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a potential bacillus carrier, and on the Western front the revival of Listerism (antisepsis) was a foregone conclusion. Passing
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inclined to lop, and under a fine muzzle there must be a lean and wide lower jaw. The hind-quarter of the thoroughbred is distin-
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space of the aponeurotic layer which continues the external intercostal muscle and the superficial fasciculi of tlie internal intercostal. " With a grooved director, the fibres of the
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point was not noted. One case, a shot comminution of the ulna, proved fatal. RECAPITULATION. Of forty patients who submitted to disarticulation at the elbow for
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3764 Venenscheide, f. sheath of a ishment, nutrition. 3771 §13. Die Verdauungswerk- 3908 Nahrungsklystier, n. 1. nu- 3773 breiähnhch adj. , pappy, 3811 Nahrunlsmittel, n. 2. food,
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potassium permanganate, bichloride of mercury, and when the patient can stand the pain, a one-half to a one per cent, solution of formaldehyde.
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the mouth, and much heat and pains in the stomach, if it be taken Properties and Uses. — This plant is too acrid to be used internally,
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ilium and emerged in the middle of the gluteal region. The patient s general health was good ; the wound, apparently healthy,
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cattle largely upon grass is a necessity as well as an advantage, and pasture therefore forms an important subject for consideration.
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What influences the combination of hsmoglobin with oxygen The atmospheric pressure of oxjgen being higher than the pres-
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tration, and at noon on the 28th she died. In substantiation of the possi- bility of the influence of presentiment Montgomery cites another case in
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(2) 60 I.U. of purified lactogenic hormone plus 5 R.U. of FSH (3) 5 and 1 o mg. of a crude lactogenic hormone (also containing adieno-
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lead to the beUef that they might well have had a similar origin. In the last two cases the relationship between acute perforative diverticu-
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nearly all progressive countries. A\'e regret, however, to be obliged to report that so far our efforts, have been unavailing,
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shoulder-joint in which case it is often called rheumatism of the shoulder. Some of the trophic disorders of the arm can be attributed to a partial
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Case. — Private Ambrose Weiss, Co. H, 93d New York Volunteers, aged 19 years, received a gunshot wound of the chest Campbell Hospital, Washington. Death resulted on September 10th, 1864. The case is reported by Surgeon O. Everts, 20th
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t<ery injurioua effeci on t)ie nutritive condition and functions of the organs; and we have already mentioited a series of iiiHammatory
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constantly exposed, so long men will ject, but choose rather to confine our naturally speculate and act in refer- expectations of improvement to the
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Hiis cll<vii<i(; is gonornlly a letlious one- Death is the usual result, ettliLT from inipairmeiit of the general initrltion of tho patient, owing
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After the fire of 1871 we hear more about private medical libraries in Chicago during the late 1880's and the i8go's, at the time when the public
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conditions, but such treatment is often helpful in relieving pain in the neck. Care should be used in stretching this ligament lest too much
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or two-thirds of them were fatal, the death-rates would be respectively 24.5 or 25.1 per cent. When we come to compare these results with those of the same operation in other
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Germa.ns out, number us, and have a much larger and more diversified country than ours, and .]ie in t, he very heart and
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Page 120-121. Second line from bottom and second line from top of Page 431. In caption should be "Dr. Drude" instead of "Dr.
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and the rhxaden, including the fox glove and the pop- pies, have been for this reason accounted astringents. The various boles, for ages commended and employed,
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the East. In modern medicine, cloves are used as a carminative and stimulant to relieve irritation of the throat, and the oil to relieve the
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into thrt-e kinjs such as the Vaikarika (phenomenal, ihought-fornii, Taijasa (kinetic), and Bhut;idi (pertaining in combination with the Taijasa Ahamkara has fathered
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retischen Medizin, was ungefähr mit unserem Begriffe der Physiologie zusammenfällt. Kr diente diesem Amt zwanzig Jahre mit grosser Ehre und
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if simply surrounding a single extended area of flatness as is usual in pneumonia. Much, however, stands in the way of success at
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1864, Vol. I. p. 120) the evidence of any direct lesion of the stomach is equally defective. The two cases reported by the Keverend JAME&gt; FIELD, of
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and, on the certificate of disability, "gunshot wound of perineum and scrotum, injuring the urethra and left testicle; wound not
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ij. ; Spiritfts Tenuioris, Oij. Digere per dies decem, The following is an agreeable method of exhibiting this ft Infusi Aurantii Compositi,fvj. ; Tinct. Rhatanife Aromat.,
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Urbantschitsch, of Vienna, records a case of mumps meningitis in a previously healthy man aged 23, remarkable first for the fact that symptoms
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then: "Alii ut QUATl OR MAGISTRI ponunt tracheam arteriam alicujus animftlis, deinde suunt vulnus, et natura postea expellit illas canulas." LOUIS.
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disappeared from the blood, corrosive sublimate. The results showed that while all the rats treated with atoxyl alone died, nearly 70 per
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was a moderate amount of effusion in cavity of right pleura, with friction soiukIs higher uj) on the same side. He was directed to
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methylene blue in this mixture may be purchased in the dry state and subsequently dissolved in absolute methylic alcohol.
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„Te venir," Méthode de Torli, que Pugnet a acceptée, „Quand ruction „fébrik domine avec spasme Tindication étant de diriger les mouvements
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Here again he attracted attention, this time of the highest executive in the land. President Lincoln, who commissioned him major under
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dorsalis penis, a fasciculus of the ischiocavernosus which passes -e-. over the dorsum of the penis to join its fellow of the opposite
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Case of (JaMrilis, in which, on the 4th clay an Enema of Turpen'.inu and Oil was rejected through the mouth. Case of Scirrho-Rectal Disease. — By Dr. Malone, of
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while the other pulls in the opposite direction, we make the counter-extension as above. And when the fracture is at the
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deren männliche Individuen — wenn sie überhaupt Kleidung tragen — der Beine bedeckt, also die heutigen Strümpfe, i) Das Kleidungsstück, das
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this affection that it stimulates almost every disease to which Symptoms. — An attack generally comes on with a sensation
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die Ideen der Alexandriner organisch sich entfalten sollten, um im 12. und 13. Jahrhundert den christlichen Abendländern überliefert zu werden.
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He said that there were too many intelligent quacks and ignorant regulars and that there was a great need for many reforms. He discussed cheap
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but also provides the multinucleated osteoclasts. Myeloid sarcoma he regards as a specific tumour taking origin from this fibrous tissue frame-
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posteriorly is noted on page 493; an instance in which the diaphragm and liver were perforated in tapping is reported on page 504 ; and a case in which fluid, tinged with bile,