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Mycelium, mi-se r -le~um. The vegetative filaments or hyphse of fun- Mycodesmoids, mi-ko-dez'-moid;. A disease of horses marked by
lay on its breast often unable to rise. Sometimes there was a passage per anum of liquid bile-stained mucus. Close examina-
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nobody was actually kicked out. Those three lost were expected almost, by the rest of us. We could sort of tell that they just weren t cutting the mark; it s probably
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on record but one instance of laceration of the pancreas, which occurred in a lad, who was the subject of other severe injuries, that speedily proved
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relate that in pursuit of duty he lost his life in 1844, while returning from a patient's bedside, by being thrown from his horse.
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• forget about pulsation thanks to the large driven rolN • rely on a constant motor speed, eleclronicaily compensat • push tor maximum flow and cJear pump lines rapidly
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many an advance in methods of treatment during the war; to mention one only, we owe to it the popularisation of the so- called "Ambrine," or "paraffin treatment," of burns since intro-
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from the various surfaces of the teeth has failed to 1 & 2. Marcu Brucker, Newark; 3. H. Becks et al., Sau present report on 4850 pupils investigated, divided
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La statistique des malades soignés est fort détaillée. Comme exemple nous citerons seulement qu'en 1900 il y avait 528 — 577 malades, c.à.d. 324 — 342
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Consultants, and paid hundi-eds of visits to the Hospital: — - E. C. Hughes, H. L. Eason, A. W. Ormond, C. E. Iredell,
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Prognosis. The prognosis is grave, having regard to possible com- plications and the chronic character which the inflammation tends to
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but of no credit; Forestus deserves a higher character, It may appear that we have forgotten the history of anatomy ; but in the whole of this period no anatomist
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Erscheinungen der Krankheit bilden. Behandelt gehen die Abscesse in Genesung aus, können aber von Elephantiasis gefolgt sein.
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the characteristic s{>ine, may be seen with the micro- scope. In rectal disease, if bilharzia be susjHJcted, the mucus and the fjeces, or, failing these, one of the
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1S32, described cubito-digital neuralgia (Weir Mitchell's causalgia) ; he wrote important treatises on hernia and eye diseases, and orig-
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of the hoof wall, there are analogious leaves, keraphyllous tissue, The weifiht of the body is supported by the hoof wall and bars
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dened till close to or at the margin of the perforation. The fluid abounds in greatest quantity in the vicinity of the rupture under the diaphragm. It accumulates markedly in the
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same flock. The nodules should be treated with vaseline, or glycerine ointments containing two per cent of any of the Entero-hepatitis. " Blackhead."— This is a very fatal dis-
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phurous acid ; chlorine ; formaline ; calmatives ; carbonate of creosote ; derivatives ; streptococcic serum ; air or oxygen in peritoneum ; excision
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A steam or hot air bath may serve a similar purpose. Con- joined with an aloetic laxative and aconite, I have seen this reduce the temperature from 104. 5 F. to 102. 7 F. at the next
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heat, and corrodes the parts with the case, he experienced the sen- which it comes in contact. Some- sation of intoxication with consi-
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gen Jubelfeier der Franckeschen Stiftungen 1698-1898, von Aug. Schiirmann. Mit einem Bildnis Aug. H. Franckes. Halle a. S.,
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nouveau règlement des hôpitaux (Article CXVIII, Xle section) pour n'en citer (ju'un, et jugez si je peux et si je dois rester dans l'armée plus
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are sufficient for the purposes of manduca- year; the second, which begins to be tion early in life. As the fan ;S of the teeth formed in the sixth or seventh year, cuts
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1900 Good, Arnold Saxty, High Bickington, Chubnleigh. 1905 Good, Edg-ar Hubert, St. Botolph's-road, W. Worthing. 1899 Goodbody, Cecil Maurice, Indian Medical Service.
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confidenre in future felicity. Skeptics may contemplate the approach of dissolution with serene indifference, or with remorseful anguish. Life is dear
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ver, constitutional disorder, colics, diarrhcea, death in 24 to 36 hours, sub- acute form. Lesions : black blood, congestions, and general petechiae.
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be exhausted by overwork. The kind and amount of food should therefore be adapted to the maintenance of the digestive powers when in health and to their gradual invigoration when
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465. Deafmutism: Appearance of malingering Gradenigo, 1917. . .658 467. Picric acid jaundice Briand, Haury, 1916 . . . 660
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10th, admitted into Emory Hospital, where the ball was extracted. On June 14th, he was transferred to the general liospital,
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felt great pain in any attempt to move it. He also complained of pains at night in the region of the right shoulder and neck.
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precipitate any suspended matter in the small tank before it entered the cistern. A fetdiag of astonishment must he created by a wection of the terra eotta
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[this kind, the appearsnce of the permanent teeth is returded, or the anomaly of the eximordinary continuance of the thers't'. The permanent teeth occasion the railing out of
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affections of the biceps muscle. Syn., Myositis acuta nerve]. Applied to a nerve-cell having only one neu- nerve]. Neuritis affecting a single nerve. M. Multi-
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I Mr. Hunter, tliiit when the stomach is in a state of dtaense «uiiiii.«fr jvity, that we can account for the existence of exotic worms
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external discharge, followed by fistula of the rumen. Gastric fistula without secondary complications is compatible with
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pieces. Set the pan near the fire to simmer slowly for half an hour or a little more, till the liver is quite cooked. Press on it with a
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an of alight exteniul irritanto ; for iuatanee, to tlio bites of pota&ilefl, not t«ll why thu numerous email oircuinambcd portions of the cutis,
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formation of solid nodules. Cf. 5., Tuberculous. S., myoma originating in the tubal epithelium. S., Pur- ulent, salpingitis with secretion of pus instead of
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I began also to chew some monaka ( large raisins ), which refreshed me. To arrest the farther extension of local inflam-
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ment enrayées chez quelques-uns depuis phmeurs années: j ai vu même des lépreux à peu près guéris, ei apparence du moins'\ Malaria is the grand scourge of
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Alabama, aged 23 years, Wilderness, May 8, 1834. Sent to Richmond, where, May 12, 1834, excision of four inches of the lower
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commotionnes. Ann. med.-psychol., Par., 1917, v. 73, pp. 577-582. Briand, Marcel et Delmas. Sur la liquidation des indemnities aux militaires
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for lyinji-in purposes. The fact that an isolation hospital and home for epileptics was founded at the cloister of St. Valentine at Rufach
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Copy of Report sent to Governor — Fellows wait on His Excellency . 150 l'ul)liahe(i — New Follows — H()noural)le Fellows — Applicants — King-
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to look after the political interests of physicians, "perhaps not as a politi- cal body, but it should bring a certain amount of influence to bear on our
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Parents often, though unintentionally, teach the child dishonesty by arbitrary punishment for childish action. The child naturally
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apjjendage of the cartilage of the ear at the union of the helix and anthelix. C. lienis, the lower extremity of the spleen. C. medullae of Bartholin, a collective
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position, he devoured with great devotional avidity, and which completely effected his restoration to purity in the In the hot season, ginger beer is a great favourite in
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which was joined two daj's later by thirteen more. A national conven- tion of Methodist seeeders had been called to meet at U tica, N. Y., on Jlay
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medicine and change of air should be resorted to. During the is plain and nutritious, without being stimulating, avoiding at
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was wounded on May 6th, 1864, at the battle of the Wilderness, by a fragment of shell, which removed the scalp just below the
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veteran to get records in order to get compensation or to receive justice, it is unbelievably difficult. You would not disagree with that.
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cases, a catheter should be left in, unless its presence induces intolerable irritation, until cicatrization has fairly commenced. Yet this precept is maintained less positively than
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twelve years and a reduction of 30 per cent from the average for the four- year period, 1915-18. The typhoid fever rate reached the low mark of .116 per
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Rennogen (ren'-o-jen\ See Renninogen (Illus, Diet.). cittis, skin]. Relating to the kidneys and the skin. Renogastric (ren-o-gm'-trik) \i-en, kidney; yaoTijp,
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Until then we must be satisfied to fall back upon, and make the best use of the temporizing measures now in vogue or that may
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deformities of the body dependinj; upon muscular dcfi'cts. He is one of the founders of orthopedics in recent times. His (nethods
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ripe; the best time for this is when the fruit will detach itself eas- ily from its twig. Some varieties can be gathered earlier than this,
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Sanders, Alfred WUliam, M.D. fjond., Pretoria, Transvaal. Sanders, Edward Arthur, 45, Ahington-street, Northanqnon. Sanders, James Herbert, M.D. Brussels, South Molion, Devon.
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diseases. Lesions : petechioe and slight blood extravasations in skin, sub- cutis, mucosa, submucosa, serosae, and solid tissues, largest in soft tissues ;
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