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6how much phenergan to give 16 month oldChir. Trans., 1823, Vol. XII, p. 52). The history of the other, William Dempster, of Carlisle, is related by BARNES (Edinb. Philosoph. Jour., 1824,
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24promethazine hydrochloride tablets 25 mgon a monthly report of sick and wounded signed by Surgeon A. Venable, C. S. A., and no further particulars can be obtained.
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46can u take phenergan when your pregnantand admitted into hospital on September 2d. Assistant Surgeon V. B. Hubbard, U. S. V., reported that a ball entered the the wound with the pus. The patient died on September 19, 1862. The symptoms and termination of this case were very
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56counterfeit phenerganwith a whistling sound, and that coffee and other fluids which he swallowed ran out of the wound of entrance for many days. Confederate Surgeons told him that bile came
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63zofran or phenergan for stomach fluEnterologist [en-ter-ol'-o-jisi) [IvTEpm, intestine; Enteromalacosis, Enteromalaxis (en-ter-o-mal-a-ko' - sis, -aks'-is). See Enteromalacia (Illus. Diet.). '
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72phenergan tablets 25mg 56beginning, howerer, parlicularly if tlierv be any pain in the hypochoitdriuiit, it M hard, and even frequent and full. But, after the pain Kiibsidcs, the pulse has been known to
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77phenergan dosage infantsanswer. His abilities, I should think, might be more fully employed, now that so many troops have been called out.' As a result of that, he was appointed Surgeon, and had the over-
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89promethazine and codeine highcons. phys. Salop Children's Convalescent Home; mem. Roy. Coll. Surgs. ; London Roy. Coll. of Phys. Author: Malaria, 1900. Ad-
90promethazine with codeine max dosenerve — n. Spino-crnnio-trnpezien, Spinal nerve — nerve — n. Trachelo-dorsal, Spinal nerve — n. Tri- — n. Ciliaires, Ciliary nerves — n. Craniens, Cere-
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93order promethazine codeine cough syrup online1886 James, David Philip, Wellington, Neiv Zealand. 1895 James, Frederick Charles, M.B. Durh., Fressingfeld, Harleston, 1899 James, Frederic William, Melbourne-avenue, West Ealing. W.
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99does promethazine vc plain syrup get you highas Demonstrator in Anatomy. He also lectured on medical jurisprudence, and edited The Annalist, a local journal. After one year in Rush, Davis
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107promethazine dm syp qualitest dosageapproved professional remedies for various diseases, comprising the favorite pre- scriptions of the leading physicians of this country and Europe, by J. R. DE-
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118promethazine and codeine cough syrup for saleA number of new illustrations have been added, and some that appeared in the first edition have been replaced by others of greater excellence. By
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