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Milano, Soc. anonima per le arti grafiche "La Gutenberg", 191 1. Histoire du commerce et de la navigation des Egyptiens, sous le
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— r. Stertens, Stertor — r. Stertuosa, Stertor. neu'sia, Pueu'ais apiru'tio, Reapira' men, Respira- is, to place the materials of the blood — the mix-
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deficiency in the abthinihial wall ; instances are not uncommon, and some of entire want of development of the abdominal parietes. Robertson,
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remedv in those diseases which arise from an imperfect assimilation of Q these substances. The presence of the active and valuable constituents (J)
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opening the vesications by the purging are necessary, point of a needle, before we ap- The consequences to be appre- ply the ointment. This kind of hended, or in other words, the
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blood products. To date, no person to person transmission has been identified other than through intirate contact or blood transfusion.
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may get fixed in the sponge and be brought up. Leonidas orders suppurative cataplasms to be applied, such as those from raw barley-flour, in order that the part may be converted
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September 1st, 1861, by a conoidal ball, which ))assed tlirougli the lower edge oftlie ramus oftlie inferior maxilla, comminuting
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PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 157,626-630(1978) ' This investigation was supported in part by Research
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This last is often the result of affectation, or a foolisil ] habit, not easy to be conquered when once acquired. Im the preceding genus, Uie iinpcrfV-ction or depnivity,
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there be cattfe to the. coiitrary in other mens refufal to olferve them towards uu The force therefore cf (he Law Amor:g!} the Laws of Nit urey ( ufloTKes ard prefer h
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origin of the cowpox than that it comes on the cow spontane- ously, or from grease-heel of the horse, or it is smallpox caught
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plicatum, 'to fold.') Duplica'tio, £>uph'e"it<u, and, by its various expansions — the falx cerebri, bottle or tin canister, to the mouth of which it is
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resembling one or the' other parent, and possessing in butes of tlie other. The second cross will result in fixed possesses a definite internal structure, which in every
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and smooth, the body well rounded and the ribs springing well out- ward, barrel-like, from the back. The hips should be straight ;
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to determine with something like unerring accuracy, and speed- ily, the character of the suitor who may seek to win the affec-
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the left ilium, passed through the bladder, and lodged in the region of the sacrum. Treatment by Buck s method." This man
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armies in the northwestern region). Russk. Vrach., Petrogr., 1916, v. 15, Reformatski, N. N. (Organization at the rear for the care and evacuation of
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24th, to Hicks Hospital, from whence he was transferred, well, September 6th, 1865, to New York, to be mustered out of service.
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progress© y evoliicion de la medicina etc. Zu den Scliriften dieser Kategorie zählen auch die beiden oben genannten, nämlich die Biographie des berühmten
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plying the blacking, saving from ten to twenty dollars yearly, in this way, instead of the old plan of using vine- wooden pail of scraps, (the legs and pates of calf-skins are
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signs. The temperature was at first continuous or remittent, afterwards intermittent. Blood cultures showed gonococci on two occasions and
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suggestion. He was sent to the Maida Vale Hospital. Pre- viously he tried to persuade the medical officer that further hospital treatment was unnecessary, stating that he was
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the stomach " ; No. 2, " to retain the internal vital heat of the system, and cause a free perspiration"; No. 8, "to scour the
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atrophy. L. as'pera, a rough line on the posterior surface of the femur. L. semiluna r res, a curved line on each side of the linea
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1886 I Simmons, Herbert Charles, Standerton, Transvaal. 1896 I Simmons, Stewart Septimus, Enmore-road, Norwood, s.e. 1884 Simoeus, Joseph Auspicio, Colva, Goa, East Indies.
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Podiapolsky. Application de la suggestion hypnotique dans la pratique des h6pitaux militaires. (Jour, de neurop. et psychiat. de S. S., Korsakoff,
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is still room for some question as to the curability by sugges- tion of such disorders as tic, tremor, vasomotor imbalance,
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on physiology. To the early period belong those of Magendie (1816-17), H. Mayo (1827), Joh. Mtiller (1834-40), Rudolf Wagner
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et Lunarium proxime praeteritorum, und dann erst in dem sehr heissen dass das Consilium et Auxilium in erster Reihe als „Modus théologiens"
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répondant à une indication particulière mais pas toujours fondée, il font surtout remarquer celles qui ont eu un objectif radical, telle, par exemple, la
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marched the long uphill eight miles back to camp - - and invari ably arrived there fagged out, white with road-dust and far
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William Hey (1736-1819), of Leeds t who first described fungus nematodes and devised a useful saw for operating m fractures of the skull, and whose "Prac-
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effusion must result, unless the muscular coat is paralyzed. Argument to prove that the contents of the bowel must follow the line of least resistance and escape through an
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drop by drop as before, until a deep violet colour appears. The yellow figures subtracted from the previously determined total acidity furnish
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tion of anterior lobe from toads or mammals (ox) protects hypophysectomized toads against the action of insulin. This finding led us to study with Dr.
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Virginia, May 5th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which caused a lacerated wound of the face, injured the palate, and conmiiutited
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Savory, Surgeon of HrÎKlitvvalton in Berkshire. He says that in "17SS, Oct. 3 Monday evening I went to Cline in St. Mary Axe who ia first surgieon and
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boys to swim, by throwing them into the water"; and, in 1878, \w Vjclieved that it would be long before the annual number of
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medicine as an avenue to a comfortable income, social status, and other benefits which seem to be acceptable reasons for parents to
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The immediately foregoing paragraph was written after hav- ing read the now apparently false announcement in The Globe that a defeated candidate in a western constituency was to be
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Tennessee, November 3Uth, 1804, a gunshot wound of the sculp. He was, on the following day, admitted to Hospital No. 15,
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What arc the symptoms of mercurial poisoning Give an antidote to The symptoms of mercurialism (bj'drargyrism) are: salivation,
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Lignorosin {lig-no-roz'-in'). Sodium lignin-sulfonic acid ; a reducing agent obtained by action of calcium .sulfite on lignin, consisting chiefly of calcium lignate.
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