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host, and blood, these cannot reach maturity, lay their eggs and thus leave new generations. In the course of the second winter

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v.-hen ripe, infuse them in hot water; the sediment is made into cakes, and is used as a paint for the face. Theroucoti, which the Indians call achiotl or urucu, the

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presume, in the churchyard of the mob against them, that an at- that place ; and this service ap- tempt was made to force the jail

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engourdi le guérit à Tinslant. Et aussi la racine du Maghrab 5) pitce, contre Tengourdissement et la douleur qu'il peut causer en quelque endroit

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Following is a review of this book in Medical Times: character, will be of great pathologic and clinical aid to general practitioners, surgeons and rontgen-

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Prostate Gland, Treatment of Hypertrophy of the 2S8 Undnlant Fever, Further Observations on the Treatment of 67 {Unsigned Department Editorials are by the Editor of the Department; in Departsments in which

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iTidoiridic (i-nd-o-i-rid' -ilt). Containing iridium as a quadrivalent radicle (apparently a trivalent radicle). Iridol (i'-rid-ol) [Iris, a genus of plants]. CjH5(0C-

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a woman. This excrescence was ten inches long, and at the time of presenta- tion reproduction of it was taking place in the woman. Figure 76 shows

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The bowels may be kept soluble by means of cream of tartar, whey, tamarinds, Sec. Dr. Freind observes, that when the head is affected, purges are the best remedies,

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exertions and pains, courage. lOn this account the inhabitants of Europe are more warlike than the Asiatics, and also owing

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persons of scrofulous tendenc}' should wear flannel continu- ously next their skin, it being tlie best protector of the body

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that honour. He then returned to Toronto and commenced practice. In 1848, he took the degree of M.B. at King's College. In 1850, he was appointed to succeed Dr. Sullivan as Professor

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nistered with the most scrupulous drachms of the tincture daily in attention. The mercury was divided doses, in port wine ; and

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with quinine, though it is true he has never given higher doses than Attempts have been made to confer immunity by injecting animals

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in Nephaleia, but particularly what is called the sacramental wine question. Dr. Mair has devoted his leisure hours for many years to a painstaking research and a careful study of

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contented themselves with partial and relative autonomy, as married women did not dare attempt to claim the control of cash in the household. A husband's control of his wife's

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51. On the commodification of health services, see Navarro, Medicine Under Capitalism, pp. 183-228; and Rodberg and Stevenson, "Health Care Industry."

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sequencing, technology development, model organisms, informatics, and ELSI would cost $200 million a year for 15 years, for a total of $3 billion in 1990 equivalent dollars. If you

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fanden, selbst wenn man, wie der Autor emphatisch ausruft, Apollo zu Hilfe riefe, i) An der erworbenen Dyskrasie ist ausser den äusseren Ver-

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It will be noticed that the use of the scratch-stick, at least among the tribes of America, seems to be confined to the male sex; but the

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NIAID presently has under review a few investigator initiated research proposals which include work on special groups. These are for potential

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that of wasps and bees. (1. c.) Nicander also merely describes these serpents, and says nothing about their being venomous.

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infligées par les dieux et les démons; la seconde est nommée maglu etseirait tion"; pour la schurpu on fit un })etit holocauste de grain, pour la maglu on

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calamint, or wild rue, or trefoil, or the juice of the root of CoMM. Commentary. Nicander says, that the scolopendi-a has

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Dr. Parkes kept to this course. He died in harness as the sole professor of surgery. The writing of a thesis as a condition of graduation was aban-

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throw a welcome light on the hitherto obscure and half-mvthical history of Hen nig, Brand, John Kunckel and Jolin Kraft. The first of these began life

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reaion of u it oblique; at other a, prrppodicular, ao that ita left tine, or a collection of facci in iti caviiy; for, in the greater

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was appointed attending physician to the Presbyterian Hospital which was then closely associated with Rush and supplied much of the material for

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wird also nicht gesagt. Lässt sich das genannte Verfahren wegen zu festen Standes des Kopfes nicht leicht ausführen, so soll die Hand bis au den

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granadilla Peruviana, ricinus vulgaris, agnus castus; SEED, castor; ricinus communis Lin. Sp. PI. 430. It is of the natural order of tricocc<, and nearly allied to the

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tioner, it would soon come to be as universally complied with as any other Drs. Davis and Prince closed their report with a two-fold resolution:

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measurements, it will be observed, difler from those endemic haemoptysis is confined to Japan, Corea, and demic districts a notable percentage of the population

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ping and sequencing. The high efficiency lambda packag- ing system is used to generate libraries of clones. These clones are propagated at very low copy number under con-

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Degeneration, de-jen-er-a'-shun. Deterioration in structure of a tissue or an organ. D., Am'yloid, starchy infiltration of tissues.

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Description. — It is a nearly smooth and upright shrub, or small tree, usually from five to twelve feet in height, with several stems from the

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rotten fruit, cider from cider mills, of which bees are very fond, and sorghum sirup or burnt candy or sugar, is almost sure to produce

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circulation without appeai-ing in the urine. In healthy subjects the salt is eliminated by the kidneys in about 2 days. In pneumonia the salt is retained

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ingly identify ourselves with the political party that champions our views of current public questions involving the prosperity and stability of

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