitution. Cela ronj que la Phlegmasia dolens a ete cominuue et setere dam

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10 per cent ferrous Iodide.— Alterative, Hematinic— Dose t 15-30 min. Syrup, Iron, Quinine, and Strychnine Phosphates— U. S. P.

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Most extraordinary is the powerful, all- conquering Honover (word of power), of Zoroaster, which fully corresponds with the foregoing,

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Often it will be found that they have strong sexual because of psychiatric difficulties after the meno- them, in earlier years, have visited physicians with


Sci'cral of Uie above have other actions than that noted, aa, for instance, the long digital extensor flexes, the hock, sod the gaetroc-

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(0) A copy shall be retained for ship or alattoai ftles. It them bavia baan jm>' {ey Madieal OOcara-atf sliipaw nanalt #aiioBSf aa yardat aiaMag rimtaallops

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stancca are carried from the stomach to the kidneys, without unaltered otate. The alkaline sub-carbonatca arc decomposed

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