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patient for frequent use. Dr. Standish strongly opposes the application of cold to eyes in these conditions, as it has a ten-

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a tine ifua nan, nor do ihcy alone suHicc to induce the disease'. This Ilie peirsuns ilrinkiiig ifc-ater from a (•ertaiii swamp were tuUen sick with

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medela, et a rege accipiei donaiionem. Disciplina medici exaltabit caput illius, et in conspectu niagnatorum collaudabitur. Altissimus creavit de

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and as soporific, instead of potassmm bromide.— Dose: Anti'epUeptic, (30-100 grn. daily, in solut. ; hypnotic, 60—75 grn.

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\Yhen Chicago was incorporated as a town in 1833, Fort Dearborn still existed as an army post. The first frame house in the city, built for "Billy"

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an of alight exteniul irritanto ; for iuatanee, to tlio bites of pota&ilefl, not t«ll why thu numerous email oircuinambcd portions of the cutis,

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named one of his best-beloved ointments Ungt. Noirbon, adding as a pun Poitiers was stormed on 4th October, 1346, with a tremendous slaughter

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Uses: Antiseptic, disinfectant, germicide; said to be a more powerful antiseptic than phenol (carbolic acid), and less irritant and poisonous; used only in soap so-

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to our patients, and will keep us doctors from pre- told, expressly or by implication, that if the spe- both. Too seldom is it made plain to all interested

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studies on th(> blood (1757-91), of which he made analyses for over thirty years. He first ol)tain(Ml hemoglobin in crystalline form, described the spectrum of

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Cartlann, watermint [H (T) ; St. (P.O'C.)]; 36a; R.A, men- tastri; St. C. 81 cartland, cartlaid, cartloid; RC. ix 228 Carui, caraway; 36b; R.A. carui; O'G. 228 carui .i. an cara-

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from true Raynaud's disease. The commonest phenomena were attacks of coldness and numbness of fingers and hands, a tendency for

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nally in scrofulous tumors, scald-head, and various skin diseases. Dose. — Of the gi'ated root, in syrup or mucilage, ten grains, three or

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caiithiis'\. Any enlargement of the fleshy papilla at Eucasin (tt'-ka-sin). A casein food-preparation soluble preparation containing 25% of eucalyptol ; it is used


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numbers of people might be exposed to risk, though likely at low levels. As described above, the population dose, obtained by adding up all the individual

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of the affected cattle will escape condemnation if we employ ob- jective symptoms alone. In one herd of seventy head, in which

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revealed by the development of neuralgia, neuritis or interstitial myositis; and these diseases, by producing more or less intense pain, cause

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flavor from the seeds of the candle-nut tree, Ah-urites triU'ba, Korst. It is a mild cathartic, acting as castor tists' oil ; Country -•valniit oil; Kekune oil; Kekui

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additional funds will be used for renovation of a high-containment facility at Frederick. Also, several laboratory technical personnel

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reorganization, "to foster scientific medicine and to make the medical profession a power in the social and political life of the

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surgeon. If the disease is well advanced before discovered, as a rule it is too late for operation. If such be the case the indications are to maintain

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tell me: "We spend too much money on you guys!" So it probably worked out to a draw. I think they probably did it about right,

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designating it, since it has been reduced one-third, or cent., four times the strength of the wine colchicum seed, VINUM ERGOT-. Fluidextract Ergot, 20 Cc. in 100 Cc.

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departments and individual physicians. Additional cases are obtained through reviews of requests for pentamidine, a drug used to treat Pneumocystis

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manische) Spulwurm (ahd. 12. Jahrh, spolworm; adacn. spolorm = lumbricus) sondern auch der (germ.) Hack wurm {adaen, hugormce =

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process of the os petrosum and the uvulae, all the canises which usually give rise to PIEROSIS. See Plethora. all inflammatory complaints ; and it at-

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of horses, previously ordered to be in readiness, he was, without stopping, speedily conveyed to Kingston. The Governor's

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"achieve a desired small family size, and spacing." While the British and the CSM favored a degree of population expansion, the ultimately excessive results of the

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The CIA supports or conducts a small number of intramurally and extramurally conducted studies involving human subjects each year. 21 No figure

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ing ij injection of thymocytes labeled with '-'iUdR. testinal activity at hr, average of five mice, ±SD) of intestine and contents = #. formalin extracts = O, and

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conviction qui avait été fondée sur Texpérience de tant de siècles et qu'on trouve dispersée partout où la lèpre regne sur la surface du globe et parmi

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mirra ; qua resoluta, olibanum ; et ejus expectata liquef actione, mastix ; post- modum résina ; post colctur, et colature igni applicate addatur cera frustratim

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sein Verhaltnis zu Kant, xxviii, 347, [i] p. — 2. Kritiscii-systematischer Teil. Grund- legung der Erkenntnistheorie als Ergebnis einer Auseinandersetzung mit Kant vom

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of the teni]ioral bone which entered the skull and wounded the brain, (iroducing p.artial hemi])Iegia, at the liattle of Antietam,

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of their topical determination. The tonics are, cold bath- ing, the Peruvian bark, and the preparations of steel : these will sometimes succeed, and as often fail. Each

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hemorrhage there is enough calcium left in the blood- vessels and in the lymph for re-establishment of coagula- tion conditions in the transfused blood" (Sabattani).

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He was treated in the field, and, on the 18th, sent to St. Aloysins Hospital, Washington. When aduiitted, there were symptoms

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and pyloric extremities of the spoon, and the powder separated stomach, I separated the organ, by repeated washing in cold wa-

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from the Spanish chronicles, that the Aztecs were cannibals, and that only the hearts of the victims went to the gods, while the bodies were

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tnoins douloureuse et exempte de tous les inconveniens. Sur Vemploi de la Pile dans le trailement de la Pierre dans On n'a pas encore reussi aujourd'hui a dissoudre ou briser

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intensely when in fever). At four, sustained a trauma on the head (skull depression), dizziness, loss of consciousness. June 7, a mine exploded in his vicinity, smashing several

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the action of the bile, the pancreatic juice and the intestinal fluid, each Nature's Treasures Open to Man — All this is a very complicated and

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two people who had been administrators of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s, since they were intimately involved with ethical and legal

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the bruised brain yielded symptoms even eight months later. An infantryman underwent shell-shock December 19, 1915, from the explosion of a torpedo nearby. He arrived at the

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might at a subsequent date be alleged to be the result of accidental injury while 8201« PaUents transferred to liave health records. R 2961 (2) ; R 3585 (1) a.

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Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders, a class awareness campaign was initiated that coincided with on campus during the week's programming and assist-

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ment for the extraction of calculi from the urethra. 2 In some of its innumerable mod ignation bil ibe or trilabe, the essential part of the apparatus with which modern lithotrity

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Univ. Mich., 1881 ; m. 1890, Jennie P. Parker, N. Y. City. mem. N. Y. Acad. Med.; Am. Ophthalm. Soc.; N. Y. Ophthalm. Soc. ; Intern. Ophthalm. Soc, Lucerne, 1904 ; A. M. A. Author: Dis-

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22. Surgeon General, Public Health Service to the Heads of the Institutions Conducting Research with Public Health Service Grants, 8 February 1966 ("Clinical

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