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The leaves of the Varuna and Prapunnada destroy the dryness in the system. They are light of digestion, cooling in their potency, and tend to enrage or agitate
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pursued his studies for three years, interrupted only by the teaching of school during two of the winters. In 1845 a decision possessed him to seek
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of the liver was very much lacerated, the substance of this portion of the organ being reduced to a pulp, breaking down under
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Doneldey zu Bremen 1382. Bl. i — 35b benutzen den Stoff der Dudeschen Arstedie des Gothaer Arzneibuchs, rütteln ihn aber völlig durcheinander.
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dem Tode den guru schützen werde. Nach diesem in Todesangst erzwungenen Gelübde wird dem Knaben statt Wasser geschmolzenes Blei
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rare ; and these very seldom, if ever, fertile. Provi- dence has thus wisely preserved every species distinct, and the world is not peopled with monsters. Yet, among
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Gluteofascial (glit-tc-o-J\is'-e-al) \_y'lov7uc, buttock; fascia, bundle]. Relating to the fascia of the gluteal to the gluteal muscle or region and the trochanter.
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medical world of those days, a true physician and a true gentleman of the Society of Medical History of Chicago, 4:403, 1935.
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of their topical determination. The tonics are, cold bath- ing, the Peruvian bark, and the preparations of steel : these will sometimes succeed, and as often fail. Each
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suppuration, necrosis, and exfoliation, evulsion of teeth with inability to masticate, and frequently with the persistent discharge of foul pus, and unwholesome broken-down tissues
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[this kind, the appearsnce of the permanent teeth is returded, or the anomaly of the eximordinary continuance of the thers't'. The permanent teeth occasion the railing out of
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more sudden the change from smooth to rough water the more certain are the symptoms of sea-sickness to be produced. In sea-sickness also we have an example of tolerance or
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Treatment by Will Power — Some of those who have succeeded, by the exercise of a resolution, and strength of will, for which they deserve
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astronomers to solve. We will limit our study to man's sys- tem only, and see how the gas-works in him form the fine sub-
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Moist scurfy eruptions; pale, flabby bodies; perspires on head The child has a dry, unhealthy skin ; does not like to be washed
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work of the sanitary and Avater duty men is unusually im- portant at such a time of stress. Difficulties of this descrip-
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save the State to freedom could be directed, it is now clear that the move was a wise one as there is no doubt but that it more than anything else
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fatter, and 13 days before admission to hospital he began to grow drowsy. On examination, the boy was found to be small, but well nourished. His
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sens (Illus. Diet.). A. supramaxillaris, one of com- Ansiform {an' -se-forni') [ansa, aTiandie ; forma, shape] - Antacidin [ant-as'-id-in) \_anti, against; acidus, sour].
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preceded by vomiting, and followed by tenesmus with passage of blood find slime. They varied in severity, lasted 24 to 36 hours, and occurred about every six
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jiylorus, either from the onset or developing later. The pylorus can Ih' ftlt to harden under the finger at the time of greatest peristalsis of
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A steam or hot air bath may serve a similar purpose. Con- joined with an aloetic laxative and aconite, I have seen this reduce the temperature from 104. 5 F. to 102. 7 F. at the next
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malarial fever. Schlesinger's solution consists of zinc acetate i part, after being well shiken. A few drops of a weak solution of tincture
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temperature concurrently on latitude and elevation and on the tffect of different angles of the sun s rays in heating the ground which have
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Dr. George H. Weaver has served as secretary of the society continuously The Chicago Gynecological Society was organized in 1878 and incorporated
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He explained that he was called at home and told to report to work at the Manhattan Engineer District . . . who were to be my
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of cerebral syphilis, nor of a combination of the two conditions, such as has been described. IMost of Noguchi's cases ran an unusually
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shows itself in distinct, red, and nearlj' circular root of -B. Trivia'lis sen Cnnaden'sis sen procnm'- and used in fevers, &c., to allay thirst. It has
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making its exit near the trochanter major. On the 13th, 14th, loth, 19th, 26th, and March 2d, hemorrhages occurred from the circumflex iliac artery, but not more than
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and in dyspeptic complaints ac- It is a machine that should be ea- companied with much acid. Ma- sily accessible in every asylum
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serve materially to establish the hemorrhage or extenuation, principles laid down by this au- In the dog and horse no mate-
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von Tigern, Elephanten und Fledermäusen stammt; faule Eier u.s.w. sind vielgesuchte Leckerbissen ! Sein Geruchssinn ist scheinbar sehr niedrig
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Ill choosing a wife, studiously avoid the ten following families, be they ever so great, or ever so rich in kine, goats, sheep, gold and grain: The family
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Era Baccharis genistelloides trimera. S. Paulo (Ilemp.). Em jaboticabeira. S. Paulo (Hemp.) e Rio de Janeiro. Em S. Paulo, sobre follias de Euphorbiaccce, Launis,
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spontaneously, or are relieved by suitable non-o{xrativc treatment ; (jbstruction from mechanical causes, however, needs early ojwrative
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est à même de donner des sources chinoises qui prouvent que leur emploi était connu en Chine au 13e siècle et qui font croire que c'est de Tlndc
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valeur artistique et l'ancienneté viennent rehausser l'intérêt. A regret, je devrai me borner ici à ne signaler que les principaux.
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durch die Historische Commission bei der konigl. Academie der Another copy in Geschichte der Wissenschaften in Deutschland has shelf number
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Hospital, Toronto, recently. He was admitted to the hospital on a Sunday and an operation was performed on the Tuesday John Herald, M.A., M.D., was professor of clinical medicine and
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of these with all other parts of the nervous system, including the brain. It is either dependent on an overamount of sensibility and
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profession. It is not known to what extent they were able to qualify themselves for medical practice. It is most probable they
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Mills, Georg-e Percival, M.B. Loud., Great Ban\ Birminfjham. Mills, Herbert Henr}-. M.D. Lond.,21. St. Mary Abbott' s-terrace. av.
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eight, in whose bladder a metallic sound was broken off. The fractured piece of sound, which measured 17 cm. in length, made its exit from the
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Canada. In 1775, the regiment was in Upper Canada, some companies being at Niagara, and others at Detroit. In 1776, part of the regiment was sent to Lower Canada, and in 1785 it
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Yazoo and Mississippi rivers, carrying produce to New Orleans. Then he be- came purser and business manager of a Mississippi river steamer. Returning
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medical records. And part IV is an introduction to the records collected and created by Finding the most general information about the activities of the federal government