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curately described between the years 1494 and 1550. Meanwhile humanity of high and low degree had to learn the hard lesson that

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produced, over the course of the next 2 or 3 years, the data that will be required to evaluate this strategy, that exactly what kind

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skin, and gives it a dingy, un- ware that I have been preceded healthy appearance. in some of the opinions I have to The existence of papillae on any give, some time since : and that

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animals of the bovine species, and passes through the intestine into the surrounding tissues by a path which is yet unknown, possibly by

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be regarded as dreadful and fatal, casting around the matter (such as dirt, bone, splinter etc.), lodged within the body and invisible to the eye, tends to burst open

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tained by tneana of uppnipriatr mediaitinn, TIic most oomnKNi iiiid bi-;it to 5u1iiiilimi, IhiI should ha Buspcnded ns eouo u a Headed iinpfnvty

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is made up of white fixed Sulphur and fixed Salt but of Mercury not fixed. And because it is fixed in body, not in Mercury, it easily loses its metallic

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12 to 24 hours it is resolving and usually a second third injection in a similar interval is necessary to in oil given deeply into the buttocks in the upper,

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speaking. You teach boys to swim, as Billings said, by "throwing them into tiu> water." The books, facts, and dates .are as nothing in comparison with

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years it has been common to prohibit the use of fluids in dropsy; and the reason probably was, that as an ex- cess of diluents sometimes brought it on, so they might

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of the celebrated Tincture of the Philosophers for the use and honour of all who love the truth, and in order that all who despise the true arts may be

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no one seemed willing to show us the examining room. Finally someone escorted us to the amphitheater. This was filled with a crowd of students

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the patient's back, with its dark blue wings covered with silvery scales, widely expanded. The patient was not anemic and appeared to be in the best of

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ference with movement of the head and with mastication ; the whole The distinction of this condition from actinomycosis of the parotid

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niere d'etudier les proprietes medicales des agens therapeu- tiquos ne peut conduire a des connaissances completes ni po-

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ance only if it protected fee-for-service practice under local medical society control. Although the committee majority advo-

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injured in this way, through the desire to diminish the size of the cow, and yet retain the highest milk and butter yield.

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+ Richard Wright, M. D. F. R, S. Charles-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare. WE had occafion, in our account of the College of Phyficlans, to

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diac region, and one drop of the tincture of aconite may be given every organic disease of the heart, the proper treatment for such disease

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declared the adulterers of food to be, next to the anarchists, the greatest enemies of the (ierman jn'oitle. The society against food adulteration, founded

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and did it with such show of confidence and indifference that they all' humbly asked for peace. In the space of five weeks he concluded peace

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of the pectineus and the adductors and deep perineal fascia, piercing, in its course, the corpus spongiosum of the penis and

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1973" (ACHRENo. MASS-072194-A), 17, and the Working Group on Human Subject Research, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation, June 1994, "The Thyriod Studies:

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faaslcA!! tbc esc8i>c of venous blood from flic tiraiii, and thus focilitAteti jlvd embousu or mu ckkeukal. aiticuibs — r>urrKxtiici.

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its purview. Policies were more variable among other government agencies. By 1975, the branches of the military set about developing their own more

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le médecin légalement autorisai le guérisseur non autorisé est soiiniis nniverselle«, il est donc responsable aussi de dommage par erreur."]

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Anjanas (collyrium) mentioned in the (next) Chapter on matured clarified butter, Triphald, S'atdvari, Patola, Mudga, Amalaka, Yava (barley) as diet enjoys immunity

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has a quick component to the midline with a slow return to the affected side. In the cat and dog, where the eyes are less laterally placed in the

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struck. Repeat the experiment on another subject and inject the head minutely with size injection and you will find a clot

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The phosphate buffer recommended here for the neutral- ization of chemical burns is prepared by dissolving 7 Gm. of monobasic potassium phosphate and 180 Gm. of dibasic

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Richard II. Arderne, therefore, was born in 1307. 6 It is clear too that he practised abroad, for he says that he tried a remedy "in foreign

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Granada (1531), Konigsberg (1544), Jena (1558), Donai (Lille) (1561), Helmstadt (1575), Leyden (1575), Altdorf (1580), Edin-

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beer. Dedicated to the friends of George Ehret. 120 p. il. i fiirstbischoflichen Herrschaft im Jahre 1802. Mit besonderer

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tions, of eight years' duration, weight 122 pounds. Physical examination revealed a number of cavities in both lungs, although

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a tine ifua nan, nor do ihcy alone suHicc to induce the disease'. This Ilie peirsuns ilrinkiiig ifc-ater from a (•ertaiii swamp were tuUen sick with

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medela, et a rege accipiei donaiionem. Disciplina medici exaltabit caput illius, et in conspectu niagnatorum collaudabitur. Altissimus creavit de

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and as soporific, instead of potassmm bromide.— Dose: Anti'epUeptic, (30-100 grn. daily, in solut. ; hypnotic, 60—75 grn.

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\Yhen Chicago was incorporated as a town in 1833, Fort Dearborn still existed as an army post. The first frame house in the city, built for "Billy"

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an of alight exteniul irritanto ; for iuatanee, to tlio bites of pota&ilefl, not t«ll why thu numerous email oircuinambcd portions of the cutis,

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named one of his best-beloved ointments Ungt. Noirbon, adding as a pun Poitiers was stormed on 4th October, 1346, with a tremendous slaughter

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