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auribus et capite mamillarum, si ex eo fiat tenta, et intus injiciatur, nec per très dies inde removeatur, et illa ejiciatur, et nova apponatur, et ita fiat donee

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tains, however, some valuable matter on Toxicology and other These directions of our author for dri\dng away reptiles are mostly taken from Nicander, who recommends fumigations

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putrid flesh. It is preserved, and the microbe multiplies in soil or water containing organic matter and nitrates. It is easily

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ponction chez Job Janszoon van Meek'ren, ami et élève do Tulp, avec le(][uel Rembrandt a entretenu des rapports intimes. Cette conjecture est très

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Aetius and other of the Greek authorities allude frequently to the operation, but none of them describe it minutely except

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patient's HDL ("good" cholesterol) level unchanged. generally felt bad all the time. He had trouble breathing, could- n't do simple yard work around his home, and was afraid to go

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16. Selgrade, M. D., Ahmed, A., Sell, K. W., Gershwin, 17. Booss, J., and Wheelock, E. F., J. Infect. Dis. 135, 18. Booss, J., and Wheelock, E. F., Infect, and Immun.

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"Annonii," or right of tlie Papacy to limit the. price of CQrn. Famine mcdalt; of this kin,d were. struck off in honor of Poj)es Julius II (1505-8), Pius IV (15()()-

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trados no Brasii Central e Sul ; observances biologicas e des- 1923 — Sobre uma nova anophelina brisileira (Cellia cuyabensis nov. sp.).

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et par la pression plus ou moins forte qu'on exerce on parvient à graduer l'intensité du son. Malgré tout les stéthoscopes creux sont les plus répandus.

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at all places on the chromosome. Thus the genetic map, compared to the physical map, stretches in some places and compresses In others, as though it were drawn on a rubber

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swollen; sinuses extending to elbow with discharge of dark ichorous pus. Flap amputation of arm at middle third by Surgeon N. R. Moseiey, U. S. V.; anaesthetic sulphuric ether. At time of operation patient much

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part in 500 parts of sera is required ; whereas for ethylhydrocuprein 1 part in 400,000 parts of serum kills the pneumococcus, and i in

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localité; 3) sur les rapports de la malaria avec l'agriculture et les conditions Le Dr. H. J. M. Schoo publie aussi quelques observations sur „La malaria

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oral hernia (Richter), the gut slipped back Ijefore it could be drawn down for examination. Lees decided to open the abdomen and search for the injured loop. He

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binaUoa, are nlso to be rpcnmincndccl. If tliere dKHild bo a dtarrixea, Mrith severe Ecaldiug pain about llie aiiiu, or if au eruption — sjmiIs of

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their mesentery, having scarce any fat upon it, easily slips with the gut; and this he calls the volvulus, or volvulus, of which he observes there are two kinds :

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a 224, 1889, ii., 717. b 104, 1855, xxix. c 310, 1842-43, xxii., 15. d312, 1843. e 519, 1870, iv., 208. f Month. Jour. Med., Lond., 1855.

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palme, 316— Torsion of the penis, 316— Ossification of the penis, 316— Absence of the frenum and prepuce, 317 — Anomalies of the urethra, 317 — Duplication of

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Crossroads, recalled that he received no briefing on radiation risks before his participation. Mr. McKay said that he received a very low dose reconstruction report

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" It may be urged that the date fixed for the birth of the Biddenden Maids is so remote as to throw grave doubt upon the reality of the occur-

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called by him erysipelas. Whatever division we adopt, it will make no great difference as to the treatment. But it is proper

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be early applied, except a melioration of the symptoms. The patient should be kept in an upright position in free cold air. In fact, the disease in this state is an haemorr-

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private sector initiative duplicate the federal program and make it redundgmt or is it another approach that can complement the fed-

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and by university and private investigators. Collaborative as well as independent research efforts have been undertaken both intramural ly and

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Adenyl, ad'-e-nil. The radicle C5H4N4. Its oxid is hypoxanthin ; Adeps, ad f -eps. Lard. A. anseri'nus, goose-grease. A. benzoi-

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subject of anidrosis. A still more limited anidrosis cases of lei)rosy there is a complete absence of con- stitutional symptoms prior to the appearance of the

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find on closer analysis that it is really idleness of an organ that kills it. If we walk on our legs they become stronger, but if we hire another

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ZygopopAyses (Illus. Diet. ). P., Pineal, the epiphysis. moid bone projecting into the sphenoidal sinus. P., lum tali (Illus. Diet.). P.s, Tactile, nerve papil-

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After trying for awhile the tyro generally finds that he has made a 'huge mistake, and very often wishes for other employment.

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[n, priv.; urjrii'i, womb; «i,ua, blood]. A defective iarf'aor, violet-colored ; bilnc, sight]. Violet-blind- A poisonous body boiling at 163° C. ; it paralyzes the

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boil it with salt of tartar, Monro with pearl ashes, and Gmelin with antimonial nitre. The salt of tartar, sup- posed to form the arsenicated potash, we suspect does

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(cTcr than in almost any other disease. In ncarir ercrr case !t ris« to no or ISO, not Qii&«<)ueQlly to 1:20 or 130 and e<rca to 150 beats

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we find fibrin and even lung-muscle. Does all this array of dan- gerous symptoms cause an osteopath to give up in despair It

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favorable determination of eligibility for access has been made by an agency head or the agency head's designee [i.e., a security clearance]; (2) the person has signed an approved

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points immediately after enucleating the tonsils, seizes them with artery forceps, and twists them, ligature being unnecessary. For

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and palliative measures with apparatus. The normal structure of the joint does not exist, and therefore the dislocation admits of no reduction. Congenital

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times painful, and a slight cause, at any time, might totally disable him. His chief disability now consists in the difficulty of

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from side to side so as to secure that the injectic>n intestine. If it seems to be doing good, this injection with if it any marked irritation or of

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Ueber die Natur der bei der Abderhaldenschen Reaktion Contribuições para o conhecimento da fauna helmintolojica brazüeira

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häufiger vorkommen. Daher führen (nach dem An. Sp. X. u. XI.) die ältesten Aerzte, die Knidische Schule, besonders Eurypton und Herodikus, die meisten

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Contents. — Old picture books. — Florentine rappresentazioni and their pictures. — Two illustrated Italian Bibles. — A book of hours. — The transference of vroodcuts in the

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of the Rebellion he served as surgeon at Camp Douglas, Chicago, having charge of the post hospital there. In 1841 he married Miss L. A.

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chiefly to the left or the mid-line ; it is dull on percussion, but may be crossed by the resonant stomach, and is separated from the li\-er by a

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process known as Rasapika (metabolism) the hmph chyle is metamorphosed into sperm in men, or into ovum in women, in the course of a month. The catamenial fluid