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to determine with something like unerring accuracy, and speed- ily, the character of the suitor who may seek to win the affec-

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monsters which at first made us afraid, and upon which the boldest savages dare not long rest their ej'cs. They are as large as a calf : they

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the left ilium, passed through the bladder, and lodged in the region of the sacrum. Treatment by Buck s method." This man

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1906 Scott, Geiald Claude, 24, Hoghton-street, Souihport. 1905 Scott, Harold Munro, 196, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-parlc. av

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with injuries of the chest, adverted to on page 635 of the first Surgical Volume, will CASE 100. Private E. Gorman, llth Connecticut, was wounded at New Berne, March 14, 1862, by a large shell fragment.

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officers for neuropsychiatric service, those men did best both during their postgraduate work and in base hospitals and in

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but, like the Spiritualists and Theosophists of our own time, dis- dained to make any practical use of their superior knowledge,

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occupied half the trunk, from the ribs to the trochanter, and from the vertebral column to the pubis. An autopsy revealed a double rupture in the

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Mental Therapeutics, Suggestion by FRANCIS X. Dercum' M.D., Ph.D., Philadelphia. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston's Son The importance of rest in the treatment of disease is well

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bral plexus and as pointed out above, would be affected by a lesion in the upper cervical region. The posterior meningeal, is a small branch of

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distort the carrying out of clinical research. . . ."' 5 In deference to physician autonomy and traditional regard for the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship,

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must have often been seen in any sen-ice and even in civil practice, and if they have not been detailed it is because surgeons have not thought them

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alteration of the muscles, then assumed a lesion in the anterior horn of th(> spinal cord, finally, under pressure of current opinion, returned to his original

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Two fragments remain in situ dejiressed one luie. These fragments are covered by a thin, granular, niortai--like layer of calcareous matter. The specimen was

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the stomach " ; No. 2, " to retain the internal vital heat of the system, and cause a free perspiration"; No. 8, "to scour the

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ments and applications of bacteriology in France, Germany and England. The names of Pasteur, Lister and Koch are barely mentioned in the

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tions of the glands : bubo being an inflammation of a gland ; phygethlon, an inflammatory erysipelas, or an erysipelatous in-

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ANOTHER Another mode that is highly recommended for making hens lay, is to keep them separated from the rooster; give each half an ounce a day of fresh meat, chopped up like sausage-

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The complaint of neglect was not confined to Vincennes. With this letter, Hamtramek inclosed one from John Edgar, in which he complains

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and the persons are said to die broken hearted. One instance is recorded, if we mistake not, by Dr. Whytt, We can easily conceive that the diminished power of

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Similar experiments were performed with the dorsal branch of the ulnar (8) The median was stimulated at the wrist twenty-five times (three sub-

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et Lunarium proxime praeteritorum, und dann erst in dem sehr heissen dass das Consilium et Auxilium in erster Reihe als „Modus théologiens"

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with the dura mater, and, like it, lining the inte- cavities. Its chief uses seem to be : — to envelop, as a substitute for sarsaparilla. It is used, also,

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certainly not injurious to the health of those who prac- tise or who live near either, nor can we recollect, in a breath and the dung of the cows have been thought sa-

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ways. We have heard that compliance in both of these areas with at least those recommendations was not necessarily what it should have

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The Iacbr)-mal apparatus conaisto of the IschiTmal gland, poncta The lacbrjinal glaad u conglomcratt, idtuated bctvceo the orbi-

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ted experience, and from the few observations 1 have had the opportunity of making, [ can with much confidence recom- mend the well regulated administration of the hydro-cyanic

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(Modifications au precede LAIIUKV), These & Paris, 1870, No. 62); BLACK (J. J.) (Amputation at the Shoulder Joint for extensive Gunshot Wound of the

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Virginia, May 5th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which caused a lacerated wound of the face, injured the palate, and conmiiutited

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of the Tenth Hague CJonveutlon of 1907, all personnel. should cajfry an appro- he the only material landed with expeditionary forces for keeping medical

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I have described appeared evidently to be of an infectious nature, and being drawn in by the breath of a healthy child, irritated the glands of

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the nose becomes very acrid. Painful mdurations of the glands In the neck, tenesmus, or diarrhcea, are then not uacommoo,

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maisons communes. Ils croient aux mauvais esprits, ont des guérisseurs Les nègres de la Guyane sont comi)osés de decendants d'esclaves et

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