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behind the neck. During the night the patient took sherry wine and beef tea through an elastic bougie, swallowing small from pneumonia on May 4th. A careful dissection was made, and the liings, larynx, and heart removed together. The
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largo joints, penis, scrotuiu, broasts, and imU's. The treatment roquin-s about one ounce of balsam, which may be used in four to
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impossible, and only a few of the prominent and striking instances can be a certain Spaniard ate meat. Haller knew a person who was purged violently
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lined with republican settlements, instead of slave factories; the slave trade will be abolished, and civilization and Christianity will illumine
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fasser besprechen in verschiedenen Kapiteln die physischen, intellektuellen und moralischen Eigenschaften, über die der junge Mediciner verfügen muss. Dann
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vimento anormal dos goraos do tuberculo da batata em filamentos longos 76 ARCd. DA ESC. SUP. DE AGRIC. E MED. VETER. Vol VI, Ns. i c 2
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Epictetus. \V, a. Oldfather. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., II. 2nd EusEKius : Ecclesiastical History. Kirsopp Lake and J. E. L. Oulton. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., Vol. II. 5th
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mission through their bites. Even when these gnats were breeding in \illages, they showed not the slightest disposition to seek out and
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for, in these, the wnscleti of the extremities, and even of the face and lower jaw, were observed to move in a con- vulsive manner, and sometimes to be drawn into tremulous
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urc should be occupied with such trifiings, and the spirits are rejoicing meanwhile that, in oppoisiiion to God, we have
Ether broke down this inhibition of speech and hearing by interfering with the control of the high over lower cerebral Re emotional stammering, Chavigny treats by voice gym-
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as crestam e fazem desmaiar, podendo causar-lhes a morte. Cristula, pequena protuberancia tegumentar, mais longa que larga
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there forms itself into many branches, which receive all horse's tail. From the loins downwards the holes in the nerves that pass through them ; hence it is of import-
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attempt at, but no true, clonus ; that is, passive flexion of the foot causes two or three jerky movements. There is no glandular swelling or tumor about
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cause its spots resemble the bristles of an hedge hog,) fiorco, lafiis Malacensis,\\\e PORCUPINE BEZOAR, or GALL STOXE. It is found in the gall bladder of an Indian
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world, were thought to be required to obtain that sequence. New technologies and strategies now change and replace some of these
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is limited to fifteen, five of whom are to be members of the college of phyficlans, and the other ten of the college of furgeons. The members meet and fup, toge-
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Havard, David, M.D. St. And., Newport, Pembrokeshire. Hawes, Colin Sadler, 207, Albion-road, Stoke Newington. n. 1904 Hawkes, Alfred -Ernest Underwood, -IG, EarhtoiL-road, Liscard,
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nerve — n. Superficial temporal, Auricular nerve — n. Sympathetic, Trisplanchnic nerve — n.Teinpoi:i\ nerve — n. Vidian, Pterygoid nerve — n. of Wris-
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medical, as distinfiuisluMl from vital, statistics. After passing!; six years in Kussia, where his despair over the impotence of medicini;
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preached a sermon, good in matter as in manner. Dinner was at one o'clock, and at two I accompanied the Governor to visit two large Sunday
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3 Blätter vom kriechenden Gänsefuss mit Wein oder Honigmeth getrunken ; fein gestossener Pfeffer mit Wasser getrunken. Als Amulette helfen beini
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an infection of bones so indolent that sarcoma is mim- icked. Drainage having been established, restoration to the normal may occur especially in the young. On the
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peer review. We certainly do not want money wasted on unworthy projects. But there is no reason why peer review committees cannot meet on an emergency basis
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of the culture iluid are manifested not only for B. pyocyaneus, but also for B. typhosus, B. (uilhracis, B. diphtheriw, and staphylococci and
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Tprjadai &)9 K.atre70v<i paKpds irevre r) e£, BiaXet- 7rovo~a<i dtr aXXijXwv &)9 Teoo~apa<$ BarcTvXous,
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Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders & Co. 13 Laboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist. By Lanodon Froth- INGHAM, M.D.V., Assistant in Bacteriology and Veterinary Science,
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ever, observations have shown that it may occur at forty-three years (Riehl), and sixty-four years (Kaposi). Crocker believes that the disease is an
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Causes. — Recent discoveries prove that very little was known of the real cause of consumption, even a decade ago. Great progress has been made recently in the study of this dis-
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attention to the interesting subject of sympathetic vomiting in the husband in his lectures on nervous maladies some years ago. He also quotes the
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family Onkulunkulu which are admitted on all hands to be objects of worship and of prayer among the other Amatongo. Mr. Shooter,
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ting it gently upon the orifice of the opening in the vessel, and pressing it so as not to excite pain, for by this means you will
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J can and put nothing whatever into it, since "wounds dry much - Mondeville's anatomic treatise was re])rinted from a Berhn MS. by
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Guinea-pigs are particularly susceptible, -0001 to -00005 often sufficing to produce a total paralysis of all muscles so that the whole body
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Ether Apparatus.- The principle of the intratracheal administration of ether is now well known. Warm, moist, and etherized air is supplied to the
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CASE 291. Private Thomas H. Graham, Co. G, 1st Michigan, aged 18 years, w r as shot through the abdomen, at Bull region, at a point about six inches to the left of the mesial line of the abdomen,
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genitali), from the Btoniacli. air-papsrigcB, etc., or into the tiissuo of Ihc heart, the pericardium, durft mater, brain, retina, etc. ; the lat-
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" It proves fatal by final paralysis of the lungs, by as- phyxia, from the accumulation of highly carbonized air, by paralysis of the heart, and vascular apoplexy of the brain."]
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preceptors and friends, the indigent, the honest, the to thee (from a distance;, or those who shall live close by, as well as thy relations and kinsmen [to the best
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per tar, an empyreumatic oil distilled from the wood of Juniperus volatile oil from the leaves of Melaleuca leucadendron. O. of
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Which side did Banister himself choose As if the conflicting theories of the Galenists and Columbus were not enough, Leonardus Botallus had lately con-
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collections; l'une celle de Maximilien II à Vienne, l'autre celle d'un amateur et d'un connaisseur Jacques de Strada de Mantoue. Ce dernier avec son fib
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report is no doubt to be strictly depended upon ; the historical embellishments added to it from other sources can have no interest to the professional reader. (Appiani
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fully aware of this fact in the course of preparing my edition of the two old Indian medical tracts preserved in the well-
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cTCn in adults, it by no means invariably happens that traumatio or riMnintatic paralysis disapjwnra in tbe counw of a fen wneka or montlM.
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was populous in the fall, and has wintered finely, may cast the first swarm in May, but usually the season is about the middle of June.
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Malleolus. (See lllus. Diet. ) M. lateralis (fibula). eu|iliorl)iaceous trees and shrubs. M. philippinensis. Mull., kanial, a species of India. The re<l glands of
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sophie de Hobbes. La methode de Descartes. La preuve ontologique cartesienne de- de Leibnitz. La philosophie de Leibnitz et les lois du mouvement. Les principes de
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them" says Casani. "Make sure that you're not going to responses among health care institutions, the private medical sector, the wider community, and all levels
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being catalogued under the author's surname, full Christian name when possible, short title, place of publication, date,
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if you would try to summarize rather than read the entire state- ment. That way we would be able to spend the bulk of our time
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Angioglioma, an-je-o-gli-o'-mah. Vascular tumor of the spinal cord. Angiography, an-je-og'-ra-fe, A description of the vessels.
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like Apparition, caufed by evil Spirits, as the com- cufed ; feeing they ktiew not how to give any other reafon of thefe Apparitions : it being moft Certain,
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often prove sufficiently relaxing; if so, it is best to avoid aperi- ent medicines altogether. For treatment of the diseases to
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times under the skin, sometimes under the periosteum, or the membranes which surround the muscles. And it is also sometimes collected in the stomach and intestines, or between
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218. Distant shell explosion not seen or heard: Tympanic rupture, cere- 219. Mine explosion: Organic and functional symptoms Smyly, 1917 ... 302
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least, and very often much longer, the appearance of a greatly confined by those who have described -the ap- pearances on dissection, being imperfectly acquainted
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ton Hospital, 1912 to date; interne at Presbyterian Hospital, N. Y., 1908-1910. Instructor at College of School in 1882. Post-graduate course at Vienna All-
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ing the middle ear. The increased salivation caused articulation, and maintained its effectiveness. This device has been developed to fit all types of occlu-
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plication of electro-coma therapy, and though it is which the therapist and patient can talk over diffi- solving the problems occasioning his patient's dis-
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infant, and places a small flannel bandage or roller over it and roun<l the body. This bandage should be a simple strip of flan-
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they are old, or to condemn modern methods because they are new ; I merely state the reflections which the comparison of
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rigoureuses comme la punition sévère des directeurs (entrepreneurs) cou- pables de fraude et des peines égales furent infligées aux chirurgiens ou
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fNOS OP THE SOCIETY POft EXnUMINTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE ISt. 441-443 (1978) Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Rutgers Medical School,
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according to which the hypnotic state is a morbid con- chemical changes in the secretions ; a neurosis confined due to a peculiar physical force or vital curative fluid
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diseases peculiar to the lymphatic apparatus, and in certain specific diseases, such as tuberculosis, farcy of the ox, etc., it is necessary to
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«4M is B<;li;rvmB nconaturura, or ccllular-tisHUO hardvning, which is doeided disturbaueo of cireubtion in the outer porlions of the
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the human side, but just so far as the susceptibility of cattle to human tuberculosis is limited, in the same ratio are our hands
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British Government has the right to arrest persons when any well-founded ground for suspecting them  be spies exists. Great popular resentment has been created by the reports of
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through the glottis, which has been reduced in size by oedematous Percussion is generally useless. The appearance of the eyes is also very
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ed his discharge, he was seen, two days after, carrying a hea- vy load on his back to his father's house. Extacies and pos-
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ducing copious watery evacuations. It should never be used alone, but be combined vidth other cathartics. It may be used advantageously in
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Delville Wood and by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Monchy- Now, in the day of victory, I wish to express to you, who represent
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1900 Watkius, Alan Percival, 48, Lupus-street, s.w. 1896 Watkius, Bernard Vincent, M.B. Vict., Whitchurch. 1887 Watkius, Frank Augustus, llo, Denmark-hill. s.e.
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[Illus. Diet.] ), and stain for4 or 5 days in cold hema- toxylin, then at 37° C. for 2 hours; when cool treat with distilled water containing 2 or 3 drops of potash so-
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Myelosyphilosis (mi-el-o-sif-il-o'-sis). Syringomyelia. Myelotherapy \mi-el-o-the)-'-ap-e'). The therapeutic poison]. Char.tcteristic of or pertaining to the sub-
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Hence the gems are afterwards developed, each according to its own form and essence. \'erj' great subtlety and artifice are employed over this generation. — De EUmento Aqucr. Tract IV.. c. lo.
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