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findings at Johns Hopkins. Flexner was delighted and went off to In Baltimore Flexner went directly to Welch and explained

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been described by various observers, and diarrheal and dysenteric infections have also been found to be associated with Laverania, Leishmania, Balantidium

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Some took injections of .25 to ice. in the pectoral muscles with Chickens that had fasted 24 hours, took each daily for 3 days,

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inch and a half broad, keeled, produced in the spring along with the capsules. Flowers several, bright-purple, with a white tube appearing

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Goodwin, Edward Knox. Surbiton-road, Kingston-on-Thames. Goodwin, Frederick Charles, M.I). Durh., Kingston-on-Thames. Goodwin, Frederick William, M.D., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,

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chez nous et en général dans le reste de TEurope c'est le noir qui est venu s'imposer, à travers les siècles, quand on prend le dueil.

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wine may, he thinks, be added to each draught of water. the more so, as the climate, season, and constitution of the patient are warm ; for it cools, blunts acrimony, and

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i-esult that the light was very uncertain. This was a great annoyance in the operating rooms, the only alternative being

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in that beautiful old village of Grimsby he was the architect of a life whose fragrance dwells in the memories of its people.

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by the pressure of a load of fa3ces in the constipated rectum, and the daily efforts to expel them. These causes, all acting

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gard to the origin of epidemic diseases. During 1702-05, southern Italy was visited by a series of earthquakes (described by Baglivi) which destroyed some

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and at the same time applies it to those parts of the body which are 53 Ukubambezela means to bring the disease to a stand (ukumisa),

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Im Anschluss an seinen Untorsuchungsbericht giebt der Verfasser im Anhange einen ausführlichen Abriss der geschichtlichen Nachrichten über

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been held at Paris (1905), Washington (1908), and Rome (1911). Revue. Since the gift of the Phipps Institute in 1903, the sub

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captured the advance guard of Kentuckians on the River Raisin, in Michigan; that Gen. Proctor allowed the Indians to cruelly scalp most

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Jx-el, Spheno'id'al G. (Ch.) A small, nervous, cor- internal or sj)hlenopalatine filaments, inferior or palatine filaments, and a posterior filament, which

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parentage, his education was of the very best, his teachers being lessor of anatomy at Basel from 1857 to 1872, he was, through the

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Creux, Paul Alfred, P.O. Box 79R, Pretoria, Transvaal. Crew, Frederick Denys, M.B. Camb.. Hirjhanx Ferrers, Xorthants. Cripps, Wm. Lawrence, M.B. Camb., O'-ford and Cauihridije-

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cannot speak, those about him should be asked the usual questions The disease is next to be examined by the five active senses, and

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Causation. The cause is difficult to ascertain. It has been referred to the growth of bacteria (Bacterium jiorri) in the superficial layers

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of Chicago, Secretary of the .■\merican Medical Associa- tion's Council on Medical Education and Hospitals, said .According to a report to the council, 10% of students

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To our member, Mr Henry Hucks Gibbs, — an old friend and helper of Herbert Coleridge and myself in our Dictionary work

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room with the vapor of boiling water, — a large kettle on the stove will effect this. Leeches, if the patient is full of habit

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and camphor, are of use in diminishing the severity of the pain : small During the intervals the oxyd of zinc and bismuth, carbonate of iron,

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primary education, which prepared him for his entrance into Bowdoin, from which institution he graduated in 1848, after two years of prepara-

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In the anus they produce fistula-in-ano, piles, and the like. In the scrotum and testicles, they produce different forms of Hydrocele.

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unlikely t9 constitute an unusual menace to the public health or to become a (i) The board shall be careful to state definitely its opinion as to the origin

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the surgeon Desault, and sometime an army sm-geon in the French that of a detailed description of the parts and tissues of the body in

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nearly healed. The patient was sent northward on a hospital transport to Fort Richmond, New York Harbor. He recovered girl born last Christmas. My memory is affected, and I cannot hear as well as I could before I was wounded.'

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continued immediate use of the part, avoiding only espe- cially strenuous activity as hard running or jumping." As Dr. McMaster points out, ankle sprains may cause

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extending forwartls to within 1 .J to 2 cm. of the symphysis. The skin and sujK'rticial fascia are cut through, and the jxiint at which Youngs

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opportunity for the employment of his sanitary knowledge and confirmed him in his estimate of the practical value of sanitary science.

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DIAPHORETICS are remedies of equal utility ; but un- fortunately they have been improperly chosen, and the only salutary discharge from the skin, as we have al-

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iviae, Potassae nitras — n. Natricum, Soda, nitrate nitras — n. d' Argent, Argenti nitras — n. Mercureux, seu sep'ticum seu nitri. Aqua fortis, Nitrons acid,

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eight, in whose bladder a metallic sound was broken off. The fractured piece of sound, which measured 17 cm. in length, made its exit from the

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divisions, corresponding to the treatment by expectant measures, excision., or amputation that were employed. There will then be added to the fourteen hundred cases of primary

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ttfaan in aJd ones, owing to the greater rarefaction of the lir, a vicnrious decarbnnizntion of the btood is established

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französischen Chirurgen, le disciple et ëmule de Paré, wie er in Hoefer's „Nouvelle Biographie générale" genannt wird vorkommt, kann ich nicht

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vaccination would therefore appear to be much more complex than in the case where one form only occurs in any particular country.

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CASE of Pt. J. Dunfcel, Co. D, H8th Penn., aged 33, wounded at Chancellorsville. Hemorrhage from superficialis vote, May 17, 18G3. Duty.

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our mission is squarely focused on helping teachers and others avoid learning financial lessons the hard way. For all the things they teach us about life, we'd

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some scheme which would take advantage of existing laboratories Work in the Bacteriological Department, 1914 — 1919. 333

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or to smel to some odiferous sauours, and to kepe the prison cleane." and observes on these " there is some corruption, for it seems quite clear that

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