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Epistrophea and epistrophis. The first vertebra of the neck : the same term is applied, though improperly, The way of living each person adopts. Coelius Aure-

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• forget about pulsation thanks to the large driven rolN • rely on a constant motor speed, eleclronicaily compensat • push tor maximum flow and cJear pump lines rapidly

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the left forearm resulting from a neglected fracture, effected ossific union in the ulna by position and pressure; but failing to bring about union in the

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fittov, (vo(To;, 'a disease,' and KOfieo), '1 take care ease,' and Aoyof, 'a discourse.' A name given to that (1818), &c. Besides these general nosographies,

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between the subclavian groove and tuberosity and is inserted in the posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the lower six cervical

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shown in recent years, the most celebrated of whom was Fanny Mills, one of whose feet alone was extensively involved, and was perhaps the largest foot

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ever the wit of man has raised to the triumph of freedom is the Persae of jEschylus, in celebration of that event. A single line, descriptive of the Greeks, is sufficient to

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external pudic, <fec., and passes through the in- lis — s. Cacaotinus, Sapo coconeus — s. Calcarius, dic" inal Soap, (P.) Saoo7i medicinal, is made with

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Nalle Clinic Building 412 North Church Street. Charlotte Telephone— 4-5Sil — (i) no answer, dial 3-5611) 7,7,- Journal assumes no responsibility for the authenticity of opinions or statements mode by authors, or in communica-

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anosmia without poikdocytosis, and with only slight accom- the sum of the information received up to date about this new

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tion of all accidental and surgical wounds, the careful cleansing and antisepsis of the skin before an operation, the exclusion of

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Fehler findet man bei van Deventer 1) nicht zurück. Er kannte die Forderungen der exacten , Wissenschaft und hat sie auf den Zweig der Geburtshülfe zu

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likely conduct or sponsor human radiation experiments as part of MKULTRA. The Advisory Committee, which was necessarily limited in its abilities to directly

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next day a second attack is rare. Delayed healing is also a feature in this type. Wounds look unhealthy, granulate over, only to break down again in a few days.

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originated through the concerted action of the deranged burning and itching sensations owing to its being (pulled down and) lengthened, when found to suppurate (in the

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was ruined supporting the Duke of Argyle, for which he after- wards got no thanks." Another has a company in a Regiment of Scots Infantry, then in the French service. Now we read

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gust 22, 1891, as the National Homeopathic Medical College. It dropped title. The first of its classes was graduated in 1892 and a class graduated each

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holtz). De la manière dont Ludwig s'attache à l'école de Müller. X. Les anciennes écoles italiennes, auxquelles a trait le mouvement

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(113) et (107) dans le Punjab, 4. Empire ottomane, Mytilene, du 1 au 7 sep- tembre 3 (cas suspects) dont 1 prouva après un examen bactériologique d'être

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does not deliquesce, in the air, and consists of about 54 parts of tartrite of potash and 46 of tartrite of soda. All acids decompose it; even the acid fruits, alum, mu-

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dis que la fievre de lait affecte toute la constitution. Cela ronj que la Phlegmasia dolens a ete cominuue et setere dam

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authority on venerea! diseases after John Hunter. His treatise on the subject (1838) 2 is memorable in the history of medicine for

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Ifaviog made this iijiteincnt r«ipectiDg the condiOon of my in which the object is not only seen indisiincUy and with an

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that affect the vaso-motor nerves that govern the cerebral circulation. Disease of the kidneys predispose to brain disorders, by affecting

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Gharaka is the oldest treatise on Medicine and Susruta the oldest These two works, namely, Gharaka and Susruta mark the highest phase of development of the Hindu system of Medicine

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may get fixed in the sponge and be brought up. Leonidas orders suppurative cataplasms to be applied, such as those from raw barley-flour, in order that the part may be converted

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he recognized and operated upon extrauterine pregnancies as early as 1889. Dr. Banga was one of the organizers of the Chicago Policlinic and with

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d'avoir déjà guéri une femme paralytique des deux bras, au moyen „d'étincelles et de petites secousses électriques". En France l'Abbé Nolle i

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of illness contracted on active service, was 30 years of age. He qualified in 3913, and was Assistant House- Surgeon at Guy's, and

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before death the blood l>ecame crowded with lymphocytes. Basophil-- (with one or two doubtful exceptions) and eosinophils were absent in

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him as diet. Similarly, oil or clarified butter boiled and prepared with the drugs constituting the Sams' odhana the drugs possessing anti-Kushtha properties should

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by a conoidal musket ball which produced a wound of the head, with denudation of the bone of the vault of the cranium. He

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grad. M.A., Univ. of the South, 1885; M.D., Univ. of Va., 1890; m. 1898, Irene S. Ellerbe, Greensboro, Ala.; asst. phys. Ala. Insane

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l'onguent d'un chirurgus exitertissimus dont il ne cite pas le nom. Gilliberii, Pas une seule citation des auteurs grecs ou arabes les plus

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Held, that, if a piece of lanil was not provided with a fence which going on the land, it was "unfenced" within the meaning of the

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to our service, ihcy abide by their bargain, but they require to be served in turn, and those things ought to be given to

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light-coloured, and fragrant wine. Yet, he remarks correctly, a small quantity of weak wine operates unfavorably by pro-

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form, following, almost inevitably, any little impm- each suinuier until, finally, a condition of permanent surely. Dtarrhtea may be almost C43n£taiit, and now

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constipation, flushed face and headache, an ounce of fresh and warm cow's urine is given as a domestic medicine. It is some-

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seventeen bones. Thus (in this verse) the total is twenty-three. Herewith the bones of the skeleton of man have been explained.

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©f the OS occipitis to the transverse and articular well as to those of the first five dorsal, It serves tious circumstances foreign to the prinoary disease.

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tongue or any organ, or the lining membranes of the mouth, tongue, or any membrane that has a bony attachment in the upper part of the system. We must not omit the importance

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now on the 1960s and 1970s. In the first part of this chapter, we review the well- documented developments that influenced and led up to two landmark events in

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lich ist er ein Gegner des Branntweins. — „Väter und Mütter! wollt ihr einen (Gotteslohn an eueren Kindern verdienen, so sorgt dafür, dass sie

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about the impact of radiation upon the human body in the context of the cold war led researchers to conduct experiments on unconsenting or

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