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delirium of fever, inflammation of the brain, mania, or delirium tremens. In paralysis, convulsions, epilepsy, hysteria, and
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Case. — Private Charles Horton, Co. G, llth United States Infantry, received a gunshot wound of the lung at Gettys- burg, July 3d, 1863. The wound was hermetically sealed by Assistant Surgeon B. Howard, U. S. A. Death resulted on July
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two inches above and inside of the anterior superior process of the left ilium, and came out behind two inches from the right
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Dr. Todd was elected a member by invitation, but did not, it seems, take any active part in the affairs of the Society thereafter. In this
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Na femea geralmente se observa a seguinte disposigao: A genitalia e bem difterente da do sexo opposto. No macho, facil- mente se distingue, pela dissecgao, o corpo dos elementos posteriores,
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Whet. A cooling and nutritive drink in inflammatory dis- Willow Baek. Possesses in some degree the same pro- perties as Peruvian bark. Dose, in powder or decoction,
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corded by Pelletan, Heil, Legouest, and others, in which patients survived such wounds for from two months to several years. Green s mentions a case
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100 to 150 days either in the same fluids kept at about 5°G., or in sterile citrated blood, Tarozzi's sterile bouillon, and sterile physiological solution,
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in these cases on account of the exercise, and it is is straighter than it should be, they require a crutch ra fiev e<ra> arpoyyvXw, ra he e£co irXarel,
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nistered with the most scrupulous drachms of the tincture daily in attention. The mercury was divided doses, in port wine ; and
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this is much quicker and far more economical than printing, I suggiested that these tracings might larg-ely replace prints
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3o Moscovia, Francfort 1600, in-folio, in Herum Moscovitarum auctores, 1\\ Le médecin hollandais licnier Snoy, né à Gouda (1477 — 1537), reçu
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Dhanvana and S'dlmali and inserting it into the passage of parturition (Yoni) should draw out the dead fcetus the fcetus should be expanded and then it should be
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in like manner proportionably diminished, its broadest parts are supposed to be fit for the reception of those slow and languid vibrations, which are productive of
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11-0292; 12-6203; 13-~)931 ; 15-0327; 10-5041; 17-4712; 20-1087. The Museum preserves also photographs of the concretions in CASES 5 and 8. In
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on a day of bright fortnight marked by the auspicious lunar and astral combinations, and in the sixth or the seventh month of the year reckoned from its beginning
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following sources to ascertain whether the patient was or had been a participant in a research project: doctors, investigators, research nurses, a research office, a
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School and Rush Medical College, Dr. Christian Fenger for a quarter of a century was an inspiration to the medical youth of Chicago.
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but for moderate or cold bodies; and let no one drink wine after coition or heavy work, unless he take a rest thereafter,
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even though he wasn t fluent yet in English. But he had He was accepted and went to Johns Hopkins and learned English. He met a girl there who became his wife. She was
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mercury, in the other part i. oz. of silver filings. Let it dissolve and close it carefully. Having done this, let it distil over a very slow fire by means of an
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tion, and bears the impress of being the composition of an acute and experienced mind. There is a terse- •cription of symptoms, and in the rules for diagnosis,
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urethra; urethromboides, grumous blood ; urethrofiyica, symptomatic ones, particularly those from general stu- por, in consequence of apoplexy or narcotic poisons.
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those people. And then we trained our own people, extensively. We had training for lab, x-ray, all kinds of technical support.
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The spleen weiglied four ounces, and measured four and one-half by three inches. Two sec tions of the small intestine, showing perforations by the missile, are figured in the wood-cut
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five days for two months, and after that, as the patient improved, at longer intervals. A medium or medium high tube was employed ;
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tion between elasticity, strength, and function. III. The head, destroyed by injury or disease, may be re- placed and fair function re-established by transplanta-
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Actuarius and Nonnus, as usual, borrow from our author. Celsus remarks that strumse occur most frequently in the neck, armpits, groins, sides, and the female breasts. He re-
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But the most interesting portion of this record is the section that adds the diagnoses of diseases under the names of the afflicted, which
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60 mg orally as well as 2.0, 4.0, or 8.0 mg doses intravenously. The most common side effects noted among the subjects were those
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proven that the miraculous is taking place every day. Christian Science. The theory of the Christian Scientist healer is that matter is unreal, that, therefore,, our bodies are unreal and that
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symptoms of comprvimion of tlie jielvic orgaun, the Idaddcr, rectum. and, according to my experience, of the ncrres along tlie vratls of
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mination of all its work in the human body, seems to follow specifications that were wisely written and adapted to all pur-
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durch einen Bericht und Proben, die er an Dr. Erasmus Wilson in Eng- Durch Dr. Erasmus Wilson wurde aber wohl nur der Name Kollodium
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skin hard and dry ; and if perfect cleanliness is not observed, it be- comes incrusted with its own discharges, and with foreign matter
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cancer of the rectum are excellent, and are evidently drawn from repeated of chronic nlceration of the rectum. Such an examination is still too often
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tures of the organism described by Bordet and Gengou has been employed by several observers, who report favourably on its use.
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