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pear to be febrile aflections. Five varieties of typhus are next noticed in rather vague terms ; there can be little doubt that

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bacilli: Stain films or sections in 2fc solution of solution of fluorescein to a light rose color. Counter- a. For bacilli of rhinoscleroma in sections: Stain for

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On June 2nd bilateral partial thyroidectomy and ex- cision of the tumor mass of the breast was done. Pulse 150 at start of operation and 115 at the end. Postoperative

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cians, for instance, have taken 103 degrees, or even 103.5 degrees, as the determining temperature,, and have removed the

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of vertebra, is unsegmented, while, in the higher, many cranial bones arise from the skin. In 1861, Gegenbaur demonstrated that the ovum of every

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rhages from the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, trachea, sclerse, bowels, and a profuse menstruation. There was no mental inactivity nor depression, but rather a hopeful atti-

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laud, Roux and others have cultivated the bacillus in weak antiseptic bouillons as phenic acid (1:600 or 1200), bichromate of

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on the free ends, the firmer the grasp of the compres- sion loop on the first turn. The second turn is now carried home at leisure. The knot thus obtained cannot

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and practices tended to produce striking effects on both physical and social factors. Largely through drainage and cultivation of land, modifications

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foie et cholerhagie" which is of interest to the student of tropical diseases. !rhis result of the operation for liver abscess is sufficiently rare to make the

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cine it cannot be always discovered ; and the great tion of copper in their composition, has been properly emetics are seldom necessary. The vomiting they ex-

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drawing oiff is done in four ways. The first, by giving things that excite the urine, such as spikenard, and cassia linea; the second

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Dreams are but the embodiment of these recollections. The self or Jivatmai, though he sleeps not himself, is said to be sleeping, whenever the sense organs are over-

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critics had rejected it on very doubtful grounds, and leaves the question undecided. The following summary of its contents

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piNjisent tlieix) could be no doubt about the diagnosis, and it is clear that what Mas i-emoved was a superadded hysterical

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print with regard to William; most of it is as inter esting and as practical and as representative of an the old text-books very well however, but as a rule

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the right kidnej, which was almost disintegrated. The p,ritoneum was everywhere highly inflamed, the intestine. -dmosl gangrenous ; the bladder was filled with bloody pus.

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date, saliva, tears, contents of the cutaneous vesicle, milk, con- tents of the bowels, and the blood have been successfully inocu-

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who, like the Druids and weise Frauen, culled medicinal herbs and resorted to charms and spells. The earliest relic of Russian medi-

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The 10th of a series of Guest Editorials furnished for the Journal by the Commission on Nutrition of The Med- ical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. — Penn. Medical

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„J'exposerai dans la première partie la définition de l'oeil et son anatomie, dans la seconde partie les maladies externes de l'oeil et dans

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The Iacbr)-mal apparatus conaisto of the IschiTmal gland, poncta The lacbrjinal glaad u conglomcratt, idtuated bctvceo the orbi-

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water isolated from the sea and converted into a salt lake. L. Cure, the treatment of diseases by bathing in limans at Odessa. The waters contain chlorids of

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{Proj.) Pujf, {Sc.) Deiff cnnffhot, {¥.) VcMcloup. in ; and in medicine is a desiccative, in the exco- riation to which infants are liable. It is collected

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drugs to increase the coagulabiUty of the blood, e.g., calcium salts in hepatic disturbances, is of (juestionable value so far as thrombosis and

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crowded compartments all day, and this, added to their rough sea voyage and in many cases acute seasickness, had left many of

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Make layer upon layer with quicklime and the above-mentioned metals. Cement by night, then take again, dissolve, and pour into a lixivium of quick-

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rrpbrepa yivopueva. ovtc iv iaq> he \povw rrdvra 10 rrjt Tpotyrjs- ra fxev ovv iv reaaapaKovra rjp,epr]aiv tercet rcdvra <$>avepd, rd S' iv hvo p,r\a'i, rd §'

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lationship of the anterior pituitary which may be concerned in the role of this gland in metabolism is its effect upon the adrenal cortex. The present position

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additional funds will be used for renovation of a high-containment facility at Frederick. Also, several laboratory technical personnel

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tor, and psychical funcliuns ia nearly atwaj-a cotnlHoed with disorder of tbo circulatory and nutritive systems. Sometinves one set of aymp-

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Medicine. He taught physical diagnosis to second-year stu- dents and medicine to third-year students. He served as ECU'S medical clerkship director for two years before retir-

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1914 — Uma broca das arvores de ornamentagao {Cratosomus fasciafo 1915 _ A lagarta verde dos cafesaes {atheroma magnifica).

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in all chronic diseases, as it purifies the body and the dejections. Copper. This metal is found in the north of India. It is puri-

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124. Commission on Medical Education, Supplement to the Third Report (New Haven: Office of the Director of the Study, May 1929), p. 58.

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which is generally regarded as vital fluid in its current, till it the consequence rather of natural reaches the extreme capillaries

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we find distinctions equally striking ; the copper-co- loured American, for instance, appears in no less a degree to differ from the two others. It is in vain to argue

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ischias a sfiargonosiof Sauvages. Most writers have at- tributed this complaint to a redundancy of milk, and it hence has been often called xdema lacteum; by others

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water should fail to pass off after inhibiting the pubic system. This is straight midwifery, and will guide you through in at

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and Mr. Turner, and was Modisal Ward Clerk to Dr. Hale White and Sir Cooper Perry, and Clinical Clerk to 'Dr. Shaw. He took his Final

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important and far-reaching influence upon the exact diagnosis and the unification of sound treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

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nally in scrofulous tumors, scald-head, and various skin diseases. Dose. — Of the gi'ated root, in syrup or mucilage, ten grains, three or

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standard errors. The arrow indicates the time of injection of LH. iS OF THE soamr fob exfeumental biology and MEDiaNE 152, 213-217 (1976)

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boil it with salt of tartar, Monro with pearl ashes, and Gmelin with antimonial nitre. The salt of tartar, sup- posed to form the arsenicated potash, we suspect does

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sular is divided again, by Beer, into the anterior, its capsule. The cap' sulo-lentic' ular affects both hard, soft (Phacomala'cia,), stony, (F. pierreuse,)

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vorstellend, mit Beschreibung ihrer pharmacologischen Wirkung, einst im „Diese Aloe hepatica hat primo Miirz 17 51 angefangen Knopf zu formen,

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all military peoples, they were narrowly jealous, suspicious or contemptuous of achievement or prosperity in other nations.

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Embryology: O. Hertwig: "Lehrbuch, etc." (9. Aufl., Jena, 1910, 5-58). Basel diss, by B. Bloch (1904).— W. A. Locv: "Biology and its makers"

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Command, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, substantiated the safety of pyridostigmine bromide with studies conducted on "over 100 volunteers under

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