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I next saw her on June 21. Her condition had undergone a great change. She was very anemic, her abdomen was mark- edly distended, she was more or less emaciated, telling me that

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tained from nitranisol by action of ammonium sulfid in alcohfilic solution; with acids it forms crystalline com- pounds. Syn., Mctiivlphcnidin : Mclhylatnidopkcuol.

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to anything else than the acquisition of medical knowledge — or to progress in our professional studies. What think you this eh Is it

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astringents ; the female fern is more viscid, saponaceous, PURATIO. Generally a paper is folded into the shape of a funnel, and then placed in one ; through this the

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In Britain it generally prevails in the first cold that succeeds hot weather; in hot countries it is most fre- quent in damp marshy places, and after great rains that

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In that year a reorganization of the staff was effected and Freer was given the chair of physiology and microscopic anatomy. This seems to

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a strong suffocating smell, and disagreeable taste : has also been inhaled in a dilute state in the early li<(ui(l, of a sweetish ethereal odour, hot, aroma-

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that the wounds had almost entirely healed and suppuration was virtually absent. The patient rapidly and completely recovered, and her neighbors, on

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Contents. — Introduction. — The birth of modern philosophy. — Continental rational- ism. — Locke and his influence. — Berkeley and Hume. — Immanuel Kant. — The Ger-

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approved professional remedies for various diseases, comprising the favorite pre- scriptions of the leading physicians of this country and Europe, by J. R. DE-

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VA Wadsworth Hospital Center, and UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 90073 1. Walsh, J. H., and Grossman, M. I., N. Engl. J. Med.

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the motor impulses was involved, in the other case the secretory or vaso- The great splanchnic nerve has a variety of functions. It conveys

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1905 Stallybrass, Clard Qswald, 21, Mount-road, New Brighton, 1900 Stamm, Louis Edward, M.D. Loud., 18, Iligh-rd., Streatham. s.w.

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was of an unusual character. He had been a Whig but had not taken an active part in politics. On the disintegration of the Whig party,

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and prednmiiancc of particular sympioma in particular insiail- "Theac affectirins hiive been variously and perhaps too cx-

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In the treatment of hysterical aphonia, the ordinary method is practically a form of suggestion, the modus operandi being to place

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frühzeitig zu der heilbringenden Wendung. Es ist bekannt, dass er diese, mit Ansnahme von ein paar Fällen, noch unter den schwierigsten Umständen

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so characteristic of modern French medical education. Arrangements were made for two such competitions yearly for externships, and a single one for

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ture or a wound of the vessels ; but if the vessels are small, the patient quiet, and no previous disease exists in the lungs, there is little danger ; but if large, the dan-

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by dumping new funds into a privately controlled system ready to absorb every penny into expansion, technology, high salaries,

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cattle largely upon grass is a necessity as well as an advantage, and pasture therefore forms an important subject for consideration.

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lieved by dynamogenic action of sperm injected under the skin." A skeptical world refused to be impressed. Dr. Brown-Sequard was deterred,

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separated thin portion of the niuctc to 04 great tm extent, hoivcvcr, ta the C£ue would po«tibly altow, to make room for

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stroyed by appropriate medicines ; if by excess of any kind, this must be wholly discontinued ; if from a scrofulous disposi-

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6 Dr. II. McGuiitK, in a Lecture on Gunshot Wounds of the Joints (Richmond Me.d. Jour., 183(5, Vol. I, p. 147), after remarking that "gunshot

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cases of pancreatectomy have been recorded by Cordoy, Mauclaire, Villareal, Moynihan, and Cuneo. Except Cuneo, who adopted the

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of stomach, and gastric ulceration.- Dose: 15—60 gm. SoLTJBLE Tartar.— Colorl. cryst.— Sol. in 1.4 parts water.— Diuretic,

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Extrait du Journal de l'Kxtra assistant commissioner pour la peste en service dans le district de (furdaspiir. L'inoculation a fait un bien immense. 1) La

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appearing always in the same organ and some in a particular tissue, and appearing oftenest where that tissue is plentiful. Scarcely any portion

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avec des perforations, et ï\ l'autre bout un flacon ou une seringue. Mais l'in- „Acfoniit of a new mode of extracting Poiaonous Substances from the iSlonineli,

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fen 3, traité 2, chap. 1 à 35 du Canon d'Avicenne. Des notes à la fin du travail expliquent les termes moins connus de la pharmacopée d'alors.

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we do it for foreigners" I m sure that s happened, but to what I think that otherwise it s been very subtle. But I think

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disturbance by the contractions of the latter that the exceedingly delicate vesicle is ruptured. However, an account based on an opinion

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Macaulay. The letter is addressed to Mr. Peter Deihl, student at Edinburgh ; dated Montreal, Sept. 7, 1808, and was received

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