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Prisoners," Atlantic Monthly 23, January 1973, 64-73. 67. Jessica Mitford, Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business (New
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cathode distally. C, Direct', one constant in direction. C, Farad'ic, the current produced by an induction coil. C, Gal-
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the Cold Spriiifz; Harbor Station (orjj;anized 1010), bears out the IMendelian axiom that, as the individuality of a living organism
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Krakaii, Daselbst wirkte bis zu seinem 1896 erfolgten Tode Prof. Budapest, Über Geschichte dozirten daselbst August Schöpf (1835 — 1844)
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sitieroxyloii, R. et S. It is used as a substitute for a volatile oil distilled from the rhizomes of Asaruin taste. O. of Asphalt, a rubefacient, antiseptic oil
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Ear-Wax. — It is also generally covered with a sticky, bitter substance, the ear-wax, secreted by numerous ceruminous glands (i), apparently to
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cell. F.s, Adhesion, Rindtleisch's term for the pat- tern produced in living iiroti)plasm by the adhesion of the two interpenetrating substances, the reticular frame-
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structures supplied is at least partly the result of disturbance of this nerve. As to the effects on the abdominal viscera and structures to
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men live in-doors and concentrate the infection, whereas the cattle enjoy an out-door life and escape. In a latitude of 30 south,
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sujiposes to be a case of this disease, and proposes the title megalocephaly as pre- ferable to VirchoVs term, because the soft parts are also included in the hyper-
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della Socitta di Parma, &c., t. i.. No. 2. — Fourcroy, in M6- moires de la Society de Meilecine, t. v., p. 488. — Barton, in
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assumed, and promjit surgical exploration is demanded. Kahn does not think that deductions drawn from military experiences should be
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than half of Tournefort's supposed species have been found to be varieties only. Three fourths of Sauv ages' species of diseases are varieties or symptoms. This latter
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djKoreryof the enw pock, must have appejred to practilton- evident chat ihiny-fivc of sixtylour of the pncienii who took
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deed, have teeth before the sixth month, and others not sooner than the twelfth or sixteenth ; for the first it would be too soon
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WARING, H. J.; surgeon; ed. Owens Coll., Manchester; grad. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. ; asst. surg., joint lecturer on Surgl. Anat., and
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promotion of the fine arts," and more. 'These funds should be so large that to become a trustee of one of them is to make a man at
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andOrissa ; and near the coasts, of the Malabar and Coromandel sides, the soil is sandy and generally very poor, while the Table land of
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hydrated alumina), and blast-furnace slag. Roman or cubic alum is crystallized from a solution, the temperature of which is not allowed to exceed 104° F. It differs from
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admitted to Harewood Hospital, Washington. Cold water dressings were applied to the wound ; stimulants were administered,
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member of the American Medical Association, the Illinois State and Chicago Medical societies. He died February 8, 1897, and was survived by his
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felt great pain in any attempt to move it. He also complained of pains at night in the region of the right shoulder and neck.
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Jones, J. J., Lieutenant, Co. B, 13th Virginia Regiment. Gunshot contusion of the cranium. Treated at Jackson and Howard Grove Hospitals, Richmond. Furloughed June 2d, 1864.
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IbiijSS, loJiite sugar Ibix, mucilage of gum trtigac. rallina — W.Wood, biennial, Artemisia biennis — Pontica — w. Wood, sea, Artemisia maritima — w.
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evaporation afforded 0.9 of vitriolated iron. Somepor- . beates are useful ; in menorrhagia, fluor albus, gleets, old dysenteries, in diseases arising from relaxation, and
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the structure of the face the ' body ' of the superior maxillary forms an extension of the malar bones. Hence, in itself, the
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Kaliski's needle is preferable. For arsphenamin and other therapeutic injections, a needle with a fairly sharp point, not too large bevel, and about 18 to 20 gauge B.
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Scrofulous constitution, chronic cases; swelling and redness of eyes, which are stuck together at night (see Graph.); eruptions on
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465. Deafmutism: Appearance of malingering Gradenigo, 1917. . .658 467. Picric acid jaundice Briand, Haury, 1916 . . . 660
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Presbyterian Hospital and the Chicago Orphan Asylum. He translated Arlt's "Clinical Diseases of the Eye." According to one Chicago pioneer
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which with one exception lived longer than any other, a woman, of 37, had symptoms for 16 months previous, and for 20 days even fluids could not be swallowed;
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eruption. The finer the type of rash the more severe the disease. In the cases where the lung signs were extensive in both lungs, even
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Hospital Steward, U. S. A. The pathological specimen (FiG. 641), contributed to the Museum by the operator, consists of the
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large baskets of cakes of " bratties " on their heads, coming from a village about four miles distant. Suddenly one of the women stood still for a minute,
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ing with dilute hydrochloric acid. It is a yellow pow- der soluble in alcohol, acetone, and chloroform, and Coroparelcysis [kor-o-par-el' -si-sis) [nipTj, the pupil;
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officers for neuropsychiatric service, those men did best both during their postgraduate work and in base hospitals and in
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passed out posteriorly at the top of the shoulder. The humerus was not injui'<'d. lie was taken to the post hospital at Mobile. Pefore admission he was said to have lost a bucketful of blood. When admitted
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Trypanosomes par le Docteur Frederick Novy, professeur de Bacté- riologie à riTniversité de Michigan. {Journal de VA. Af. -4., no. des
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J can and put nothing whatever into it, since "wounds dry much - Mondeville's anatomic treatise was re])rinted from a Berhn MS. by
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should be passed through a Berkefeld or Pasteur filter before use. Iced Rectal Salines being the best, together with cold sponging. Unemia
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the 21st he was admitted into the depot field liospital of the Nineteenth Corps, at Winchester, Virginia ; thence was transferred to
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the " infidel." '" The President's task was all th« easit, r because he lnew nothing of German literatme: and opponent of frêe thought has shown signs of hopê
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ear, and temple ; and there are six in the cranium.' 2. This detailed enumeration works out a total of 300 bones, ' Tala, kurca, and kantha-nddl are identical with Charaka's ialdka,
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The work of Magendie in experimental pharmacology was alily continued by Alexander Crum Brown and Thomas Richard Fraser,
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desirable. He was referred to St. Bartholomew's Hospital Over the next few months readmitted for oesophagos- copy. Biopsy from this area revealed no carcinoma. Pa-
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' Namely, verses 59, 60, 62 in Astdhga Hrdaya, S'drira Sthana vol. Iviii, p. 114 ff.; and Dr. P. Cordier's Recentes Decouvertes, p. 15.
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the upper parts of the nose, there are fleshy bodies which have not been reached with the polypus instruments. Taking, then,
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by means of glass funnels. D.-tube, a fenestrated tube used in Dram. A weight of sixty grains. D., Fluid-, the eighth part of
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(M. von (iruber). — Ztschr. f. Tuberc, Leipz., 1917, xxviii, 19(5-199 Bell (.lohn): Johns Hopkins llosj). Bull,, lialt., 1912, xxiii, 241-250 (E. R.
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ture. About the middle of the foui-teenth century the bubonic plague made another incursion from the East. In 1333, fifteen years before the plague