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l-emove this the person should take fresh conjee or barley water, 12. When the breathing is difficult from being confined from
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authorities, are brought forward tence, — and consequently the ex- by our author, to illustrate the ercise of the intellect, or its or-
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for many of them, their doctors had recommended it. Often these patients had very serious illnesses and had tried many treatments unsuccessfully; the
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XQXi Tetanie" aus der Klinik von v. Mikulicz, Breslau (Ztschr. f. Nerven- Art von S. beobachtet und beschrieben worden ist Die betreffende Mittei-
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Hess's work was not the only case in which experiments involving children attracted negative public opinion. In 1896, for example, American
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them together in a kind of cooling embrace (Skr. Slish to embrace) and prevents (il the dreadful combustion which Our Acharjas have classified the Kaphah into five diflFerent
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sich bei der Erörterung der Natur dieses Fie]>ers mit der Angabe, dass es sich dabei um einj ,,])utride Art eines Synochus { febris continua)" handelt.
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Na femea geralmente se observa a seguinte disposigao: A genitalia e bem difterente da do sexo opposto. No macho, facil- mente se distingue, pela dissecgao, o corpo dos elementos posteriores,
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chloroform, in order to make a thorough examination. 2d. To remove the ball, if its position could be ascertained. 3d. If the
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f Witrtin Tvyo tVorking Days After The Lniury, Explain T>ie Real be deemed an overDayment within the meaning of 6 USC 8S84I.
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brain was nnudi C(jngested. The case is re])orted by Assistant Surgeon J. C. JIcKee, U. S. A. Hospital No. 12, liicbmoud, Virginia, on the 12th of May, lc!G3. He had been wounded at the battle of Chaucellorsville,
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To recover stolen or lost property, especially ponies, is one of the principal tasks imposed upon the medicine-men. They rely greatly
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JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY. TOWSON TOWNE CENTER. ST. JOSEPH MEDICAL CENTER. Directions: From I-695, Baltimore Beltway, take exit 25 to Charles Street.
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the speed of the injections. 6) Rash — In three cases a pin-point dermatitis occurred, limited to the face and upper third of the torso, identical to that seen
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and blessed with an abundance of common sense." Neither he nor the Governor had any military, or even militia training; but a military
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places, and even about isolated dwellings, often becomes impregnated with filth from sewers, broken drains, cesspools, and refuse heaps, which
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4. Salol, five grains, four times a day is an excellent drug for this condition. Mineral waters sitch as Bethesda, Vichy and Buffalo Lithia
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there may be discrepancies in degree; for example, with salt the increase in kidney volume is similar in normal and hypertensive dogs but the rise of blood
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Dr. Senn was an enthusiastic traveler and explorer and wrote entertain- ingly of his travels. Books of this nature included, "Around the World via
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Academy of Surgery. J Many instances are reported where wounds of the portio dura ot the seventh pair, or branches of the fifth pair, caused various paralyses or nervous twitch-
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prugresseil in spite uf the greatest care, l)ecause the lesions on which the tlisiase ilejK-nded were sometimes inevitably progressive. In
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of the patient begins dancing to the sound of musical instruments.. The dance goes on at first in rather a quiet manner, but it gradually
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a neuromuscular hyperexcitability comparable in some ways Meige, in discussion, called attention to the fact that not every nystagmus is of organic origin and that there is a rare
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straight, narrow, unextended, and of equal and slight layer of the flesh and blood), and not to injure in any way the local veins, nerves, joints, and other vital parts.
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plural, and used the word as strictly synonymous with Uiikulu- nkulu, and, like that word, applicable not only to the first man, but
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XVm Ueber die Systematik der Tabaninae, Subfamilie der Tabanidae von Dr. ADOLPH LUTZ .... 163 XIX Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Protozoenfauna Brasiliens. II. von Dr ARISTIDES MARQUES DA CU-
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quite a different affection (Fig. ol). He is propped up in bed. Instead of being tiiin and wnsteil, us tlie lost ation of the organ and of arterial I'olajtation, just as in
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dergo changes the most surpris- hair. When first observed, the ing ; that they now become once figure of the green vesicles con-
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that world-wide movement of rational thought and reasonable THE OPEN-AIR TREATMENT OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. By F. W. Burton-Faxning, M.l). (Cantab.). With Charts and Figures. 5S.
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moved, the jaw forced into its place, and the mouth shut. After reduction, if pain in the eyes and neck has been brought on by
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Em Java ja se verificou a possibilidade dessa propagacao mediante OS excrementos do mammifero Paradoxurus hermaphrodihis Pall,
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XVm Ueber die Systematik der Tabaninae, Subfamilie der Tabanidae von Dr. ADOLPH LUTZ .... 163 XIX Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Protozoenfauna Brasiliens. II. von Dr ARISTIDES MARQUES DA CU-
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ferred to a water-bed. The pain in the hip was not, however, relieved by these measures. On and milk was administered with good effect. A liniment containing chloroform and aconite
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could be ma<le, save that, from the symptoms, lesion of the cord had taken place. The paralysis, in the first week, invaded the
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sented a paper on Premature Sapartion of the Placenta at the Southern Medical Association meeting in Cincinnati on Dr. I. A. Bigger, professor of surgery, recently spoke on
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food is fully digested with the help of the internal heat and ultimately assimilated in the system, giving or attenuated in its consistency and which forms the
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the degree. Of this class are cachimiae, resins, and other marcasites, which insinuate themselves into the workings, and send forth their tinctures. All
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A Manual of Physiotherapeutics and Climatology. By THOMAS D LI KE M.D. F.R.C.S., Med. Sup. Peebles Hvdro., X.B. ; Memb. of
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with the Penns came to a head, and the province could the strife of debate ran high, Franklin proposed that the morning sessions
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defined in the context of intrinsically variable structure like the human genome, but I believe that the federal, the unique niche for
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the Hebrides, Iceland, Newfoundland, Greenland, and the coasts of Hudson Bay, tuberculosis is rare. In these countries cattle
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psychiatrist who examined him felt that the case was really one of psychopathic constitution, as he had shown somewhat similar irascibility on a slight occasion before. However,
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quotidie ; vel utatur externe pro embrocatione, super Aurantii exsic, 3j. ; Rhei Pulv., 3j. ; Potassa Carb., R Cacum. Pini Sylvest., fij. ; Radicis Symphyti Majoris,
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Dr. Collins. I think every scientist has to agree with Dr. Olson when he says show me the data; then I will make up my mind.
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