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affection require indeed any no- the immense production of scurfy tice beyond what is comprehend- exfoliation, or imperfect cuticle,
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caiithiis'\. Any enlargement of the fleshy papilla at Eucasin (tt'-ka-sin). A casein food-preparation soluble preparation containing 25% of eucalyptol ; it is used
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at night, are always attended with great danger, and may prove rapidly The Diagnosis depends on the copious, frothy expectoration, coupled
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those people. And then we trained our own people, extensively. We had training for lab, x-ray, all kinds of technical support.
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imellacha ann sin no co teigi 7 co lasann an tadbur, 7 co sgailter from the matter of the disease, like rigor that comes in the
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cent by the water and shows strands on its surface which run spirally from left to right proceeding from the blunt to the more pointed end.
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SEMPLE, J. E- . . .467, 681, C99, 730, 877, 984, 1(X)1 SMITH, E. A. .147, 227, 358, 371, 387, 412", 54"9, 790 SMITH, T. B. .165, 281, 358, 455, 486, 580, 669, 674
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1897 Waters, Wm. Arthur Peruow, M.D. Oxf., 99, Holywell, Oxford. 1906 Watkin, Arthur Christopher, Brynmair, Caereinion, Welshpool.
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experimental practice thus opened to them, remote from the observation of the public and of the friends and relations of the
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Vers le commencement d'Octobre, la villc et ses environs ont ete visites par la Rougeole, qui a fait des progres alar- mans comme Epidemic parmi les enf.ins. Elle a continue
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10. Tables. These should be numbered with Roman numerab and cited consecutively in the text. Each table acceptable style of tables. The title of each table should clearly indicate the nature of the contents, and su£Bcieflt
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revealed by the development of neuralgia, neuritis or interstitial myositis; and these diseases, by producing more or less intense pain, cause
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a potential bacillus carrier, and on the Western front the revival of Listerism (antisepsis) was a foregone conclusion. Passing
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ber 13th, 1862. The ball entered near the inferior angle of the scapula, fracturing the anterior border, neck, and coracoid
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square miles to as much as a hundred square miles, and troop&> varying in numbens from 20,000 to 40,000 or more, it soon be-
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stance isol.ated by I'liisalix and Berlrand from the form, alcohol, and acetone. It acts on the heart and Bulamize (bn'-lam-iz). To infect with Bulain fever.
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the flat. This thin section should then be soaked for some minutes in acetic acid, spread out on a glass slide, and covered with a thin glass in
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As to the degree of fatality according to the pait of the cranium perforated, the results of one hundred and fifty-two operations for the effects of shot fractures limited to
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Yazoo and Mississippi rivers, carrying produce to New Orleans. Then he be- came purser and business manager of a Mississippi river steamer. Returning
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the lower classes, as often stated, but is common even among the nobility. Illustrative of this, we have examples in some of the reigning families in
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cians, for instance, have taken 103 degrees, or even 103.5 degrees, as the determining temperature,, and have removed the
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3 Doubtless gases are constantly found in all parts of the intestines, as M. LONGET (Traite de Physiologic, 1861, T. I, p. 152) and Dr. FLINT (The
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(1902), in fowl diphtheria or epithelioma contagiosum by Marx and Stocker (1902), in hog cholera by Dorset, Bolton and McBryde (1905), in molluscum
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lour, appearing almost black in the mass, and, when powdered, of a deep lateritious red. In chewing, it first crumbles, then coheres slightly, and seems soon to
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painful sensations at tips of I's. Acroparesthesia, LIM E . See also Lime-water, Stone, and different parts loss of 1. by bones. Decalcification ; Halisteresis.
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ichulze (.Joh. Heinrich): Life by J. M. Eder (Vienna, 1917). ichwann: Liber memorialis. Dlisseldorf, 1879. — Arch. f. mikr. Anat., Bonn,
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But tlie suppuration of all protracted swellings about these parts is to be anticipated. The collections of matter there are to be
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the most advisable course for a young wife to pursue, under any circumstance, is to make her house and her person as at-
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(1844-96), of primary endothcliomatous hypertrophy of the spleen by P.-C.-E. Gaucher (18S2), of enteroptosis and gastroptosis by
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and blood fluids of the body, wherein it multiplies. As far as is known they do not appear in the general circulation until twenty days have
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the strength of their fortresses ; and Strabo and Plutarch agree with them in asserting the high state of civilization to
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interfered with in favorable cases, usually runs its course in about twenty days — the destructive or ulcerative stage lasting
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L'auteur de l'article du British Medical Journal estime, en se fondant sur les post mortem, que l'ankylostome agit par le sécrétion d'une toxine hoemo-
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an old wound and headaches. The wound he had gotten in a fight which gained him his grade of adjutant. The physi- cian prescribed rest. He sat down by the stove, silent and
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Having premised these brief remarks, and attempted to prove in a short way the unity of the nervous system, which have been thought necessary in Ibis place, for the better un-
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coring the tich witli cerliiiity ; of one, however, it is cluimtKl, lluit it aflcrds llic most rapid poesiblu relief; that it is less irkaumu to the
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some of her confidants. Her ministers and counsellors di- rected the helm of the state vessel, which moved on indifferently, as ench one neglected the public welfare, and
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fleshe ; they be beastly creatures, vnraanered and vn- beastly creatures. ' anye of gods seniasse B. This change implies that Mary's
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free purging in combatting the primary symptoms, and where an irritative fever supervenes, depending on ulceration pf the mucous coat of the intestines, he resorts to the alter-
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Self. Same; identical; own ; personal. S. -abuse, self-ab-us'. See AFasturbation. S. -digestion. See Autodigestion. S.-infec'tion,
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Dr. Thos. Whipple, Dr. DeWolf, Bela T. Hunt, Read Farson, Darwin Millington, Levi Brown, Leonard Howard, Peter J. Burchel, R. M. Crose
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too great paleness. Too inuch Mercury makes the gold too much the colour of corn. Too much .Sulphur confers excessive redness. .And it must be re-
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Modern medicine has l)een developed in China through the hospitals and medical schools established by the foreign mission-
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but only one, two, or at most, three, close to one another, we approve of the operation called anabrochismus. Taking, there-
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is \exy insidious. The incubation is short. The disease may be divided into superficial and deep types. The latter requires prompt
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to the nerve trunks. As the bacilli cannot be found, the diagnosis is often difficult at first, but the limitation of the affection to the nerve
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should be first treated with a Sneha and then made to vomit (out the contents of his stomach) with a draught Sneha. After being purged he should be made to take
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Mori is, Charles Sculthorpe, 27. New Cavendish-street. Morris, Edwin Ilaigh Grant, M.B. Camb., 47, Onslow-gdns. s.w. Morris, Frederick Temple. St. Andrew's-crescent, Cardiff.
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What arc the symptoms of mercurial poisoning Give an antidote to The symptoms of mercurialism (bj'drargyrism) are: salivation,
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