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shall lie fiat on the slide, in a single laycjr, and pre- senting their surfaces, and not their edges, to the observer (Fig. 19). It is mainly from ignoring this
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the same, either by nature or by force, for it both dissolves into all things and also combines with all things. Now if the bodies secreted from both happen
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bral plexus and as pointed out above, would be affected by a lesion in the upper cervical region. The posterior meningeal, is a small branch of
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des Referenten Beschreibung am besten die Natur und Aetiologie der Krank- 8. Fernando behandelte die IVopenmalaria und ihre Prophylaxe. Auf Ceylon
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result of a gunshot wound, the ball entering at the inferior posterior part of the deltoid muscle and coming out under the
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Simul diligenter tere, et gradalim adde Aq. Destillatae, Jvij. Dosis A fluid. 3j. ad Jss., bis, ter, quaterve quo- ft Tinct. Balsami Tolutani, 3ij. ; Mucilaginis Acariae, fj.
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it is too bad that the patient cannot eat a morsel of food. If the patient thirsts, she wiU fill the glass full to the brim, put her hand under his
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health excellent. October 1st, no change. November 10th, arm continues in very much the same condition. November 23d, all
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tronic medical instrumentation systems until his final for more than 50 years. He was instrumental in estab- lishing the division of Pediatric Endocrinology and
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This last is often the result of affectation, or a foolisil ] habit, not easy to be conquered when once acquired. Im the preceding genus, Uie iinpcrfV-ction or depnivity,
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on a monthly report of sick and wounded signed by Surgeon A. Venable, C. S. A., and no further particulars can be obtained.
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by the large intestines (Pakvas'aya) and constantly replenish the bladder and keep it moist with that waste These passages or ducts (which are two) are found to
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on the comparative merits of iron and steel rails. By Henry roading in the United States. x,3ii p. 21 pi. D. NewYork: 1850. By Lewis Henry Haney, .... Madison, Wis., 1908.
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add one ounce and a half of honey of roses, and half drams of tincture of myrrh, and the same quantity of honey of roses, add one ounce and a half of lime wa-
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papilla or protruberance) which is as white as curdled milk (Dadhi), or which looks blood-red or blue or grey, .should be treated like a case of Sukrarman (Opacity of
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ers. Could this gratification be rises, and the entire frame, ac- always effected without calling quiring symmetry and strength m
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caecum are often enlarged and congested. The crop is full of watery, pulpy, frothy or slimy contents, and its mucosa and that
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ischemic attacks (TIAs). Known as mini-strokes, TIAs are brief episodes of stroke symptoms that come and go quickly. Unlike strokes, TIAs do not cause brain
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genuine bills, the work is done with great skill and perfect- ness, and there has never been a counterfeit but was defect-
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Idea that to go to the hospital means that you do not have to pay the doctor who attends you in such institution. In their poor be-
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d'éruption. 18) Kateb Mohamed Saïd ben Amed, 15 mois; quelques pus- tules sur les mains et les deux avant bras; trois à quatre pustules sur
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ring amocg, or in the inieraices of the eruption, and pr--ducmg flod whichf in treating of th« diseases of the skin, I have been
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section in order to render this relationship as nearly constant as possible, although other factors may complicate this problem. The average values for
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rance of dyientery among the Herero-captivcs and the great morbidity and mortality in the camp the writer's opinion is deduced, that dysentery ought
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durch einen Bericht und Proben, die er an Dr. Erasmus Wilson in Eng- Durch Dr. Erasmus Wilson wurde aber wohl nur der Name Kollodium
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cathode distally. C, Direct', one constant in direction. C, Farad'ic, the current produced by an induction coil. C, Gal-
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to comprise two amphitheaters, an anatomical laboratory and a chemical laboratory. The equipment now placed the Woman's Medical College among
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correspond to the two transverse processes of the ordinary 5. The system of Charaka counts forty-five bones. Like Susruta's system it excludes the vertebrae of the neck ; but.
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We also undertook a petition drive, that has gotten over 6,000 signature of people from throughout North Texas that are concerned
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eehappint a la bcaute, dans l'instant meme ou elle croyoit les avoir lies par une chaine durable. En vain celui que la nature a doue du temperament sahguin voudra rcnoncer
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intensely when in fever). At four, sustained a trauma on the head (skull depression), dizziness, loss of consciousness. June 7, a mine exploded in his vicinity, smashing several
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on the whole very satisfactory, for by sidtable measures relief can be given in every case, and in many a complete cure effected.
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the lower classes, as often stated, but is common even among the nobility. Illustrative of this, we have examples in some of the reigning families in
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control; O, insulin vs control; D, glucagon + insulin vs control; O, insulin vs control. D, glucagon + insulin vs Mrs. Eriinda de Quintero, and Mrs. Blanca Sleem for
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lution must have formed an insu- admirably executed. In the century, the Emperor, Charles that of exhumation : aversion to
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such as antimeningococcic, antidiphtheritic, and simple horse serum. As regards chemiotherapy, mercury, iodine, and arsenic have given promise.
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difficulty, but if the patient was led to fear for his vision on account of previous weakness of the eyes, the previous lotss of
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in the region of the back. Such animals may suffer from mal- nutrition of the bones, and complete fractures of the thigh bones
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— if any consensus can be said to exist in face of the existing diver- gent views — appears rather to indicate that it follows falls in awkward
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effect of cold water is just the reverse and its inherent w ith the admixture of the following bitter drugs viz. cooled, for drinking in a case of Pittaja fever, as well as in
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