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of about twelve or fourteen years activity for maternal function- ing begins to develop its size, with all the glands and append-
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After much discussion within the community, with groups such as the New York AIDS Network, Persons with AIDS, and the Lambda Legal Defense and Education
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cases, a catheter should be left in, unless its presence induces intolerable irritation, until cicatrization has fairly commenced. Yet this precept is maintained less positively than
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twelve years and a reduction of 30 per cent from the average for the four- year period, 1915-18. The typhoid fever rate reached the low mark of .116 per
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Rennogen (ren'-o-jen\ See Renninogen (Illus, Diet.). cittis, skin]. Relating to the kidneys and the skin. Renogastric (ren-o-gm'-trik) \i-en, kidney; yaoTijp,
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Until then we must be satisfied to fall back upon, and make the best use of the temporizing measures now in vogue or that may
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deformities of the body dependinj; upon muscular dcfi'cts. He is one of the founders of orthopedics in recent times. His (nethods
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ripe; the best time for this is when the fruit will detach itself eas- ily from its twig. Some varieties can be gathered earlier than this,
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Sanders, Alfred WUliam, M.D. fjond., Pretoria, Transvaal. Sanders, Edward Arthur, 45, Ahington-street, Northanqnon. Sanders, James Herbert, M.D. Brussels, South Molion, Devon.
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diseases. Lesions : petechioe and slight blood extravasations in skin, sub- cutis, mucosa, submucosa, serosae, and solid tissues, largest in soft tissues ;
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something here which demands attention, and which should be subjected to the strictest analysis and scrutiny. To the pro-
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But even before the FDA issued its proposed regulations on the use of prisoners in drug testing, pharmaceutical companies had already largely
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female children in 1827 and one in 1829, each having exactly the same deformities. Her mother was perfectly formed, l)ut the father had l)ut one toe on his foot and
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present in some part of India, especially among the and, possibly, at Calcutta, having been imjwrted to the south-west of China, in the province of Yunnan,
dieser Fall zeigt, worin der grosse Unterschied zwischen dem Leben und der todten Natur gelegen ist. Das Lehen besitzt nur ein dynamisches
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and the persons are said to die broken hearted. One instance is recorded, if we mistake not, by Dr. Whytt, We can easily conceive that the diminished power of
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bell-wire, doubled and bent to the right curve, along the sides of which, if safely introduced, euough urine might flow to relieve the over-distended
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Officer of that unit, its organizer and just administrator during training and on active service, no one was more truly entitled to the oft-heard and
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to practise Physic and Midwifery and the les.ser operations in Surgery." It is related that he had been a student of Dr.
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phosis, and the like. Hard upon the Nature-Philosophy School followed the Natural History School, which aimed to name and
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the status of Egyptian medicine in this period, and his recent investigation of the early history of syphilis (1912), which we have
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the Hindus, by the depressing influence of foreign subjuga- tion, are at present in a lower social condition than they ap-
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of the beginnings of the specialties, it would be necessary to depend upon specialists themselves. We may speak of these persons as "grass roots" writers
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supérieure, en effet, la maladie semble inconnue, en particulier au- En descendant toujours le long de la côte orientale d'Afrique, on
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Epictetus. \V, a. Oldfather. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., II. 2nd EusEKius : Ecclesiastical History. Kirsopp Lake and J. E. L. Oulton. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., Vol. II. 5th
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ry wall to the whole at a distance of about 25 or 30 nules. The • The otuerTtTionB of the tem;>«>-ttiTre ii> EtigUnd which 1 have uarf in
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tus cum opio, P. creta compositus cum opio — ■ tus, P. creta compositus — p. Cardiacus, P. con- . supertarU, antim. diapk. ail p. bb>. f. pulvis,
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Treatment. — The cure must of necessity vary somewhat, according to the nature of the disease. In general, the great thing is to withdraw the patient's mind as much as possible
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even though he wasn t fluent yet in English. But he had He was accepted and went to Johns Hopkins and learned English. He met a girl there who became his wife. She was
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vice in suis extremis capillamentis, in ista sua Elementa, ex quibus constituitur, id est, in suas origines recluditur, atque pcracto gyro similiter recomponitur, ut no vus semper et
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irritating to the surface. I have seen an ointment of red oxide of mercury, ordered for use on the eyelids, in which there
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treatment. There are bowling, tennis, croquet, billiards and pool. A spacious amuse- ment hall is available for concerts, theatricals, dances etc.
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Cootie," by the various methods of delousing, taxed the ingenuity of all military sanitarians at the front. Spirochetal jaundice (Weil's disease) was
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service: Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps, January 30, 1918; S. A. T. C., Active Service, U. S. A., August 15 Ida C. Ohrnberger October 1, 1900, at Chicago. Resi-
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Extremely Nourishing and highly Restorative. VERY PALATABLE and accept.nble to the most delicate stomach. INIost simple to jirepare.
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mony, of which one grain dissolved in an ounce of warm water, and a teaspoonful of the solution given every quarter of an hour,
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deafness had persisted during the hypnotic sleep, so that sug- gestions could not be effectively taken. He heard nothing
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good discipline," in that he failed to obey a lawful command; and with "insolence to a noncom." When the case came before
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Soukhanoff, A. A. (Present condition of science concerning traumatic neurosis, questions of its study and treatment from the viewpoint of military medicine).
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Dioscorides and other Greek classics into Arabic. The principal Arabic translators in the eighth and ninth centuries were the Syr-
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polyblasts, and extends rootlike between the uriniferous structures deep into the pyramids. These cells are imbedded in a mesh of slightly thickened reticular fibers. Some of the cells
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accurately counted. Klsberg'' has made a valuable contribution to the solution of this problem. He has pointed out that the ligamentum
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the case may be an exceptionally good one for some purpose and may only be available for study immediately (for example, the chance to obtain tracer samples resulting from a
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singularly blessed in the friends that he had made. He would yield to no man who claimed to have more or better friends than
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Awjant 8, 1837. — The inemhor.s of the Medical lioard met this day to take into consideration the interests of the medical
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Zwaardemaker, which consists of an odoriferous cylinder sliding over a glass tube, the open extremity of which is inserted into the patient's
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