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of isolation presents considerable difficulty. Burke recommends primary inoculation of such material in Van Ermengem's broth and chopped meat media, in duplicate. One set is
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(1864), can alone be regarded as well-attested recoveries from shot perforations of the stomach. In the cases recorded by BECK, SCHOLTZ, FISCHER and
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departments and individual physicians. Additional cases are obtained through reviews of requests for pentamidine, a drug used to treat Pneumocystis
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striking. Upon request to move the foot, the foot is not moved, but muscles of the lower leg may contract, and even There were no sensory disorders in the present case, though
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process of the os petrosum and the uvulae, all the canises which usually give rise to PIEROSIS. See Plethora. all inflammatory complaints ; and it at-
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"achieve a desired small family size, and spacing." While the British and the CSM favored a degree of population expansion, the ultimately excessive results of the
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t|uellen aufgehellt werden kann, dass der T ni Versalhistoriker in manchen Fällen bei der Heurtlicihmg grosser, treibender IVrsönlichkeiten, rcHp. ihrer Krfolge
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1884 Murray, Geo. Alfd. Everitt, M.B. Durh., .lohatmesburg, Sth. Africa. 1895 Murray, John Hanna, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service.
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the household, as much can be done in the domestic economy to If a husband be indifferent as to his wife's affection for him,
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sein Verhaltnis zu Kant, xxviii, 347, [i] p. — 2. Kritiscii-systematischer Teil. Grund- legung der Erkenntnistheorie als Ergebnis einer Auseinandersetzung mit Kant vom
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hour in a mixture of equal parts of absolute alcohol and ether. .Staining reactions : Red blood corpuscles stain pale orange. Malarial parasites — nuclei, chro-
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being vaccinated. But now a royal decree came down from Riyadh, Taylor: Well, some of them were vaccinated, but now all Saudis were
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from cobalt : it is much more deleterious than auripigmentum or orpiment. Servitor and Avicenna have described the facti-
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niHQlP variaiiuni ixt this r«T>cct,tnptniottHft wcrr uncirrukcn nimed, which ftho(j1<lb<f a lufficHQtiy TkcarapproxTmaiion for
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ment for the extraction of calculi from the urethra. 2 In some of its innumerable mod ignation bil ibe or trilabe, the essential part of the apparatus with which modern lithotrity
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Galen, in his work on 'Antidotes,' gives prescriptions for several compositions of this sort for the prevention and cure of
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might be applied after such a lapse of time without great risk, and possibly the aneurysm might in some cases be excised. The desirability
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the lower edges almost, if not actually, overlap, as does the weather- The external surface is smooth and convex, thus conforming to the
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only attends to the more vivid impression, and disregards the weaker. Squinting is owing to some aflection of the nerves
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of an inch long. The membranes of the cord for three-eighths of an inch above and below the lodgement of the ball were found
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Hicke: He didn t want to go, either; I recall he wanted to finish up his Taylor: It s crazy. You wonder, "Why would anybody want to stay in this
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man Square, London, February 21, 1806, lost his infantile rotundity of form and feature after the completion of his first year and became pale and
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Partial aun.'iiiia uud neciQHiii of the hruiu duo to emholitm are tooa, But these are not bmin-aymptotns, as they were in the pre-
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percussion nor auscultation, and this pedantry was not suspended until shortly before Schonlein's retirement in 1857. Schonlein's
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permissible, for an invalid soon tires of the same food. Tea and toast may be palatable for a time, but " What else may I eat" i8
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also certain granates (accustomed to be so called) of which there are many kinds, themselves also metals. But many more are those which up to this
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Its uses are too well known to need further description. DLA-KRHEAS — Cokdial. — The best rhubarb root, pulver- ized, 1 oz. ; peppermint leaf 1 oz. ; capsicum i oz. ; cover with
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he improved may be regarded as rendering the diagnosis of Other diagnoses, less likely than that of myopathy, may be considered, hematomyelia, recurrent traumatic polio-
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this substance is set free in the circulation, and that, being there, retaining its digestive properties, it Size, and alifipe of the blood corpuscles. — On the
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luxation of the inferior maxilla, since in nearly all of them the condition was relieved within a short time by correcting this lesion. The possible
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mountain lion had severely mangled her in the shoulder and knee, and once she had been struck by lightning; so that whether bv reason of superior attainments or by an
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bitters, we shall not perhaps think, with Dr. Hartley, these additions to have been wholly useless. It is singu- lar, however, that the egg shells, though calcined, were
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and Ahhayd ; or of (2) Kalinga [Indra-yava), AHvishd, Vilva ; or of (4) Musta, Parpataka, S'unthi, Vacha, Ativishd and Abhayd ; or of (5) Abhayd, Ativishd, Hingu,
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Respiration is frequent and difficult in consequence of adhesions between the pleura and lungs, which are connected by bands of
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Quite cool. Once more and I am done : yet it may be pos- jble that the last, in this case, maybe the best; read it. .> 1MlLL-PrCK-TEMrEKING AS DONE BY ChURCH, OK A.KH Ar-
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the publications of all the papers, at that time, on trachoma. If you think you need the book 1 for the articles, I will
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Ifrcater afflux of iUk nqucoiu humour, or tn thr obntkirik <'1 the eye. «bicti ll(Hu ol UalbCr Albiiiut, Wh«borgr mud Lully thwc oV Uloqiaet.
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&c. but these two are considered the most efficacious. When animals are affected by animal poisons, their bodies become
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ptaesystol'ic, Lat. prce and Gk. auatohxot;, " prosystolic." spec'troscope, Lat. spectrum and Gk. ffxoxia, "idoscope." uvuli'tis, Lat. uvula and Gk. 2zvc, staphylitis or cionitis.
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while all accidental injuries of the bladder are extremely serious, those produced by shot are less dangerous than others, and suggested, in explanation, that the tissues are so
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Vjall in cattle of .Argentina. [Voges] P. purulenta, severe panophthalmitis with great protrusion of the through the sclera or cornea and destroys the sight.
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Washington Square, Philadelphia 5, Pa. 1950. $7.50. essential for the physician who wishes to take care Philosophical Library, 15 East 40th St., New York 16,
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Floor Coverings — The inlaid flool- composed of different woods and known as jjarquetry is ornamental and very effective when it is in-
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time, the numbers of cases were relatively small and mostly concentrated in the large cities already conducting extensive surveillance. By late