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up behind, and one before ; these ends pass throngh the holes at the top of the long splint, and tie them as tightly as possible,

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juice. Treated by blisters, purgings, mouth and throat gargled with mustard, It is not epidemic in this climate ; it generally appears in Jan. or Feb.,

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about the union of fractured bones. A quantity of black sesamum-seeds (tied up into a knot with a piece of linen) should be kept immersed at night in a stream of running

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les plus curieux et les plus intéressants, mais, lui aussi des plus épineux. Les connaissances et les croyances concernant la menstruation, la conception,

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an infection of bones so indolent that sarcoma is mim- icked. Drainage having been established, restoration to the normal may occur especially in the young. On the

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Javal Schiotz ophthalmometer, by removing the prisni therefrom and placing a small electric light immediately below the axis of the tube.

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1. Apparendy, subchronic feeding of pyridostigmine bromide induces myopathic rather than neurogenic changes in rat extraocular muscle, and the myopathy is different in these muscles than

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that the GEB might add a million dollars to the Johns Hopkins medical school endowment and that he was there to study the

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vainquait bien de nos ancêtres du rôle 'prépondérant de l'atmosphère quant à l'infection de la |)este. Il y en avait même qui étaient tellement convaincus de cette action atmos-

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to advise weaning, — for the latter, it would be too long to delay it. It would be injudicious to attempt weaning when the child s

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as the circumflex, musculo-spiral, musculo-cutaneous, ulnar and median. The upper extremity is subject to many sensory disturbances, some of

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of the culture iluid are manifested not only for B. pyocyaneus, but also for B. typhosus, B. (uilhracis, B. diphtheriw, and staphylococci and

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Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders & Co. 13 Laboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist. By Lanodon Froth- INGHAM, M.D.V., Assistant in Bacteriology and Veterinary Science,

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Causes. — Recent discoveries prove that very little was known of the real cause of consumption, even a decade ago. Great progress has been made recently in the study of this dis-

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scalp. He was admitted to hospital at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on May 25th, and returned to duty June 13th, 1864. McCracken, W. N., Private Co. M, 5th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, aged 18 years, received an incised wound of

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the striking degree of improvement frequently observed, tat led us to the conclusion that khellin. properly used, is a .safe and effective drug for the treatment of angina pec-

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is placed over the eye on the plaic- Thua you have a prcpa- rfltion that can be moved without fear of injury, at)d an excel-

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muqueuses. La présence constante du parasite dans l'écoulement des organes génitaux est donc bien en rapport avec l'infection par le coït.

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jimai9ttrc appaWees c.t contir.ucrciit ainsi pendant deux ails. Toutos les r.uii- onc-lait oLli.c de tircr Purine par !a sonde,

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Ether Apparatus.- The principle of the intratracheal administration of ether is now well known. Warm, moist, and etherized air is supplied to the

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genitali), from the Btoniacli. air-papsrigcB, etc., or into the tiissuo of Ihc heart, the pericardium, durft mater, brain, retina, etc. ; the lat-

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pntient of the danger of ihia contact. AVhcn circumslancea fN-ritiit, ihosc \v\m hiive Dulhing to do ivitb iho care of the (ulient should keep

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diseases. Lesions : petechioe and slight blood extravasations in skin, sub- cutis, mucosa, submucosa, serosae, and solid tissues, largest in soft tissues ;

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per tar, an empyreumatic oil distilled from the wood of Juniperus volatile oil from the leaves of Melaleuca leucadendron. O. of

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and a failure to light up at the apex on deep respiration, if early phthisis is present. This paper should be read by all interested in this

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sitieroxyloii, R. et S. It is used as a substitute for a volatile oil distilled from the rhizomes of Asaruin taste. O. of Asphalt, a rubefacient, antiseptic oil

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Which side did Banister himself choose As if the conflicting theories of the Galenists and Columbus were not enough, Leonardus Botallus had lately con-

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report is no doubt to be strictly depended upon ; the historical embellishments added to it from other sources can have no interest to the professional reader. (Appiani

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itself, are separated from the organs aroum:. Various methods of peculiar severity have been adopted on this occasion. It is, however, sufficient to lay a detached

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hiaaTijpara, i) dtr a tt da para, rj air oteXdcrpLaT a, i) odev 1 p,ev itjeaTr), avvhihovTa, oirrj he, <tvvt€i- vovra, &)< e rdvavria peirp, eirihedevra r) irplv

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bad position was somewhat modified but not improved by hyperextending the second phalanx on the first, and putting the third in slight flexion on the second. Hot compresses

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these have already been explained in detail. The three {virj., Vayu, Pitta and Kapha) which are generally said combinations in cases of the diminution of the Doshas'

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for science journalists sponsored by the Upjohn pharmaceutical company. There Beecher presented a paper discussing twenty-two examples of potentially serious

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gyll to get Her only one of them for Her Majestys Own his Century, p. 493 ; Foth., Works, i. 231. In 1775 the consumption of tea

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I to the cluws associated uilli uecroais irnd tending to spread to tliel What precautions should be taken in case an animal has been bitten

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of which Dr. Russell L. Cecil is President, was recently formed and formally organized on January 22nd of this year. Its objects are to bring together physicians in New

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The bowels may be kept soluble by means of cream of tartar, whey, tamarinds, Sec. Dr. Freind observes, that when the head is affected, purges are the best remedies,

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