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the latter institution from the year 1734 on. The London Hospital began to take in students in 1742, and was fully organized in 1785.
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they go — to the theatre, to church, to social par- vacations — a bag containing remedies to be applied of us can recall the sense of helplessness and even
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teeth apart, mingle with honey and smear therewith, with milk, sup for three mornings nine sips. For leg disease, that is hot red blains, take nineteen snips of
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vertebrae ; but the spine bends forward only because the diseased bones, intervening between the sound ones, are unable to bear the parts above. From every circum-
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Composition of the Atmosphere. — Mr, Dalton states that there is a variation in the quality of oxygen in the atmosphere
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as circumstances vary, the fcetus is drawn from the uterus by the blunt hook, the straight forceps, the curved forceps, or the crotchet : the latter would be
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The habit of letting dogs run at large, to meet in roads and fields is a most prolific cause, which might easily be done away
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sot only one cadaver a year and Friedrich Hoffmann, at Halle, only twenty bodies in twenty-four years. In Prague, there were only three dissections during
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January 25th, and discharged from service on May 25th, 1805. Hall, A., Private, Co. A, 169th New York Volunteers, aged 51 years, received an inciseil wound of the scalp, and was
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three or four ounces to be thrown up Avhile the patient lies with the hips rather elevated ; this position to be retained for some
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obliged to have recourse for the following description, which is so curious that I am induced to add it here. It is principally derived
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in all the complexes and frequently an inversion of the T waves in all leads. The T waves in lead I were abnormal in every one of these thirteen. Also the
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attended a meeting of the board of trustees of the Amer- ican Hospital Association, Chicago, February 8th- 14th. At the meeting of the Southern Medical Association in
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if any moral scruples as to what weapons they are willing to employ. Those who seek to understand the risks of biological or chemical weapons and how
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fermentation. If is also frequently produced in wells, mar- shes, and mines. The fumes of a candle, according to the Faculty of Leipsic, are identical with the vapours from char-
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4. Private J. Saiiner, Co. I, 8th rennsylvania Cavalry. Gunsliot wound fracturing teiitli and eleventh ribs, and penetrating
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in consequence. The patient breathes heavily owing to the accumulation of undigested (fecal) matter and tosses about in agony of pain, finding no relief in any posture
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Farbstoffe mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des mittelalterlichen Waidbaues, von Dr. Fritz Lauterbach. Leipzig, Veit & Co.,
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number of Doftors is very limited, feldom exceeding three or four, who compofe ■what is called the Facidtas Striata. Thefe gentlemen pay a very confiderable fum
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De la Motte. Demonstration zweier forensischer Falle. Neurol. Centralbl., De Lapersonne. La reeducation des aveugles de guerre. Presse med., Par.,
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obliged to glean from a great number of monographs, to them to procure the work before us as the best and the field was so extensive that but few cultivated means of obtaining this information. — Stethoscope.
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His ideas about many diseases were entirely novel, but lucid and well-founded. His practice was admirable, being at once simple
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