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from fever and ague, dysentery, typhoid fever, and many other dangerous Quantity of Water Needed — The quantity of water needed by man

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of electricity sufficient for the therapeutic warming impossible to distinguish them from unwired flannel the shape of the eye, their weight is practically nil,

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is a generalized reduction in caliber of the lumens of the arterioles and that in the early stages of the disease this is the result of hypertonicity or arte-

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hysteria. TiiU mine, wliich is voided in larp; quantities, contains but little of the solid oonstituenta of urine, is of a limpid appearance, aod

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horses from St. Jean d'Augely. At Lyons it is by a horse from Caen. At Bourges the source was not traced but it spread from

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shining surface of glass or metal is likely to bring on a paroxysm. This hydrophobia is peculiar to man being rarely seen in rabid

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cumstances. (Avicenna, iv, 61, 31.) For an immoderate draught of pure wine which has been taken unseasonably, the Arabian

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oiliaris. Nasal nerve — n. Opticus, Optio nerve — dus externus, see Oenito<crural nerve — n. Quin- tus, Trigemini — n. Spermaticus, see Oenito-crural

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Namen in meinem Pulte geruht hatte, von neuem überarbeitete und der Presse übergab. Mit meinen Ansichten und Lehren stand ich und stellte

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ology. These two subjects were taught as one, and Chaussier very appropri- ately had been given this chair in the Paris School of Health. His associate

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in the upper third of the neck and the surface is washed with soap and water and with a five per cent, aqueous solution of carbolic

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the under jaw forward, till he finds it move somewhat from its situation ; and he should then press the jaw forcibly down with his thumbs, and moderately back-

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from the os innominatum to the toes; viz. the thigh, leg, and foot. It sometimes signifies only the thigh, and is occasionally confined to that part between the

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interpret the facts in quite a different manner, and believe that only by a rational and physiological interpretation of the symptoms ol)served can

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nasal discharge may be made, or we may resort to one or several of the various diagnostic tests. The Mallein test is quite

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disease, as indeed it does in any of these cases; biu it seems reasonable to assume that such simple conditions as weightlifting, childbirth, etc., would be

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giving birth to 5 girls, 2 of which lived ; the 2 that lived weighed at birth 8 pounds 12 ounces and 9 pounds, respectively. He discusses the

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removal of enlarged tonsils in 3 cases, a polyp of the ear, and .} cases of nasal polyps. By 1867 there was a lecturer on the Diseases of the Eye and Ear, Dr.

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removing foreign bodies, and suppressing haemorrhage, when necessary, and covering the part with a compress dipped in cold water. Many, perhaps the majority, of the surgeons

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increase of secretion of bile and succus entericus; by the introduction of water into the bowel, which stimulates the sensory nerves; or by mechani-

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metal capsule-shaped device for appl\iiig \'ienna paste limitans (Illus. Diet.). C. of the Kidney, the fat- containing connective tissue enciicling the kidney.

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and Tamashika and the earth in Tamasha attributes. 21. cessive elements in the order of their enumeration. The specific attributes of these elements are manifest in the

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inches below the surgical neck. The head of the humerus was attached, to a mere fragment ; the glenoic cavity was uninjured. Great depression followed the injury. , On July Gth. chloroform was administered,

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meeting was concluded with a collection at the home of She: "Sir, do you realize to whom you are speaking I He: "That's O. K., sister. I'm the son of an American

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spermatic cord and testes were injured from the effects of the wound. September 4, 1873, the same examiner reported that from

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trofase, except in a eaao of malignant pnpilloniii. So litllo in pre- ited to diaiinpiiiNh it from ibe more iiuiinportant dioorden of the

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could be used at low prices, say from sixpence to one Siich was Fothergill as a philanthropist and social reformer. What he did he did simply and naturally, as

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inflicted by weapons, and the like. Before attempting the operation he recommends us to consider well if the patient's Comm.

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hemorrhagic pneumonic consolidation. Zenker fixation and Giemsa stain, x 74. Fig. 4. Section of liver with distended sinusoids filled with amorphous mate-

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in which death was almost immediate, see PKAUSON, Transactions of the College of Physicians, London, Vol. III. For an interesting case in which a

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Enlargement of Thyroid Gland That May Be Overlooked 486 Fever, Further Observations on the Treatment of Undulant 67 Plasma in Rural Communities, A Plan for the Use of Blood 460

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and honey, boil together cleverly, and strain, then let cool, then give it him frequently to swill his jowl, 17. AVork thus a swilling or lotion for cleansing of

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At head of title: New York State Department of Labor. Exhibit at Louisiana Pur- The industrial evolution of the United States. 362 p. il. i por.

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causes that produce it. Itut, in constitutioos of a peculiar kind, or where the ordinary a.sNociation between the two organs has been spociidly and huhittially cultivated, or

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ogy was practically unknown and, of course, not taught in any medical school. There was no electric light or other strong illumination. All obstet-

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predominate at first, with a few lymphocytes. Later the erythrocytes disappear, while large mononuclear leucocytes become well marked on

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these three problems. We have employed a multimedia approach in attempting to educate the population. However, our efforts are hampered by severe financial

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chemist in his attempts to separate the constituent proteins of cells. These particles, both microscopic and submicroscopic, have considerable stability

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Liston's Isinglass Plaster. Soak 1 oz. of isinglass in 2 oz. of water, and dissolve it in 2 oz. of rectified spirit and li oz. of water, by the heat of a water-bath. Brush

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continued immediate use of the part, avoiding only espe- cially strenuous activity as hard running or jumping." As Dr. McMaster points out, ankle sprains may cause

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or waxed silk, the patient for the time being living on spoon food. When teeth become loose owing to an accumulation of tartar, no good can be effected until this is removed, and it

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to feeding can produce as valuable animals for all purposes as there are in the world. The difficulty has been that stock -growers in this

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about 10 per cent of the complement. This space should be easy of access addition to the usual equipment transferred from the sick bay and operating

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emaciation from disease, may act as direct or predisposing causes. Tender-skinned animals seem to be predisposed to the disease.

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capital investment also encourage rationalization of medical re- sources — centralization and coordination of capital, facihties, ex-