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Amrita Iiaritaki- is thus prepared. Ooe hundred large sized chobulic myrobalans are boiled iu butter-milk, and their seeds aro
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judge whether it is in reality death, or only an asphyxy. See Lancisius, Winslow, and Bruhier, on this subject. phor it was applied to the sphincter muscle of the anus,
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viij ; of wax, dr. xvj ; of goat's fat, dr. xvj ; of rose-oil, dr. xyj. For burnt parts already blistered, having triturated sumach
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services themselves rather than disfunctions in the potential Victim blaming has been used not only to explain lower utilization by the poor but as a way of decreasing the use of health
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He was discharged home, January 22. It seems as if he Carlill considers that alcoholism may be ruled out, and there is no likelihood that the gout was the cause of the
Vers le commencement d'Octobre, la villc et ses environs ont ete visites par la Rougeole, qui a fait des progres alar- mans comme Epidemic parmi les enf.ins. Elle a continue
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they m.ay effectually operate, whether this medium be a metal, a stone, or an im.agc. But this is most important of all :
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shape, following their use ; and, though the subject led us to enumerate and explain the principles of their several combinations, we have carefully avoided those
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Vingt hôpitaux renfermant 1300 lits, dont un pour vénériens. Dans les provinces où il n'existe pas de formations sanitaires deTasBis-
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Furple Inks. 1. Add a little muriate (chloride) of tin to a strong decoction of logwood. A Uttle gum may be peachy wood add as many gallons of boiling water, pour
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them" says Casani. "Make sure that you're not going to responses among health care institutions, the private medical sector, the wider community, and all levels
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tracted him in 1843, and he remained there two years as professor of anatomy. With the waning of the prestige of Illinois College as a med-
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numbed, painful or contracted and the affected part should be fiimly bandaged thereafter with a piece of the affected part should be plastered (and well rubbed)
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shamanam remedies, diaphoresis should be first resorted to. In cases where counter-irritants are indicated and in parts which are directly accessible, leeching and cauterisation
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tion) deplores his inability to separate in his returns the traumatic from tl ing the non-traumatic cases at least, when he remarks : "A priori, it see
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' The square brackets [ ] show the new matter inserted in the 2n(l oditiou of 1586. ' M. A. Lower, in Sussex Archccol. Collect io7is, vi.
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— castor oil in a single dose, or drachm doses of magnesium or sodium generally after four or five doses. The bed-pan must always be used.
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revived and infufed ; then no queftion but they arc alike : but becaufe the fenfitive part in man bears a great fway, it many times falls out, that by the deficien-
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poisoning. A contribution to the study of tetany.] Ztschr. f. d. gcs. cxper. In an investigation of some points in the aetiology of parathyroid
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of electricity sufficient for the therapeutic warming impossible to distinguish them from unwired flannel the shape of the eye, their weight is practically nil,
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were attempted. In horizontal decubitus, the muscles of the limbs and neck were of a normal tonicity, but the head went into hyperflexion if the patient was asked to sit. The eyes
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surgeon, you were over all the surgical services, not just general was done was under the chief surgeon. This was an interesting
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cumstances. (Avicenna, iv, 61, 31.) For an immoderate draught of pure wine which has been taken unseasonably, the Arabian
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M.D., Medical Director, U. S. Public Health Service; Ad- junct Professor in Dermatology, Georgetown University School of Medicine; and Samuel M. Peck, M.D., Medical
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before his death, he suffered from headaches, fatigue, weight loss, and failing vision. He had a history of frequent urination and an avid thirst. A Wasserman blood test proved negative.
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from the os innominatum to the toes; viz. the thigh, leg, and foot. It sometimes signifies only the thigh, and is occasionally confined to that part between the
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codice MS. Harleiano, 696, descriptum. Edited hy Sir Henry Ancient Laws and Institutes of England ; comprising Laws with an English Translation of the Saxon ; the Laws called
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nonobviousness, and utility and file a patent on it. Those investiga- tors might be in academia or they might be in companies, and the
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cent are well or alive, and of 64 cases in group 2, 90'6 per cent. It is evident, then, that in our treatment we should be satisfied with nothing
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to Waynesville, 111., and later to Middleton, and continued to practice medicine. In 1845 he moved his family, consisting of wife and five children, to Chicago,
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metal capsule-shaped device for appl\iiig \'ienna paste limitans (Illus. Diet.). C. of the Kidney, the fat- containing connective tissue enciicling the kidney.
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be kept separate for several weeks to see whether scab develops ; thirdly, since the chances for infection are very great, the entire flock
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meeting was concluded with a collection at the home of She: "Sir, do you realize to whom you are speaking I He: "That's O. K., sister. I'm the son of an American
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could be used at low prices, say from sixpence to one Siich was Fothergill as a philanthropist and social reformer. What he did he did simply and naturally, as
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Very useful applied to the piles three or four times a day. Pluerisy Root or Butterfly Weed.— The root is used. It is diaph-
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truded in the median line. The extent and degree of the paralysis is best brought out in attempted movements of the muscles of the face as
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• the fresh wood of Juniperus communis. Not to be used for preserv- . ing catgut; not to be confounded with oil of cade. O., Lard, oil
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remains open, and gives passage to flatus and faecal matter, though only at times." On September 4, 1873, the same examiner
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The votive tablets in the Asclepieia at Cos and Cnidus became the permanent clinical records of the Coan and Cnidian Schools of Medicine, of the first of
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txmncctive tiuuc ; in tbc Ullrr c«8e tbey are mid lo lie nupaubitecL EoocpbalKU b a rnrc discBftc, and in nut tnducod by the cauMii
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2. E. N. Cook et al.. in Proc. Mayo Clinic, July 24th. sufficient amounts of streptomycin — due in part to difficulty in obtaining the drug — to permit accurate
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continued immediate use of the part, avoiding only espe- cially strenuous activity as hard running or jumping." As Dr. McMaster points out, ankle sprains may cause
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postos na mesma occasiao, nao tenho a menor duvida, pois, como tive que s6 poderiara ter sido depostos pela femea unica que ahi se achava.
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tability of temper, rashness, shamelessness, and covetous- ness of female possessions. Those of Preta-Sattva man are utter want of knowledge as regards duty, laziness,
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capital investment also encourage rationalization of medical re- sources — centralization and coordination of capital, facihties, ex-
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made to the foot only. There is great diminution in the size of the limb; it is fallen away about one-third. September 19th :
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Cask. — Corporal Amos G. Schofield, Co. F, 1st Minnesota VoUmteers, wiis wounded rit the battle of Bull Run, Virgiui.a,
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aca — a. Mains, Apricot, see Prunus — a. Vulgaris, — a. Commune, Artemisia vulgaris — a. Estragon, laborantes, capillos sues deposuerunt." — Rogerus
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Mycelium, mi-se r -le~um. The vegetative filaments or hyphse of fun- Mycodesmoids, mi-ko-dez'-moid;. A disease of horses marked by
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lay on its breast often unable to rise. Sometimes there was a passage per anum of liquid bile-stained mucus. Close examina-
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nobody was actually kicked out. Those three lost were expected almost, by the rest of us. We could sort of tell that they just weren t cutting the mark; it s probably