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1S12, from which he was appointed to the senate. He was identified with the old Harrison party in the Territory, being their candidate for

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JIarch 3d, 1865. The specimen is figured in the wood-cut, and shows a disk and five fragments of bone. One and a half square inches of the

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TABLE n. Comparison of the Effects of Luminal Placement of 100, 33, and 20% Food on Venous ' N = 6 for each comparison. The values are changes from precontrol values. Comparisons 1 and 2 were

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Anatomiail Society of Great Hritain and Ireland — Secretary, Alex Macphail, .\ss<x-iation I'or the .KdNanci-nient of Medicine l)V Ri'search -Ser.. W. Hale

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30, RODNEY STREET, LIVERPOOL, from 2 till 4.0 p.m. every A Private Licensed House for the treatment of Gentlemen SITUATED amongst chariiiiiiy scenery, more than 600 feet al>ove the

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Anthracnosis, an-thrak-no'-sis. Black rot, a disease of vines. Anthracom'eter. An instrument for determining the amount of

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inconsiderable portion of her health and enjoyment must accrue. No lackadaisical novel reader or victim of fashionable ennui has

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gegenseitigen Wirkw>gsr ich hingen der Qualitäten bzw. Accidentien der ] Körper und Grundlage aller Gestaltungen in den Körpern vorstellen.

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eiers dans les gmndes couches meublees, ou Ton rencontre en si grand nombre leurs contemporains herbivores. II n'y a guere d'exception un peu marquante, sous ce rapport, que

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air, but, as TTottou aptly remarks, the rbenl is comprciutcd ox in a rice, modic contnirtion of the diaphragm and other rcspinitory nius<;]es so

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Gundu sah Verfasser 2 Fälle und auch einen typischen Fall von Ainhum. mit Bemerkungen über die Latenzperiode bei Malaria mit.

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School and Rush Medical College, Dr. Christian Fenger for a quarter of a century was an inspiration to the medical youth of Chicago.

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but for moderate or cold bodies; and let no one drink wine after coition or heavy work, unless he take a rest thereafter,

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Ague Drops (tasteless). A solution of arsenic, probably similar to the liquor potassa arsenitis (liquor arsenicalis, Anderson's Pills. See Pilulse Andersonis, P. F. Other

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be continued for several days after the removal of the m<5mbrane and subsidence of unpleasant symptoms. To complete the cure, a generous diet and other restorativca

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psychiatrist who examined him felt that the case was really one of psychopathic constitution, as he had shown somewhat similar irascibility on a slight occasion before. However,

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Function of the lobules — In this arrangement we see the boundless ■wisdom of the Creator displayed, for were it not for this wise and perfect

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VVhen dissolved and a little cool, add copal vamish 1 pt., and boiled linseed-oil i pt.; when cold it is ready for use. Perhaps a

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hnintcrtt to which we refer our readers is of historic as well as genentl 1Ô original articles upon a variety of subjects bearing on Culonial hygiene and

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peer review. We certainly do not want money wasted on unworthy projects. But there is no reason why peer review committees cannot meet on an emergency basis

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