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possibly due to a vegetal toxin which afTects chiefly the brachial plexus due to prolonged narcosis during u]ion it, or it is pressed against the edge of the table.

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weight become more serious past middle age, and are in the latter decades especially associated with diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, apoplexy, kidney diseases,

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pine cinchonidin of melting-point 199° C. may be ob- the material to be tested and warm with 40 c.c. of al- the alcohol yellow; u])on the addition of hydrochloric

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the sella turcica. It is oval, white or greyish within, and sometimes apparently divided into two lobes. It is covered by the pia mater, and the opening of this

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importuned by her husband that she attempted to amputate his penis with a razor, dividing more than two-thirds of the transverse diameter of the

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the AEC was searching for biomedical information needed to understand the effects of radiation as it prepared for the possibility of atomic warfare. Although

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one side to the other, which must have caused his immediate death." The negro's death was caused by his trjnng to detain some runaway

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Beersheba, and went toward Haran. And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set : and be

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food to be burned more freely than in the average individual. This extravagance in oxidation becomes more pi'onounced during the course of

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Aeration. (See lUus. Diet.) 2. The act or operation Aerelaterometer (a-er-el-at-ur-om'-et-ui-). See Elat- Aerethmia {a-er-eth' -me-ali). See Emphysema (lllus.

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of the jaw confined to a simple up-and-down movement, by which the food is merely divided or cut into smaller pieces. When Ave examine the jaw of the human being, we find that it

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The Germanic conquest entailed the loss of thousands of lives, tne devastation of great tracts of country, the desolation of many cities and the destruction of

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although all the external senses, the siijht vomiting ceased entirely. He lived four excepted, were abolished. I gave to her days longer, and died. I did not see him

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When Sir John Colborne's child died, he decided that its body should be laid beside that of his old friend, the Doctor, for whom

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is still room for some question as to the curability by sugges- tion of such disorders as tic, tremor, vasomotor imbalance,

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or waxed silk, the patient for the time being living on spoon food. When teeth become loose owing to an accumulation of tartar, no good can be effected until this is removed, and it

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House, W. Sequelae of epidemic (lethargic) encephalitis. J. Am. 31. Ass., Hume, W. E., Nattrass, P. J., and Shaw, A. P. B. Twenty cases of

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Kekionga. Common form of name of Indian town at Fort Wayne, and now in use for Fort Wayne. It is a corruption of Kis'-ka-kon, or

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a dentist of Hartford, Connecticut, began to use nitrous oxide in partner, William Thomas Green Morton (1819-68), of Charlton,

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mainly within the cultural ecology of local events, more global connections were indicated in reflections of political might and long-distance trade (O'Connor 1983).

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branes beneath the fracture were found dark colored and thickened. Beneath this and in the substance of the hemisphere existed a large

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bacillus upon man (acting directly or indirectly through the pig) is that the relative death rate of Jews from tuberculosis is mate-

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alter in dextra est, alter in sinistra. 5. Octarius tinc- (nonnullus) things are of neither sex. 3. No man has 5 . A gallon of carbonic acid. 6. The haunch-bone is a

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From a field hospital he was received into Mount Pleasant Hospital on May 13th. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A.,

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were attempted. In horizontal decubitus, the muscles of the limbs and neck were of a normal tonicity, but the head went into hyperflexion if the patient was asked to sit. The eyes

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troches made according to the official formulas being prepared from a mass, possess this quality, those made by compression of powders as ordinarily found in the

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no one seemed willing to show us the examining room. Finally someone escorted us to the amphitheater. This was filled with a crowd of students

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attended with dark grey sloughs on the tonsils. He alludes to Fothergill without naming him, rejects his doctrines, and urges the use of bleeding, purging and scarifying the tonsils

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From a field hospital he was received into Mount Pleasant Hospital on May 13th. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A.,

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winnung. Anmerkungen. Verzeichnis der chinesischen Namen fiir gerate usw. des 93118 Partners of forty centuries; or, Permanent agriculture in China,

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with a thick layer of yellowish lymph. The liver was somewhat softened. Acini somewhat indistinct. Sjyec. No. 1722, Sect.

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given for a number of weeks with no apparent benefit. Attention to diet and mild laxatives have caused the greatest reduction, but

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part necessary to suggest to the fancies during sleep ; and, in fact, delivers the fictions of Shakspeare in the however, inconsistent with the phenomena of dreaming ;

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other. We ate together, according to the eastern custom, using our fingers instead of knives and forks ; in fact, we played our parts so well, that none recognised us as Chris-

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Surgery, Also, when the Individual is ordered to duty where there is no medical officer, or granted leave, or otherwise permanently removed from the

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ties which he purfues ; this dream is ill to the M. if or that they purfue him, is either tobeovercoracby his c fraid to come near her, is a good dream and repre-

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Contents. — Introduction. — The birth of modern philosophy. — Continental rational- ism. — Locke and his influence. — Berkeley and Hume. — Immanuel Kant. — The Ger-