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impression of he camp authorities a Wittenberg was uterly unlike tha which I received in every oher camp I bave visied in Germany." (Miscel. 16,

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kinds which used to be described under the name of acute delirium, dominate the scene, and the diagnosis can only be established by the sub-

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Cristoforo Teodoro Verrani praktische Medizin lehrten. Es erlangte hier Matani 1754 den Doctortitel, worauf er nach Florenz zog, um sich dort

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In his well-known text book on ophthalmology, Fuchs says: It was at the commencement of the last century that Trachoma It was then that thei disease first ishowed itself as an epidemic among

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de nouvelles recherches. Jusqu'en 1860, les expéditions scientifiques ont été nombreuses. Poeppig a visité le Chili et le Pérou ; Karsten, le A''énézuela et

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luxation of the inferior maxilla, since in nearly all of them the condition was relieved within a short time by correcting this lesion. The possible

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add one ounce and a half of honey of roses, and half drams of tincture of myrrh, and the same quantity of honey of roses, add one ounce and a half of lime wa-

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all proportion to its value, running through some 52 editions and innumerable translations, because it was almost the only book before

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1885, where he later served as senior professor of ophthalmology and oto- laryngology. Two other homeopathic graduates who were well known

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and admitted into hospital on September 2d. Assistant Surgeon V. B. Hubbard, U. S. V., reported that a ball entered the the wound with the pus. The patient died on September 19, 1862. The symptoms and termination of this case were very

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caecum are often enlarged and congested. The crop is full of watery, pulpy, frothy or slimy contents, and its mucosa and that

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concerns that the community at risk, which you represent, had I find that to be the height of cynicism; in the one instance to be

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shot perforation of the liver, bilious matter having escaped from the wound for three weeks. Sanner was still a pensioner

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with a whistling sound, and that coffee and other fluids which he swallowed ran out of the wound of entrance for many days. Confederate Surgeons told him that bile came

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the 17th they surprised a Miami and Munsey town near Jalapa, killed eight warriors, and captured eight warriors and thirty-six women and

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entered Carver Hospital on the 24tli, and, on the 27th, was transferred to the Summit House Hospital, Philadelphia. Here he

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Enterologist [en-ter-ol'-o-jisi) [IvTEpm, intestine; Enteromalacosis, Enteromalaxis (en-ter-o-mal-a-ko' - sis, -aks'-is). See Enteromalacia (Illus. Diet.). '

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There were six cases reported of ligations of the external carotid, in addition to the two already mentioned in conjunction with ligations of the common trunk. Four of the

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Rab bilden, indess geben sie keine befriedigende Lösung dafür. Nachdem ich nun die Unrichtigkeit der Auffassung unserer Thalmudstelle, seitens

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and discoloured. The poison in this case is strong. A part of the body touched with the Rajas, semen, or (Luta)-poisoii according to its seat in the body of the

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beginning, howerer, parlicularly if tlierv be any pain in the hypochoitdriuiit, it M hard, and even frequent and full. But, after the pain Kiibsidcs, the pulse has been known to

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ring amocg, or in the inieraices of the eruption, and pr--ducmg flod whichf in treating of th« diseases of the skin, I have been

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djKoreryof the enw pock, must have appejred to practilton- evident chat ihiny-fivc of sixtylour of the pncienii who took

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rance of dyientery among the Herero-captivcs and the great morbidity and mortality in the camp the writer's opinion is deduced, that dysentery ought

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cons. phys. Salop Children's Convalescent Home; mem. Roy. Coll. Surgs. ; London Roy. Coll. of Phys. Author: Malaria, 1900. Ad-

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nerve — n. Spino-crnnio-trnpezien, Spinal nerve — nerve — n. Trachelo-dorsal, Spinal nerve — n. Tri- — n. Ciliaires, Ciliary nerves — n. Craniens, Cere-

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castor oil, if they be perfectly fresh ; but if they in small quantities, with rice, &c., warm cloth- face, and the application of a flannel roller round

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durch einen Bericht und Proben, die er an Dr. Erasmus Wilson in Eng- Durch Dr. Erasmus Wilson wurde aber wohl nur der Name Kollodium

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A.B., Brown Univ., 1875, M.D., Columbus Med. Coll., 1878; m. Alice Roston, Columbus, O. ; mem. Am. Acad. Med. ; prof, anat, Columbus

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individual who listed his local reaction as incapacitating am pain did not have a systemic reaction. Table 2 (enclosure 3)

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blob Isetan -j bjimcan ainylce butepan boUaii fulne • ]70]me • -j |>onne pm oSSe aloji ' bpenc bpype on mnan ])i]> poccum jentm jlofpypt apyl on buuepan "j fmipe

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previously reported in hypophysectomized mice injected with estradiol dipro- pionate and progesterone;"' apparently no lobulo-alveolar growth was in-

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Euripides they were both probably copying some famous philosophic diclam, as it is most unlikely that Euripides cojiied the Hippoeratic writer, whose intellect is distinctly of an

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to make it appear that nothing is hidden in the sanctuary that they cannot comprehend by their intellect, will never be converted, and

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Propei'ties and Uses. — It is anthelmintic, tonic, and narcotic. It is used for many diseases, among which may be enunaerated intermittent

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A number of new illustrations have been added, and some that appeared in the first edition have been replaced by others of greater excellence. By

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the fonn in whidi it is admlniatcred. 2. Tliat nearly all fcrmgiixno prcparntiotu are welt borao in clilurosts. 3. Tliat npecaal indicatioot

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