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Kcll has rcmatlied. do not proceed from tho irriliition of I bad teelli. We frequently see, indeed, a carious tooth at-]
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the tubercular consumption; while the furred tongue, the foul tend« pressure on some part of the abdomen, will sufficiently
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vix (fr. root vtg, strength) requiring strength ; hardly. statim, from the place where one stands, immediately; wanting); nocte, at night, from nox; and hodie, to-day,
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In Britain it generally prevails in the first cold that succeeds hot weather; in hot countries it is most fre- quent in damp marshy places, and after great rains that
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voisier bis zur Gegenwart, von A. Ladenburg. Vierte vermehrte und verbesserte Aufiage. Braunschweig, F. Vieweg und Sohn,
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Academy of Surgery. J Many instances are reported where wounds of the portio dura ot the seventh pair, or branches of the fifth pair, caused various paralyses or nervous twitch-
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thought that could not be the cause of the alteration, one drop more or less not being able to produce such an effect. The physicians of the city were invited to a consultation.
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to the external meatus of left ear and lodged, jirobably in petrous portion of temporal bone. Bull Run, Virginia, August 21)th,
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the following results: Even the application of doses ten times as high as the castration dose (up to 500 r.) does not interfere with the vaginal estrous cycle
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1905 Stallybrass, Clard Qswald, 21, Mount-road, New Brighton, 1900 Stamm, Louis Edward, M.D. Loud., 18, Iligh-rd., Streatham. s.w.
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or to smel to some odiferous sauours, and to kepe the prison cleane." and observes on these " there is some corruption, for it seems quite clear that
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stones with acute pancreatitis was very remarkable — it occurred in nearly half the cases ; an especially favourite site for the gall-stone
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From the iJcparlment of Internal Medicine, Chesapeake and Ohio Hospital infarction, is a disease that is increasing yearly,
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cholera in 1848-49 infested the region and taxed the skill of the medical men. Other pioneers who practiced in Pike County after 1833, but
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was using the plane, you could take the plane. So finally Brougham said, "We ll just give you the plane." [laughter] I d
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lieved by dynamogenic action of sperm injected under the skin." A skeptical world refused to be impressed. Dr. Brown-Sequard was deterred,
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incision healed on its edges and left a perfect anus. The chiiil rapidly recovered, and is now in perfect health. We are not aware of a Binoflsrcafc to the above being vet
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Geraty, Laurence Unthank, 5, Low Pavement, Nottinrjliam. German, Arthur William. 296, Kensinrjton, Liverpool- Gerrard, Alfred Heury, 90, Merton-road, Wimbledon, s.w.
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tbey must also l>e caieful to seal up and cover any their hands ; they must go into the oj>en air frequently, time ; tbev must be careful to wttsh hands and fac©
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disease you're interested in understanding, genetics is now the most powerful tool you have to get at the mysteries that still re-
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appearing always in the same organ and some in a particular tissue, and appearing oftenest where that tissue is plentiful. Scarcely any portion
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de retracer le niveau de l'enseignement de l'anatomie, de la physiologie et des différentes branches de la médecine, et en outre de faire un tableau de
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should arrange them in the following order, from the Bell on Ulcers, edit. 3, p. 17 36, 47 S3 ; Cullen's First Lines, edit. 4, vol. i. p. 2 1 1 ; Kirkland's Medical
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Combining the average risk estimates for each experiment, this translates into an expected excess of 1.3 incident cases of thyroid cancer for the entire group.
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anatoriuoally similar disturbances of nutrition depend on wty different ny very mudi resemble one induced by rubbing antimonial ointment
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Reid, in his ' Geometry of Visibles,' endeavours to show what ideas a blind man would entertain of dif- ferent objects, though with little success. People blind
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1. Treatment. — Although so far advanced in our knowledge in regard to the vegetable nature of the triie contagion of relapsing fever, we have
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clinical examination did not. coincide, but where the autopsy showed lesions very suspicious of syphilis. Citron has never seen the reaction
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pertaining to n.-fibers provided with a sheath. Medul- instrument to measure rapidity of transmission of im- inflammation aflTecting several n's. Multiple neuritis;
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gas through the urine thus concentrated, when a black O, (Hesse). An acid isolated by Schuiik (1S42) from forming fine, white, stellate, tasteless crystals, soluble
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nary notice, to entitle them to public confidence, more par- ticularly when they come from a foreign country, or from any
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Brahmans on the right hand side are favourable, as also corpses, jackals, vessels of water, &c., when seen on the left side. It is
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Every metal, so long as it lies hid in its first essence, has its own peculiar formidable spectres, and aJ) waking visions, are driven away and dispelled. But it should be noted, that all men,
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1865, and was admitted to Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington. Assistant Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. A., noted : " Gunshot flesh
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3868 ScMundpforte, f. opening of 3898 Speichelstoff, m. 1. ptyalin. 3874 Schlundschleimhaut, f. oe- 3900 Speiseordnimg, f. regulation
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schools. It has had thus far no experience with state or municipal institutions in this field. It is evident, however, that if Mr. Rock-
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fifrighbourhood in the moath of January. Od removing che Gr«t dnrasing, a bloody fungus appeared in the centre of the wouod,
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health excellent. October 1st, no change. November 10th, arm continues in very much the same condition. November 23d, all
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toujours BcmHé une méthode douteuse lorsqu'on la pratiquait avec dca aiguilles i c'est pour cela qu'il inventa les instruments spéciaux. Mais il notait pas content
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infectious agent, the use of a new screening technique fluorescent antibody microscopy to identify and quantify the infectious agent in
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sclerotic coat or white of the eye, which is naturally visible. Symptoms — The usual symptoms of inflammation can nowhere be
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havia recebido do Sr. Gregorio Bondar, da Bahia, exemplares do mesmo insecto. Na carta de 27 de setembro, que me escreveu, rcmettendo ma-
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vinced the invaders that their efforts were futile, and they retreated. General Posey arrived with reinforcements too late to cut off the retreat
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