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nabur sifacc, no ina leathnuidter no ina sinter he : 7 ar a son sin tuitid na inne i sparan na nuirgid ; no attaid siad isin for-
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it arrives in the pericardial cavity. Up to that time the only dis- turbance is of a digestive character ; no pericarditis exists. But when
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that a person, sending polluting liquid from a manufactory through a sewer into a stream, commits an offence under Section 4 of the Rivers
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formed, as silver nitrate and sodium chloride form silver chloride ; s physical, when an unsightly appearance is produced, as when.
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graduating in 1836." Although not the first physician to try the field of Dixon, Illinois, he was the first to permanently locate in it, and is
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perfectly distinct microbes. It is certainly remarkable that microbes, apparently so different, in all respects should have been so long confased.
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combines with phosphorus, sulphur, and the different metals. Its oxide is of a light clear green, giving to glass a brown and orange, in soigne instances a red, hue ;
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small veins by which blood passes from the walls of the heart to the right auricle. V. vortico'sae, the stellate veins of the choroid
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7. Saroff, J., Chu, T. M., Gaeta, J. F., Williams, P., 8. Sarcione, E. J., and Smalley. J. R., Cancer Res. 9. Dunham, L. J., and Stewart, H. L., J. Nat. Cancer
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round her daughters, whether as mere girls or grown-ap maid- ens. A careful supervision of the company they keep and the
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der grossen Sonnenwende mit Wein ; 4 Bettwanzen in ausgehöhlte Bohnen gegeben und getrunken ; 4 Blätter vom kriechenden Gänsefuss mit Honig-
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barred from entering the affection in the list of animal plagues proper, to be met by official restrictions. The streptococcus may
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Southbury Training School, in Bui. New York Acad, of Med.. Hurinc the last 10 years, i.e., since the introduction of more effective anticonvulsive drugs, we have not had occa-
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lin cuhe aussi exclusif ne lui supposassent pas des écrits, afin de donner celle du disciple. Fin effet, ])emiant que lantiquité garde un silence absolu
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surgeon owed the improvement in his social condition to the fistula of Louis XIV and its successful treatment by Fehx, which
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' Matthew (op. ciL, Vol. IT, p. 321) : "Extensive pneumonia did not appear to be a common occurrence. Pneumonic consolidation was more
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such as notha tertiana, and there are species of that, for notha tertiana is formed from the combination of phlegm and choler; and it is formed from burning, such as cholera aeruginosa
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Possibility of the sunlight charging the air particles bacteriological analysis of the air of three operating rooms in two buildings on two different levels simi-
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According to the Experiments of Dr. Bryan Higgins, a Of calcareous earth, combined with vitriolic divt. gr. Acidulous gas, besides what is contained in the above
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bladder and are probably distributed to the longitudinal muscle fibers. An innominate lesion may thus affect the bladder from injury to these
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process. In any case, see that the intestinal functions are maintained. If they do not come on soon, we order on the first day 10 cc. glycerin
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If any one can tell it from its namesake, by its looks or actions, we will then acknowledge that the old minister, from whom it was obtained, was greatly deceived, although ha
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thin plates, which are suspended over the vapours aris- ing from wine, during its acetous fermentation : or the husks and stalks of grapes are dried, and, when bruised,
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digested. Ass's milk is saltish, easily digested, and useful in debility and urinary complaints. Camel's milk is light, sweet,
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:iiided to the Library. I'o.'it Free to anji Addre.ts. FOODS AND DIETARIES. By R. W. ! PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY OF THE lU UNIT, .M.D.. F.R.C.P. Fourth Edition, I URINE. Bv .1. Dixon .AIann, M.1>.,
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Blathwayt, Arthur de Visme, Universitu College Hospital, w.c. Blaxall, F. Richardson, M.D. Lond., Lymph Laboratories, Blaxland, Athelstan Jasper, M.B. Lond., Fordwich, Nightingale-
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2 We have lately had a notable example of the warlike and independent spirit of mountaineers in the determined resistance which the Circassians have made to the
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dysentery ai-e as manifold and varied as are the earlier disease of high fatality (fifteen deaths in thirty-one caaea), manifestly infectious, running a rapid course —
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which the flow of bile and phlegm is considered to be the cause spirit {irvtvixa) and humidity are held to be the first principles
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minutes, sometimes longer, and the liquid escapes in large quantities, soiling the quarters and hocks. The animals are dull, show a certain
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neppe -j mib pape. Sexte ly heapbunj ]78epe lippe bucan jep elnej'j-e -j butan fajie. hgepe lippe jefpel oJ]7e apun- benej'pe ]>\\ mealic j)up onjitan • on ]a fjnSpan healpe
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28Brinton's Myths of the New World, p. 197; Jesuit Relations, Vol. 50, p. 328. 30 Jesuit Relations, Vol. 50, p. 289; Vol. 54, p. 155; Vol. 67, p. 159; Blair's
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J. H. B. Latrobe. Baltimore, [Printed by J. Murphy], 1871. 44 p. 24'=™. (Maryland Historical Society. Fund-publication, no. 5.)
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thenic disturbances. He set down the contraindications as fol- lows : I. Fever. 2. Advanced arteriosclerosis. 3. Far-advanced
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food for the table. To retain the nutritive juices, the joint should- be placed close to a clear, strong fire for five minutes at first, and
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copper-plate of 1570, after Stradanus,' shows a sickroom interior, with all the stages of preparing the guaiac infusion, from chipping
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' 'AvapSoi. The meaning of this term seems to be, persons whose joints are indis- tacitly refers to the inhabitants of Attica. It is worthy of remark that Thucydidcs
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relaxed ; lis miisck'S tnay have undcrgoni- fatty degeneration. The of the tmicouii membrane of tbe alimentary eanal ; rarely there
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plants, capable of extensive use. It is alterative, cathartic, sialogogue, vermifuge, and diuretic. In scrofida and syphilis it acts as a .powerful
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unusually loaded, and perhaps irritated. Yet we chose to consider it separately, since we would connect this with a very different class of remedies, viz. those which
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five to fifteen minutes are needed to make the test. With concen- time, since after the first quantity of urine is added, often only
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SL Croi< Minen] Spring, East Finninghnm, Polk County. Wisconsin. SleatnboaC S|>rLng>, lO miles from Camm City, Wuhoe County Nevada.
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Sp. Gr. 1, 57. Moderate effervescence in acid with or without being powdered, which soon subsides, leaving considerable sediment. Before the blow-pipe it forms a yellowish or
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or LITTLE FLOWER, one of the distinct florets which according to their form, or their qualities. In the for- gaseous, watery, oily, glairy, or mucous. The gaseous
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head the most good, the captain turned him over to the military Another bit of German Kultur we couldn t savvy was that long winding alley just a stone s throw from the Cologne cathe
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hydroeyanicus — e. Muriate of, jEther muriaticus. induced by the inhalation of ether — JEtherism'us. nose,' and Kz<pa\ri, 'head.' A genus of monsters,
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Acervulus, as-er'-vu-his, or Acer'vulus cer'ebri. Concretionary matter near the base of the pineal gland ; brain-sand. I Ace seen ce, as-es'-ens. The process of becoming sour.
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far been written. It has become a classic among the many county histories In Illinois. Copies of it are in all the public libraries in Stark County, in the
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literary organ of protozoology, which he had found in the descrip- The first steps in the conquest of syphilis had thus been made
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Dose — For adults, 1 tea-spoon every 3 to 5 hours, increasing the dose gradually until you reach two or three tea-spoons, if the
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