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U. S. A., reported from DeCamp Hospital : A 11111116 ball passed through the right forearm at its middle third. There was

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chests all of the same size. The Aveight of each caise Avas no inore than 45 kilos, and they Avere made so tliat chest A and B,

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ischemic attacks (TIAs). Known as mini-strokes, TIAs are brief episodes of stroke symptoms that come and go quickly. Unlike strokes, TIAs do not cause brain

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and while still wet, it is coated with the following solution : The solution is beaten to a froth, allowed to settle, and

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burg (1906). In 1903 he founded the Archiv fiir Protistenkunde, the literary organ of protozo(")l()gy, which he had found in the de-

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T X, Baptisia <|), or i x, Rhus Tax. and Radicans, 3 x, and many other remedies are used, but without the proper cleansing of the vaginal tract,

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who dread the ajiproach of consumption, or have any lung difficulty. This disease is so insiilious in its ai)proaches — so flattering in its pro-

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surgeon. If the disease is well advanced before discovered, as a rule it is too late for operation. If such be the case the indications are to maintain

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Em Java ja se verificou a possibilidade dessa propagacao mediante OS excrementos do mammifero Paradoxurus hermaphrodihis Pall,

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When he entered the old chieftainess, " the little birds screwed up their tiny cheeks, trying to suppress laughter ; at last, the little Tiwa-

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sometimes slight pain. It may be local or owing to constitutional dis- turbance. It may be caused by friction of contiguous surfaces, as in the

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1894 Dow, Wm. Alexander, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., Leaes. 1904 Downton, Arthur Sydney, L.R.C.P., 0, Weston-2xtrk,CronchEnd. n.

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1 Of the 1,7:J9 amputations at the middle third, 284 were fatal and !) undetermined cases ; the death-rate varies from 1 6.4 to 16.8 per cent., according- as

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about 50 years— should become gradually more restricted in their interests The first History Committee that dealt with the scope and internal

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membrane of the intestines, the seat of which may be in any of the bowels, or merely the rectum. This, like the above, is a

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after a superficial examination, on account of being in an advanced state of decomposition ; but it is believed that not much of

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soften.) An instrument that is introdu- vailing to a great degree in the mass of ced into the vagina to support the uterus, the blood.

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■' Experimenta nova circa pancreas, Amsterdam, 1682. Athanasius Kircher, a physician-priest, and, also like him, a man

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round the corona, which secrete an unc- or six weeks after ; but in general, the tuous humour, which sometimes becomes attack takes place from the tenth to the

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Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875, s. 25 — Adulterated Milk — Warranty A sample of milk proved, on analysis, to be adulterated with added

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Dr. Thil. De la méthode bibliographique dans les sciences médicales. Paris, Institut internat, do bibliographie scientifique. Thèse méd. Paris,

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down the little victim's throat. I say victim, because you could not easily do more harm, and yet this abomination is done every day. If

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of instruction, and collected, as far as he • was able, a full equipment of medical stores and instruments. The expedition

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One fluid ounce of lliis product added to three fluid corresponding to Ainmoniated Tincture of Valerian, B.P. Issued in bottles off. oz. 4 (114 e.e.),f. oz. 8 (227 e.e.)

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Joint Secretaries: D. W. Stahlk, Ivso., J. Smart, Eso. Assistant Actuaries: E. A. Rishj-k, Jvso., J. Burn, Eso. F. Havcrakt, Eso., H. Blknxkrhassett, P-so., W. p;. Martin, Eso.

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(rh) , euhydrated, drinking water ad libitum; (2) 20% rh, euhydrated, drinking to maintain initial weight; (3) 75% rh, euhydrated, drinking to maintain initial weight; and (4) 20% rh,

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(l) A, "The great works of Charaka and Sushruta were translated into Arabic, under the patronage of Kaliph Almansur, in the seventh century.

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oil— Properties of the fat obtained from aquatic or domestic animals — Honey group — Classification of the different kinds of honey and

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is the suture, and which the mark inflicted by the instrument, unless the latter [hedra) be large. Fracture also for the most

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tory passages. The patient will cough, grimace or denote by sour facial expression the presence of the ether. The injection is timed from the beginning to the moment the

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route to the home country, the Chicago Portage, until they lost their possessions in this country in 1763. The Vincennes post was all there

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mortem politics, and few of our public men have escaped being painted in very dark colors by one group of writers while they are lauded to the

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families tlirough a long series of years; a fact that itcems, like the preceding one, to imply some hereditary difierouces

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variées (Mantegna, Il Garofalo, Holbein, P. Candid, etc.). On trouve aussi des cificaux (Mantegna, Il Bassano); des bandes et des linges

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No experimental conditions have been encountered, aside from estriniza- tion, which produce mitochondria of such large size as have been observed in

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Provided always, — That nothing in this Act shall extend to any person who has been resident, practising physic, surgery

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behind it which was out-of-bounds to them. Some may recall, too, the inky black night when Roy Flynn got separated from a

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135. STUARDT 1871 Uber den Eau der Gregarinen. In Bull. Ac. Imp. de Sei. de St. Petersbourg. t. 15 pp. 497—502. est. 15 fi. 1—5.

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