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hemorrhage there is enough calcium left in the blood- vessels and in the lymph for re-establishment of coagula- tion conditions in the transfused blood" (Sabattani).

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He was treated in the field, and, on the 18th, sent to St. Aloysins Hospital, Washington. When aduiitted, there were symptoms

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and pyloric extremities of the spoon, and the powder separated stomach, I separated the organ, by repeated washing in cold wa-

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from the Spanish chronicles, that the Aztecs were cannibals, and that only the hearts of the victims went to the gods, while the bodies were

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tnoins douloureuse et exempte de tous les inconveniens. Sur Vemploi de la Pile dans le trailement de la Pierre dans On n'a pas encore reussi aujourd'hui a dissoudre ou briser

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intensely when in fever). At four, sustained a trauma on the head (skull depression), dizziness, loss of consciousness. June 7, a mine exploded in his vicinity, smashing several

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the action of the bile, the pancreatic juice and the intestinal fluid, each Nature's Treasures Open to Man — All this is a very complicated and

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two people who had been administrators of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s, since they were intimately involved with ethical and legal

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the bruised brain yielded symptoms even eight months later. An infantryman underwent shell-shock December 19, 1915, from the explosion of a torpedo nearby. He arrived at the

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might at a subsequent date be alleged to be the result of accidental injury while 8201« PaUents transferred to liave health records. R 2961 (2) ; R 3585 (1) a.

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Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders, a class awareness campaign was initiated that coincided with on campus during the week's programming and assist-

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ment for the extraction of calculi from the urethra. 2 In some of its innumerable mod ignation bil ibe or trilabe, the essential part of the apparatus with which modern lithotrity

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Univ. Mich., 1881 ; m. 1890, Jennie P. Parker, N. Y. City. mem. N. Y. Acad. Med.; Am. Ophthalm. Soc.; N. Y. Ophthalm. Soc. ; Intern. Ophthalm. Soc, Lucerne, 1904 ; A. M. A. Author: Dis-

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22. Surgeon General, Public Health Service to the Heads of the Institutions Conducting Research with Public Health Service Grants, 8 February 1966 ("Clinical

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the lower edges almost, if not actually, overlap, as does the weather- The external surface is smooth and convex, thus conforming to the

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to fatten hogs. Corn, the standard fattening food, contains 64 per cent, of starch, rye 54 per cent., barley 47 per cent, and oats 40

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" gunshot wound of both hips and fracture of the ilium," and he was furloughed February 19. 1864. He was discharged while

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twwTi tnp two upper ohamlierR. Aa iii wnll known, we inny reodily err ill diiigiwsis uf iliseiiscs of Uie brain, Init I do not rcmifmber to

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Hicke: He didn t want to go, either; I recall he wanted to finish up his Taylor: It s crazy. You wonder, "Why would anybody want to stay in this

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is the third mode. There are many varieties of depression, for it may comprehend a greater and a smaller extent of bone,

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Partial aun.'iiiia uud neciQHiii of the hruiu duo to emholitm are tooa, But these are not bmin-aymptotns, as they were in the pre-

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it this quantity is swallowed between two paroxysms, the last will be greatly mitigated; and if the same quantity- is swallowed between the two next, the complaint will

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absence of reliable statistics; the faultiness of diagnoses; and the lingering of the Rush-Broussais ideas of the 'unity' of disease which made even some of the

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Apache have been modified to some extent by the crude ideas of the Mexican captives among them, who still remember much that was taught

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He discovered that muscles were the organs of locomo- tion and not mere inert masses for covering bones and viscera ; that arteries contained blood and not air as was

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permissible, for an invalid soon tires of the same food. Tea and toast may be palatable for a time, but " What else may I eat" i8

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cerebro-spinal nerve, thence to parts supplied by this nerve. As stated above, the nerve fibers are, in all probability, medullated, and connect the

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remembered. He sought thus to explain the association of hepalic abscesses with crajiial fractures, the etiology of what we now term metastatic foci in

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pint of oysters, the other ingredients being in proportion, make a Suet and Milk 1. Put a tablespoonful of shredded beef-

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life, when the moving spirit again took hold of him and the result was that Victoria Village became the field of his endeavors until 1870, when

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condyle, the outer condyle ; the sninll head, which is articulated with the radius; the trochlea articu- tuberosity ; one f<ir the trochlea; one fur the epi-

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shown in recent years, the most celebrated of whom was Fanny Mills, one of whose feet alone was extensively involved, and was perhaps the largest foot

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theory from actual proof. Cesalpinus was an ardent theologian, and his Pantheism got him into trouble with the Church. Al-

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and Ahhayd ; or of (2) Kalinga [Indra-yava), AHvishd, Vilva ; or of (4) Musta, Parpataka, S'unthi, Vacha, Ativishd and Abhayd ; or of (5) Abhayd, Ativishd, Hingu,

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Gerhard. Halle a. S., Gebauer-Schwetschke Druckerei und Ver- Abridged from the author's Inaug-Dis. — Heidelberg, 1903.

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On March 8, Dr. Cronkite's mission was formally established in a letter to him that was classified Secret and Restricted Data and said, "The objective of this

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