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be used in cases of ringworm of a virulent type for and Pundarika, the patient should be made to drink a lukewarm decoction prepared with equal parts of the
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Godson, John Edward, M.B. Birm., Droylsden, Manchester. Godwin, Alfred Harold, Manor-road, Liscard, Cheshire. Godwin, Charles Henry Young 1 Net ley, Southampton.
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and its symptoms are, that it goes up slowly upon pressure, and quickly falls down again, and that while the person afi'ected
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vimento anormal dos goraos do tuberculo da batata em filamentos longos 76 ARCd. DA ESC. SUP. DE AGRIC. E MED. VETER. Vol VI, Ns. i c 2
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on a diet composed of maize, much in the same way that pohshed rice causes beriberi. Others maintained that it was only mouldy maize
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rather rapid. The authors have found alongside with the increase in the volume of the albumin, a diminution in the amino-acids. They think that
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screening. This dosage will be taken by each subject while he is in an AFHRL laboratory and in the immediate vicinity of a the medical station described in Section 12. A. (4) above.
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ria was confined to Spain. In the latter year, it broke out in Italy, where it was again epidemic in 1618-30 and 1650, while Spain was revisited in 1630, 1650,
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valeur artistique et l'ancienneté viennent rehausser l'intérêt. A regret, je devrai me borner ici à ne signaler que les principaux.
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organizations in our time. Dr. Foster, however, did not get along very well with the members of the sect, for, after a quarrel with one of the
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gcwaöehen, ohne vorhin die Kleider geweehselt zu hahen. Nach der Section einer Puerpera-Leiehe zerüturcn engUsehe Aerzte dureU
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bacillus upon man (acting directly or indirectly through the pig) is that the relative death rate of Jews from tuberculosis is mate-
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Stanley, Cases of hernia cerebri, in Med. Chir. Transactions, Vol. Ill ; HELD, Be hernia cerebri. Diss., Giessfie, 1777.
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What influences the combination of hsmoglobin with oxygen The atmospheric pressure of oxjgen being higher than the pres-
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parni), Sdrivd, Harenukd, Trivrit, Danti, Vacha, Tdlisa- patra, Ndga-kes' ara and Mdlatt lowers 2ls Kalka(is called Apasmdra, (attack by) Graha, consumption, impotency,
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stipulirt 1. c. S. 103, die an und für sich klare Thatsache, „dass es eben diese hunderte von ihrem Heimathsheerde aus den grössten Theil der ostliekem
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Tprjadai &)9 K.atre70v<i paKpds irevre r) e£, BiaXet- 7rovo~a<i dtr aXXijXwv &)9 Teoo~apa<$ BarcTvXous,
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are three components to this mechanism. First, there is a PHS Executive Committee which includes members from all PHS agencies
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down to the year 1'MH. Implicit in tin- neuron doctrine itself is the basic idea of the autonomy of its units, viz., that the branches of the neurons are contiguous,
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instrument for measuring blood-pressure in h. Cephalo- state of having large h. Megalocephalia ; Macroceph- state of having long h. Dolichocephalism ; Dolicho-
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Awjant 8, 1837. — The inemhor.s of the Medical lioard met this day to take into consideration the interests of the medical
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mit Wein vierzig Tage genommen verringert vorzüglich die Milz, indem die abgeschiedene Substanz durch den Stuhlgang ausgeschieden wird.
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jionNoa bo followed by an orrcat of improroraent in the symptoms, tint kxlioc must bo nsumed nftcr the catarrh or cnipUou biu
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tubes being left in to irrigate the partially closed cavity. But it is not exceptional to see, even after extensive operation, the infection spread up and down, neees-
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Chairman ROCKEFELLER. OK. We will defer to Dr. Temple. Go Dr. Temple. We thought that the extensive experience in myasthenia gravis was relevant to the safety of pyridostigmine.
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The phosphate buffer recommended here for the neutral- ization of chemical burns is prepared by dissolving 7 Gm. of monobasic potassium phosphate and 180 Gm. of dibasic
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which Dr. Clin dell has known to occur in some cases af- The syringe employed was of brass, and well tinned on the inside : to the mouth of the syringe a pipe was lived, of a-
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The duct is probably more often wounded than is imagined, as pieces of tissue may be clamped before division, and then ligatured,
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may be involved in any general tion has also effected great relief ; diathesis which may prevail, as a cold solution of the acetate of
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There are 24 of these vessels, which for the most part proceed from the navel. There are 10 that proceed upwards, ten down-
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De racc616ration produite par une force constante. Notes pour servir Si histoire de la dynamique par M. P. Duhem, .... Kflndig & fils, 1906. asc". p. [8s9]-9i5. 7 diagr.)
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point, a fact which negatives the idea of a rapidly progressive infectious disease. Slight colic appears, and is accompanied by constipation ; the
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butter. If the patient be feverish, spread it hghtly with cranberry jam Rice. — In all cases where a light and nice diet for parties who have
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29. Frontal Bone. External surface, showing Metopic Suture 1. The theory of the Ancient Indians regarding the skeleton, or the bony frame of the human body, has been transmitted to
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Purpose: Assess difficulties in post-war adjustment among ODS soldiers. Early Intervention with Appalachian Marine Reservists in ODS.
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studies are different from the cases of the uranium miners and the Marshallese, however, because the exposure ended before the epidemiologic study got under
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A Manual of Surgical Asepsis. By Carl Beck, M.D., Surgeon to St. Mark's Hospital and the New York German Poliklinik, etc. 306
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fuar na duinti uair and 7 in trath ibes nech a saith de, oir uair Aueroes curub ferr sin na in tecc [7 trit sin adeir se] gurub ferr
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pint of oysters, the other ingredients being in proportion, make a Suet and Milk 1. Put a tablespoonful of shredded beef-
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4th, 1904. while riding in heavy road wagon, up a hill, the horses became frightened and backed the wagon down over an embankment at the side of the hill, the wagon upsetting and
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clothing according to the temperature of the climate in which a person lives, avoiding extreme colds or extreme heats '; keeping the clothing
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service May 17th, 1865, and pensioned, his disability being rated total and permanent. Subsequent information shows that the
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1. half of the colon. Nor is the choice of anastomosis in- different. Side-to-side juuction with, both ends in a cul- de-sac, is but little favorable to good circulation of the
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Palmer, James Foster, 8. Royal-avenue, Chelsea. s.w. Palmer, Percy Allan, 1, Cyril-mansions, Battersca. s.w. Palscr, John Edward Ford, Victm-iu Crescent, Southsea.
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of wine (Pfiinaijirna). Phaldmla in combination with Eld, or a compouud consisting of Saindhava, vid, Tvak, Chabya, Eld, Hingu, Pippali, Pippali-roots and S'unthi
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slight headache, but was otherwise improving rapidly. He was transferred to the Invalid Corps on May 17th, 1863. He is not
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1899 Gaster, Sidney, Dera Ghazi Khan., Punjab, India. 1902 Gater. Arthur William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 1886 Gault, Arth. Hy., M.D. Lond., Lr. Mitcham, Adelaide., S. Australia.
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