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out of a hundi-ed, not a physical condition, but a neurosis born of much morbid introspection, aided and fostered by covetousness. No one

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August Friedrich Hecker. Erster Theil Leipzig, G. J. Hecker, Justus Friedrich Karl, 1 795-1 850. 86x0.9 laoo '•••• Geschichte der Heilkunde. Nach den Quellen bearbeitet von

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delphia and London : W. B. Saunders & Company. Cana- dian agents : J. A. Carveth & Co., Limited, 434 Yonge Street, Toronto. 1905. Cloth, $4.00 net; sheep or half

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between that of the os occipitis and of the parietal bones ; but at theorbitar process, from the pressure of the brain will be obvious that the trepan cannot be applied over

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cotic and stimulant. Euphorbium fSihunda), and the root of the Abrus precatorius, Oleander {Karahira), Helibore (Kata Id), and the

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In June there was greater improvement; in fact, there was We here deal with a cerebellar syndrome plus a hemian- stuttering. Persistent hemiplegia, probably organic.

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to Rush Medical College, forming the nucleus of the now fine library of that On January 1, 1847, Dr. Allen married Miss Mary Marsh of Kalamazoo,

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the atmosphere which surrounds this earth to be a homo- geneous substance, in nowise affects the general principles of their philosophy ; for it is the same thing, as far as regards

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inner edge thin, sharp and markedly concave, gives attachment to fascia. The movements of this rib are slight, consisting of a slight up and

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See Aretaeus, Alex. Trallian, Celsus, Sennertus, Hoff- Madness; Muzzelon Melancholy; Cullen's First Lines, the West Indies; nyctanthes arbor trtitis Lin. Sp. PI. 8;

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to open the institution within two weeks after the meeting. For two weeks men and women were engaged to scrub and clean the

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jaundice, syphilis, etc. Syn., Hog-resin. G., Dragon. I. See Dragon' s-blood (3) (Illus. Diet.). 2. Traga- Q., Flooted, names applied m Australia to different

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therapy. Megdad Zaatreh, MD, in neurology, along with Eldad Hadar, MD, in neurosurgery, direct the epilepsy sur- gery program and perform hundreds of evaluations a year.

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oils, if they are prepared or coagulated according to Spagyric and Alchemical Art, pour forth varnish, electuary, gum, or a kind of resin, which might also

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engagement at Atlanta, Georiiia. July "iOtli, 1804, by a eonoidal nnisket ball, which fractiu'ed the rifrlit parietal bone. Ho was

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anxious for him fo go back again fo them whcn the war d. not think o. We couhl nof gêt any British news- Eg]and had j«ined in, and I ara .,re the German

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and cartoons are those of the writers and artists and do not necessarily represeni the opinions of the Medical Alumni Association, University ol Maryland School ol Medicine, and the

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I mois; faiblesse congénitale, 2 fois, i heure, 7 jours; noma, i fois 22 mois. Infections gastro intestinales de l'enfance: 4 fois, i an; 8 mois, i an;

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Regulations; interagency consultations; definitions, safeguards, (f) The Secretary of Health and Human Services, after consultation with the heads of other Federal departments and

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" To the practitioner of medicine and to the advanced student this volume constitutes, ■we believe, the best exposition of the present status of the science of physiology in the

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in a lixivium (previously prepared from tartar, wood ashes, and quicklime) for half a day, so that it may be alkalised. Then sprinkle over it iij. parts each of

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fectually stop a tertian; and a much larger quantity must be taken in the interval of a quartan. As the in- lerval of the fits of a quotidian is short, we must be

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