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The Germanic conquest entailed the loss of thousands of lives, tne devastation of great tracts of country, the desolation of many cities and the destruction of
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non-toxic, pyrogen-free, heat-sterilized, and can be the original container intravenously. It is a 5 per poorly cleaned infusion sets. In the last 250 cases
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Kekionga. Common form of name of Indian town at Fort Wayne, and now in use for Fort Wayne. It is a corruption of Kis'-ka-kon, or
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a dentist of Hartford, Connecticut, began to use nitrous oxide in partner, William Thomas Green Morton (1819-68), of Charlton,
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mainly within the cultural ecology of local events, more global connections were indicated in reflections of political might and long-distance trade (O'Connor 1983).
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alter in dextra est, alter in sinistra. 5. Octarius tinc- (nonnullus) things are of neither sex. 3. No man has 5 . A gallon of carbonic acid. 6. The haunch-bone is a
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From a field hospital he was received into Mount Pleasant Hospital on May 13th. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A.,
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the syndrome itself and in sharing your knowledge and experience Our second panel consists of representatives from affected com-
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no one seemed willing to show us the examining room. Finally someone escorted us to the amphitheater. This was filled with a crowd of students
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From a field hospital he was received into Mount Pleasant Hospital on May 13th. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A.,
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intracellular metabolism from the linkage of fifteen amino-acids will not daunt some master mind of the future, for Nature's
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commotionnel. Rev. neurol., Par., 1917, v. 24, pp. 474-475. Mairet, A. and Pieron, H. Le syndrome commotionnel. Ibid., p. 345.
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+ Richard Wright, M. D. F. R, S. Charles-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare. WE had occafion, in our account of the College of Phyficlans, to
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ties which he purfues ; this dream is ill to the M. if or that they purfue him, is either tobeovercoracby his c fraid to come near her, is a good dream and repre-
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seven of these cases, the jiiece of bone sliced off was removed, and six of the patients recovered; in four cases the Hap of bone
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iom ia produced occaBionoUy bv mrrely tymg the dog to the mppcarcd ptettud with c4rm««; but it died wUlitEi tir«lv« had lain in th« cup fur slxiy instead of thirty 9ecoi>d«.
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which also had its effect. Professor Sanarelli, in a remarkable address delivered at Bologna on the 13th of January last, in advocating the esta-
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Case. — Lieutenant John Harris, of Mclntyre's Command, C. S. A., aged 27 years, was wounded in action near Helena, wound soon became gangrenous, and death resulted on July 1st, 1864. No further ])articnlars are recorded.
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Katalasenwert des Blutes, genommen bei 37° C. unter Lichtabschluss. Valor catalasico do sangue, tomado a 37 C na ausencia de luz.
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eontact. Occasionally it may l>e oiiserved that one here anil swim free in the blood (Fig. 5), remaining — liefore Hnally vanishing. When swimming free in
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hauen mit Hilfe eines kleinen eisernen Meisseis und hölzernen resp. knöchernen Hammers, bis die gewünschte Länge erreicht ist, indem die
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parts consist of a tubular, toothed proboscis witli which the para- site punctures the skin and sucks the blood. Within a few hours
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a fuU meal, and of states of the weather, and the frequent association with a gouty habit of body. Of the autopsies on his two patients, the first was inconclusive ; the second was
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„Ailes was schon gedacht ist braucht nur noch einmal gedacht zu werden". C'était avec beaucoup d'encouragement que Stokvis anima en 1890
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The special virtues and medicinal qualities of the noted mineral waters are known throughout the civilized world. Thousands of people travel
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seemed to float in an inner abscess ; the periosteum throughout its whole extent was nearly separated from it. This was likewise
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3 et si de popilion 3 pe helpyng of pe medicyne schal be more effectual, leonadditur. Jjerfor when pou hast nede for to vse perof, tak lanam
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chest. The patient was studied at another hospital for three months a year ago and the many laboratory and other tests gave normal results, except for persistence of
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with this important sequel, that all true botanists of later times — Kuellius, Matthiolus, Cesalpinus, Cordus — accepted his emenda-
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fifteen in this country. In warmer climates it appears earlier, and in colder ones later. Menstruation, menses, courses, cata-
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ingly identify ourselves with the political party that champions our views of current public questions involving the prosperity and stability of
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6 Hgat of a stove, borne by Dr. So- are often drunk. •nStraet 32, multiply by 5, and divide by 9: thus. Fahrenheit's degrees to those of lifaumur, subtra. I
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the blood-flow in the veins, that chemical differences between the blood and the lymph will cause osmosis through the vessel-walls,
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Township Fund, the Saline Fund, the Bank Tax Fund, the Sinking Fund, the proceeds of escheated estates, proceeds of land grants to the
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fatigue of vomiting, or riding, etc., nor after keeping late hours and also not during an attack of fever. 9-11. (Lata-kasturi), etc., should be taken (chewed after meals),
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1900 Watkius, Alan Percival, 48, Lupus-street, s.w. 1896 Watkius, Bernard Vincent, M.B. Vict., Whitchurch. 1887 Watkius, Frank Augustus, llo, Denmark-hill. s.e.
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care for AIDS patients, in addition to tapes for other health workers. These will also be distributed through professional
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on requisition made by the King by consent of Parlia- ment, a certain proportion (however small) of their last Provincial Tax equal to (suppose . . . thereoff)
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behind the neck. During the night the patient took sherry wine and beef tea through an elastic bougie, swallowing small from pneumonia on May 4th. A careful dissection was made, and the liings, larynx, and heart removed together. The
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