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rentlering the body more liable to the power of contagioQ, of { ptcdmpoaing circumftiancca cooMantly npjiUcd, mAy, by their

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recovered and was mustered out on the expiration of his terra of service; another recovered from the injury of the head, and was discharged on account of the loss of an arm; and

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These are produced in farm animals by arachnide belonging to the (1.) The Leptus autumnalis is considered to be the larva of the

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the disease, and to prevent the conglutination and consolidation of the wound." (Book II, ch. 27.) This simple statement, as

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concerning his religious belief. I did not care much what topic he se- lected; it might be myths, clan laws, war customs, medicine anything

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Do you know of anything more filthy and more useless than the chewing and the smoking of tobacco Just think of making chimneys

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tive good which may be derived from it. Already we have seen that during the state of magnetic insensibility the most painful

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media sometimes showing long bacilli, and sometimes strepto- cocco-bacilli, but the usual and characteristic appearance is that of

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Virginia, May 5th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which caused a lacerated wound of the face, injured the palate, and conmiiutited

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Klin. Chir., 1873, B. XV, 8. 481), on May 18, 1870, ligated the common iliac in the case of a butcher accidentally stabbed in the right iliac region ;

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in Nephaleia, but particularly what is called the sacramental wine question. Dr. Mair has devoted his leisure hours for many years to a painstaking research and a careful study of

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Dr. Tyson, in introducing Dr. Osier for the response to the toast, said that usually occasions like this and eulogies such as Dr

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cessary for their crystallization ; and in the roasting of minerals, which carries off their sulphur, arsenic, and It was formerly supposed, that an inflammable prin-

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a stick at the patient, but, above all, by the test of presenting a ing eyes, dashes himself on his supposed enemy and bites viciously,

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Bj'mptoms." He is not a pensioner, and tho hospital record gives the diagnosis " chronic diarrlKra." without indication of any wound.

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A. Drossman, Dr. William D. Heize, Dr. Kim Isaacs, Dr. R. Neurology - Dr. Colin D. Hall, Dr. James F. Howard Jr. Wesley C. Fowler Jr., Dr. Marc A. Fritz, Dr. David A. Grimes, Dr.

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déterminés par les fauves et les serpents venimeux (cobra capel etc.), les scorpions, les scolopendres et autres animaux nuisibles (sangsues de bois,

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lear extremity of the humerus, and recovered in three months; there was incomplete anchylosis, some flexion, but imperfect extension. Capt. L . of

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Complete Apparatus fitted with India-rubber Under-straps £1 6 6 Suggested by Mr. A ALI.I'URT. M.K.CS., Hon. Surg., St. Paul's Hospital.

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Vor kurzem habe ich in dieser Zeitschrift (Februar 1907) ebenfalls eine derartige Notiz veröffentlicht, um zu zeigen, wie sich Patho-

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this iban upon iht right 9idct>ct die- nbn will be foood pro- paiKTDi wiU be incapable of lying on cither aide, from pui to

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of wine (Pfiinaijirna). Phaldmla in combination with Eld, or a compouud consisting of Saindhava, vid, Tvak, Chabya, Eld, Hingu, Pippali, Pippali-roots and S'unthi

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Va., 1889; l ect - dermat, Atlanta Coll. Phys. Surgs.; clin. prof., 1905; mem. Co. Med. Soc. ; ex-pres. State Med. Assn.; Am. Elec. Ther.

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individual who listed his local reaction as incapacitating am pain did not have a systemic reaction. Table 2 (enclosure 3)

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AIDS so people could get Disability Insurance. Even when the defin- ition was added it was inadequate. Only people with the CDC defin-

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der most often occurred following exposure to cold and dampness while the patient was at sea. Malnutrition and chronic insomnia also

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Nahrung erhielten wie die des neuen und dieselbe sogar eine Zeit lang im neuen Gefängnisse zubereitet wurde. Ferner blieben während der 6 Jahre, in

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1919 — Os longicorneos brasileiros da subfaniilia Prioninae. 1920 — Longicorneos novos ou pouco conhecidos do Brasil.

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gacantli. Oalj a imall porUon la lolnbla in aotlon. Tba Bleotria Bath ptodaMa general •>. wuer. Tba iniolnble portion is a ptealiar prin- eitement of all tba ftiDOtkiBa, and aapadallj of

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it appears jelly-like, owing to effusion into its substance. Except for mended. The animals should be housed and kept warm ; the litter,

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the disease, and when there appeared little cbauce of the re- He now reports a second successful case of a child eighteen

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Spermatophore, sper'-mat-o-for. Sheath containing spermatozoa. Spermatopoietic, sper-mat-o-poi-et' -ik. Producing semen.

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Surgeon John Neill, U. S. V., reported the general health excellent, a fortnight after the injury. On introducing the finger an

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to control its economic and working conditions. Initial efforts at licensure were defeated by a popular movement of lay healers

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much saliva in the mouth, and running at the nose, vsdth cough, a The treatment consists in exhibiting the root of long-pepper,

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patient's HDL ("good" cholesterol) level unchanged. generally felt bad all the time. He had trouble breathing, could- n't do simple yard work around his home, and was afraid to go

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then: "Alii ut QUATl OR MAGISTRI ponunt tracheam arteriam alicujus animftlis, deinde suunt vulnus, et natura postea expellit illas canulas." LOUIS.

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bladder. After explorating, the ball was found and extracted (FiG. 223). Its base end was covered with deposits of phosphate

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Insomnia is sometimes treated by suggestion, but it is only a small and carefully-selected proportion of cases that are successfully

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numbed, painful or contracted and the affected part should be fiimly bandaged thereafter with a piece of the affected part should be plastered (and well rubbed)

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James Grant, the eldest son of Col. Chewett, was born at Cornwall, November 9, 1793. He was educated at the famous school founded by Mr., afterward Bishop, Strachan, and followed

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the cloth, placed on scientific medicine in promoting Western influence and because of the unabashed imperialist motivations

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coverings of the fore part of the eye, though the con- junctiva is reflected, and also spread over the inside of which lines the inner surface of the eye lids, and at the

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experts, in law and medicine, the ideas of the true pathology yet ated manifestations tmproportionate to the injury received; and