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"Extrait de la Revue des questions scientifiques, 1887-88." Waldbiiume und Kulturpflanzen im germanischen Altertum. Von Les plantes dans I'antiquite et au moyen age; histoire, usages et
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change in the scapula is one of the very early signs and should be regarded as an important one. One side of the pelvis soon becomes prominent,
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through its nicotine, the relaxation and peace of mind that white men — and now white women — have adopted so generally. The Indian was fa-
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humanitaires un immense pas en avant. Quand le genevois Dunant eut parcouru le champ de bataille long de 5 lieues où gisaient plus de 38.000
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Rush worth, Frank, M.D. Lond., 153, Finchley-road. n.av. 1886 Russell, George Herbert, 1, St. Stephens-road, Upton Park. e.
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Webster's procedure, the aim of which is to unite the round ligaments of either side in the middle line to and at the back of the uterus. To
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symptoms dependent on reduced gastric capacity occurred with increasing frequency in the series imrl passu with the increase in the amount of
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being considered for funding at this date. The following is a listing and "Development of Laboratory Models for AIDS & KS"
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case of pntients of tender years the dosage should be cleansed. He should then be made to partake of a gruel (Yavagu) mixed with milk and clarified butter according
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interference was undertaken until February 6, 1863. In the meantime, Colonel Warner suffered from recurring abscess-forma
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or been exposed to chemicals similar to those at issue with the Desert Storm soldiers. Based upon my evaluation of the soldiers and my experience, I would
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Ifaviog made this iijiteincnt r«ipectiDg the condiOon of my in which the object is not only seen indisiincUy and with an
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C'a.se. — Private George W. Hulse, Co. G, 36th Illinois Volunteers, aged 21 years, w.as wouiuled at the battle of Chick-
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De Mussis et ses compagnons, bient portants comme il semble, apportent cependant avec rapidité la terrible maladie à Gènes.
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light of resuscitation and restoration ; for their mistake is great. It is indeed true that whatever perishes by its own natural death, or whatever mortifies by
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instrument for measuring blood-pressure in h. Cephalo- state of having large h. Megalocephalia ; Macroceph- state of having long h. Dolichocephalism ; Dolicho-
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Parergou, das gewiss von vielen als willkommene Zugabc angesehen wird. Was den Text selbst anlangt, so erkennt man au den Fussnoten- Varianten,
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an instance of a woman of sixty-five who, after taking one grain of quinin, invariably exhibited after an hour a temperature of from 104° to 105° F.,
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du paludisme et de la fièvre jaune ou demeurera en deborw des véritables données de la propbylaxie, et l'on n'aura fait qu'une manoeuvre tapageuse qui ressemble
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days rest, he was taken to Winchester in an ambulance. During all this period, no treatment was instituted by any of the surgeons, expept to give opium.
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my results confirm theirs they are probably right ; (1) Baroccian 20-i agrees with M as against AV in 24 In one place only is it peculiar. At the end of Prognostic it
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giving bulky drenches it is most convenient to use a long-necked, heavy glass bottle. The horse should be backed into a narrow
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idum, (F.) Oxyde, Oxode, Oxure, from of us, 'acid.' nel'ictrm, Magnetic oxide of iron, Mar'tial Ethiops. vu.\r, IliBraatites — o. Hydrargyri completum, Hy-
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Smith, Richard Leonard Bealy, Eastleigh, Southampton. Smith, Robert Howard Newby, 161, Ladywell - road, Lewis - Smith, Robert William Lines, Brightside, Sheffield.
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cinct. This charter was confirmed by the acts of 1522 (14.-15. Henry VIII, cap. 5) and 1553 (I Mary, St. 2, v, cap. 9) and the institution became the
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cal service in Henry County, Dr. Fagge said he thought he was the first horse-and-buggy doctor in the county. Previously doctors in Henry went horseback to see their
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AIDS was affirmed, but there was disagreement about the need for Identifying information. Part of the concern resulted from misinformation about data
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of "The Philanthropist", which was the first anti-slavery paper published in the United States. Benjamin Lundy started in anti-slavery work as
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Milano, Soc. anonima per le arti grafiche "La Gutenberg", 191 1. Histoire du commerce et de la navigation des Egyptiens, sous le
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— r. Stertens, Stertor — r. Stertuosa, Stertor. neu'sia, Pueu'ais apiru'tio, Reapira' men, Respira- is, to place the materials of the blood — the mix-
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deficiency in the abthinihial wall ; instances are not uncommon, and some of entire want of development of the abdominal parietes. Robertson,
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remedv in those diseases which arise from an imperfect assimilation of Q these substances. The presence of the active and valuable constituents (J)
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opening the vesications by the purging are necessary, point of a needle, before we ap- The consequences to be appre- ply the ointment. This kind of hended, or in other words, the
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blood products. To date, no person to person transmission has been identified other than through intirate contact or blood transfusion.
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may get fixed in the sponge and be brought up. Leonidas orders suppurative cataplasms to be applied, such as those from raw barley-flour, in order that the part may be converted
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