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reiche, in den Text eingefügte Abbildungen und 4 vortrefflich ausgeführte Tafeln, welche namentlich die verschiedenen bei der Untersuchung des Blates

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will usually affect the position of the thyroid cartilage and some disturb- ance of the voice will result. This cartilage is sometimes broken or dis-

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more details on the specific methodology employed in these conferences. 81. LMRI final report, chapter 8, Roger W. Newman, LL.B. [of the project

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Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1861. 26. Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts relating to the

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to maintain a state of general frequently used as a local Vapor- tringent or sedative applications, The Portable Sudatory, a gene-

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these are no more pathognomonic than is grinding of the teeth, which is a constant symptom, or the metallic sound noted on auscultation

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the nose becomes very acrid. Painful mdurations of the glands In the neck, tenesmus, or diarrhcea, are then not uacommoo,

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true. If it protects only half, that's not good enough. But it's possible that the vaccine completely protects half and partially protects other people in that lower

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This bibliography covers not only the 589 case histories of the book, but it goes beyond this, especially in the presentation of

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it in the clarified butter. Express the juice of the emblio myro- balans and boil the fried pulp in the mixed juices of the emblio

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happy faculty of clinging to the inside of the pipes where it is produced, and thus constituting an insoluble lining, which not only protects the tulw

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fcw an cnhufrcnicnt of the liver or spleen. It cannot be iwtved from aide to side, nor docs it follow the inotiuiia of the diii)ihragin. Ver)'

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Phillipps, William Alfred, M.D. Brussels, 13, John-st., Berkeley- Phillips, Arthur Owen Henry, Wai-ivick, Queensland. Phillips, David Jonathan, M.D., Bishop's Coll., Montreal,

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and \oyoi, ' a discourse.' A treatise on the spleen. seu Sxiperniitrit"io sp)lenis seu lie'nis, Intumescen'- tia seu Infarc'tus seu PJiysco'rtia lienis, SplenaV-

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distinctions was the tension between being a scientist and being a physician. This tension confronted members of a new, and rapidly growing, breed of medical

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concerning his religious belief. I did not care much what topic he se- lected; it might be myths, clan laws, war customs, medicine anything

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the naked hand. This applies to curbs, splints, strains and bruises This is generally the result of injury, either to the shoul-

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. 2987. Transfer of tuberculosis cases. R 8582 (2). 8989. Accounts of enlisted men transferred to be accompanied by certificate

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which is the tension of the body, and hardness of the bowels ; for their dryness and the coldness of the water dispose them to

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certain skepticism as to the relation sought to be established between it and the appear- ances noted at the autopsy. It is known that the milk spots [macula; albidrr) of

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after it he changed his location to that point that is known to-day as Rockford. This probably explains the absence of his name from the

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graduating in 1836." Although not the first physician to try the field of Dixon, Illinois, he was the first to permanently locate in it, and is

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enthält Pflanzen aus Malta und Sicilien. Mit dem sogenannten Herbarium Boerhaaves bezeichnet ist, bleibt es ein offene Frage, ob an dieses

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perfectly distinct microbes. It is certainly remarkable that microbes, apparently so different, in all respects should have been so long confased.

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of Physiology, Phila., 1904; var. contribs. to med. journs. Clubs: OWEN, Sir Isambard; Kt. cr. 1902; physician; b. Bellevue House,

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' thynges the whiche shulde shorten the lyfe of man AB. hys howse or mansyon, and that the prospecte be good, and that the ayre be pure, fryske, and clene, Then he

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small veins by which blood passes from the walls of the heart to the right auricle. V. vortico'sae, the stellate veins of the choroid

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so viele Arten von Pusteln und Geschwüren, dass es durchaus verfehlt erscheint, diese Krankheitserscheinungen mit der Pockenkrankheit zu

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altered by contact with active substance in such a way that they commence to produce it. The effects that active substance exert on bacterial cells to

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Brinton's Disease. Linitis plastica ; hypertrophy and sclerosis of Brissaud-Marie's Syndrome. Hysteric glossolabial hemispasm.

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Upton and Auburn, compiled by Rev. William Benedict A.M. and Rev. According to Dr. Cadwaladar Golden, in a letter written 1753 to Dr.

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der grossen Sonnenwende mit Wein ; 4 Bettwanzen in ausgehöhlte Bohnen gegeben und getrunken ; 4 Blätter vom kriechenden Gänsefuss mit Honig-

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some men pretended to be able to successfully extirpate the spleen for those who desired to be couriers. This operation we know to be one of the most

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à Antoine Solimene, déjà médecin de l'Ecole de Salerne. D. G. Dr. C. CnAU\'EAü. Histoire des maladies du pharytur. Paris, Balliere

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Nalurr dlr TmlBYieiK lie |ilu«iinirt MaladiiK. Mini. iv. r«ri% ISIII. Ilvo. S AlaiinUic, Jnwn. 4> I'hTunl. Kt|.it, toni. L p. iB6.

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of the same colour (on its surface), whiteness of the stool and urine, whiteness of the face and of the finger-nails mark a case of the Kaphaja type of the disease. All

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In from 12 to 24 hours it will peel off nicely like the peel from a ba- nana. It is sometimes more convenient, especially where the part

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the skin one sees extensive sero-sanguineous exudations, mixed with bubbles of gas of an offensive odor. The abdomen is tense

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are difficult to cure, and are apt to pass into mania. Other diseases in the head, of a very strong and protracted character,

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could be only incompletely examined. The man swallowed liquids easily but could take no solid food. He tried hard to speak, made pantomime movements, grew emotional and

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Satisfactory forms of digitoxin are Digitaline Nati- has the advantage over digitalis leaf in that it is possible to induce the full effects with a single dose

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In January, 1821, the Board, consisting of the .same members, met, and Mr. John Vanderpoel, of Fredericksburg, Midland District, passed his examination. It met tinally on the Satur-

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dyspnoea, and there was when admitted great prostration. The clinical history of the case is very imperfect. On the 7th, the patient was found almost in artieulo

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After his retirement, Dr. Davis, anxious to continue serving his profession and the public, undertook the editorship of this vol-

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9 dixièmes des cas observés sont communément appelés „touches de fièvres". Sans doute que le plus grand nombre de ces „touches" est de nature palu-

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According to the Experiments of Dr. Bryan Higgins, a Of calcareous earth, combined with vitriolic divt. gr. Acidulous gas, besides what is contained in the above

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up behind, and one before ; these ends pass throngh the holes at the top of the long splint, and tie them as tightly as possible,

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humours. To speak summarily, whatever leprous humour not existing naturally it touches, it consumes. It produces such effect in this way :

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IS acknowledged that these are factors that go to swell the victims of the white plague. If people were to fall in love with fresh air

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When you look at how NIH is handling the funding of research, what is driven home time and time again is that we lack the re-

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lesser splanchnic goes directly to this plexus, hence the explanation of A lesion of the tenth dorsal will produce a cutaneous sensory effect

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digested. Ass's milk is saltish, easily digested, and useful in debility and urinary complaints. Camel's milk is light, sweet,

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